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Football at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Men's team squads


  • Great Britain 1
  • Denmark 2
  • Netherlands 3
  • Sweden 4
  • France 5
  • France B 6
  • References 7

Great Britain

Great Britain

Great Britain was represented by the England national amateur football team.

Coach: Alfred Davis
0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals 1908 club
1GK Horace Bailey Leicester Fosse
R George Barlow Wigan Grammar School Old Boys Club
R Albert Eduard Bell Woking FC
Arthur Berry Oxford University
R 1GK Ronald Brebner Darlington FC
Frederick Chapman South Notts F.C.
Walter Corbett Birmingham City F.C.
R W. Crabtree Blackburn Crosshill FC
R Walter Daffern Royal Engineers AFC
Harold Hardman Everton F.C.
Robert Hawkes Luton Town F.C.
Kenneth Hunt Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
R Thomas Porter Stockport County FC
Clyde Purnell Clapton F.C.
R Albert Scothern Oxford City FC
Herbert Smith Reading F.C.
Harold Stapley Glossop North End A.F.C.
Vivian Woodward (c) Tottenham Hotspur F.C.


Denmark was represented by the Denmark national football team.

Coach: Charles Williams
0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals 1908 club
Peter Marius Andersen (1885-04-25)25 April 1885 (aged 23) BK Frem
R Magnus Beck B.93
R Ødbert E. Bjarnholt BK Frem
Harald Bohr AB
Charles Buchwald AB
1GK Ludvig Drescher KB
Johannes Gandil B.93
Harald Hansen B.93
R Knud Hansen BK Olympia
August Lindgren B.93
R Einar Middelboe KB
Kristian Middelboe (c) KB
Nils Middelboe KB
Sophus Nielsen BK Frem
Oskar Nielsen KB
Bjørn Rasmussen KB
Vilhelm Wolfhagen KB


Netherlands was represented by the Netherlands national football team.

Coach: Edgar Chadwick
0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals 1908 club
1GK Reinier Beeuwkes FC Dordrecht
R Jan van den Berg HFC Haarlem
R 1GK Lo la Chapelle HVV Den Haag
Frans de Bruyn Kops HBS Craeyenhout
Karel Heijting HVV Den Haag
R John Heijting HVV Den Haag
Jan Kok UD Deventer
Bok de Korver Sparta Rotterdam
R Vic Gonsalves HBS Craeyenhout
Emil Mundt (c) HVV Den Haag
Louis Otten HVV Quick
Jops Reeman HVV Quick
R Tonie van Renterghem HBS Craeyenhout
Edu Snethlage HVV Quick
Ed Sol HVV Den Haag
Jan Thomée Concordia Delft
Caius Welcker HVV Quick


Sweden was represented by the Sweden national football team.

Head coach: Ludvig Kornerup
0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals 1908 club
Sune Almkvist IFK Uppsala
Nils Andersson IFK Göteborg
Karl Ansén AIK Stockholm
1GK Oskar Bengtsson Örgryte IS
Gustaf Bergström Örgryte IS
Arvid Fagrell IFK Göteborg
Åke Fjästad IFK Stockholm
Karl Gustafsson IFK Köping
Valter Lidén IFK Göteborg
Hans Lindman (c) IFK Uppsala
Theodor Malm AIK Stockholm
Sven Ohlsson Mariebergs IK
Olof Ohlsson IFK Eskilstuna
Sven Olsson Örgryte IS
R Thor Ericsson Örgryte IS
R Erik Bergström Örgryte IS


France was represented by the France national football team, divided into two squads.
0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals 1908 club
Georges Albert CA Paris
Georges Bayrou Gallia Club Paris
Gaston Cyprès CA Paris
R O. Desaulty A.S.Française
R Albert Dubly RC Roubaix
Jean Dubly RC Roubaix
R Julien Du Rhéart Club Français
René Fenouillère Red Star Amical Club
André François (c) RC Roubaix
R Gabriel Hanot US Tourcoing
Charles Renaux RC Roubaix
R Marius Royet US Parisienne
Émile Sartorius RC Roubaix
Louis Schubart Olympique Lillois
R J. Signoret
1GK Maurice Tillette US Boulogne
Ursule Wibaut Olympique Lillois
R J. Zimmermman A.S.Française

France B

0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals 1908 club
Charles Bilot CA Paris
Sadi Dastarac Gallia Club Paris
R Victor Denis US Tourcoing
1GK Fernand Desrousseaux US Tourcoing
R René Eucher A.S. Française
Adrien Filez US Tourcoing
Raoul Gressier Calais RUFC
Henri Holgard Amiens AC
Albert Jenicot RC Roubaix
Paul Mathaux US Boulogne
R Étienne Morillon Red Star Amical Club
R Albert Schaff CA XIVeme
Pierre Six Olympique Lillois
R Georges Prouvost US Tourcoing
Joseph Verlet (c) CA Paris
Justin Vialaret CA XIVeme


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