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France at the 1932 Summer Olympics

France at the Olympic Games

Flag of France
IOC code  FRA
NOC French National Olympic and Sport Committee
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At the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles
Competitors 103 (97 men and 6 women) in 13 sports
Rank: 3
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Winter Games
Intercalated Games

France competed at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. 103 competitors, 97 men and 6 women, took part in 56 events in 13 sports.[1]


  • Medalists 1
  • Athletics 2
  • Boxing 3
  • Cycling 4
  • Diving 5
  • Equestrianism 6
  • Fencing 7
  • Modern pentathlon 8
  • Rowing 9
  • Sailing 10
  • Swimming 11
  • Weightlifting 12
  • Wrestling 13
  • Art competitions 14
  • References 15
  • External links 16


Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Gold Chaillot, LouisLouis Chaillot, Maurice Perrin Cycling Men's tandem August 3
 Gold Lesage, XavierXavier Lesage Equestrian Individual dressage August 10
 Gold Jousseaume, AndréAndré Jousseaume, Xavier Lesage,
Charles Marion
Equestrian Team dressage August 10
 Gold Buchard, GeorgesPhilippe Cattiau,
Fernand Jourdant, Jean Piot,
Georges Tainturier
Fencing Men's team épée August 7
 Gold Bondoux, RenéRené Bondoux, René Bougnol,
Philippe Cattiau, Edward Gardère,
René Lemoine, Jean Piot
Fencing Men's team foil August 1
 Gold Lebrun, JacquesJacques Lebrun Sailing Snowbird class August 12
 Gold Suvigny, RaymondRaymond Suvigny Weightlifting Men's 60 kg July 31
 Gold Duverger, RenéRené Duverger Weightlifting Men's 67.5 kg July 30
 Gold Hostin, LouisLouis Hostin Weightlifting Men's 82.5 kg July 30
 Gold Pacôme, CharlesCharles Pacôme Wrestling Men's freestyle lightweight August 3
 Silver Chaillot, LouisLouis Chaillot Cycling Men's sprint August 3
 Silver Chocque, PaulPaul Chocque, Amédée Fournier,
René Le Grèves, Henri Mouillefarine
Cycling Men's team pursuit August 2
 Silver Marion, CharlesCharles Marion Equestrian Individual dressage August 10
 Silver Buchard, GeorgesGeorges Buchard Fencing Men's épée August 9
 Silver Taris, JeanJean Taris Swimming Men's 400 m freestyle August 10
 Bronze Winter, PaulPaul Winter Athletics Men's discus throw August 3
 Bronze Rampelberg, CharlesCharles Rampelberg Cycling Men's 1000 m time trial August 1
 Bronze Brunet, PierrePierre Brunet, Anselme Brusa,
André Giriat
Rowing Men's coxed pair August 13
 Bronze François, LouisLouis François Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman bantamweight August 7




Eight cyclists, all men, represented France in 1932.

Individual road race
Team road race
Time trial
Team pursuit




Eleven fencers, ten men and a woman, represented France in 1932.

Men's foil
Men's team foil
Men's épée
Men's team épée
Men's sabre
Women's foil

Modern pentathlon

One male pentathlete represented France in 1932.






Art competitions


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