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Frank Beddor

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Title: Frank Beddor  
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Subject: The Looking Glass Wars, ArchEnemy, Alice in Wonderland, FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup, White Queen (Through the Looking-Glass)
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Frank Beddor

Frank Beddor is an American former world champion freestyle skier, film producer, actor, stuntman, and author. He is best known for his work as producer on There's Something About Mary and Wicked[1] and as author of The New York Times best seller[2] The Looking Glass Wars.

Life and career

Beddor grew up in Excelsior in Minnesota. His parents often travelled and by age 12 Beddor already knew how to barefoot-ski.[3] Beddor's father set the world record skiing the length of Mississippi river. Beddor began skiing professionally and in competitions. After winning nationals Beddor was invited to join the Olympic ski team. He went on tour in Europe for competitive skiing.[3] Beddor was World Champion freestyler skier in 1981 and 1982.[1] When Beddor was 23 he retired from skiing and became involved in the entertainment industry.

In 1985 Beddor played John Cusack's skiing stunt double in Better Off Dead.[1] Beddor moved to Los Angeles during this period and studied with acting coach Stella Adler.[3] Part of Adler's method was encouraging her students to write the scene the character is in before stepping onstage. Beddor became frustrated with the lack of good scripts he was being given and began to try producing.[3] His most notable work as a producer was on the 1998 film There's Something About Mary starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller.[1]

However, Beddor found not being the creative force behind projects frustrating and then turned to writing. Beddor spent five years writing The Looking Glass Wars after being inspired by playing cards in the Museum of London.[2] The book was rejected by every major publisher in the US before Beddor was accepted by Egmont Books in the UK.[3]

The Looking Glass Wars became hugely popular and was on The New York Times Bestseller list.[2] The books are a re-imagining of Lewis Carroll's novel Alice in Wonderland. The premise of the novels is that the character of Alice in Alice in Wonderland is real as is the world of Wonderland, but that Carroll rewrote the events and made Wonderland seem childlike and did not reflect the reality of Wonderland.[2]

Beddor has written 2 more books in The Looking Glass Wars series,

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Beddor also manages Automatic Games and Automatic Publishing.

There has also been a deck of Hatter M playing cards produced with images from the novels. [5]

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