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Franz Rudolf Frisching

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Title: Franz Rudolf Frisching  
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Subject: Jean Preudhomme, Béatrice-von-Wattenwyl-Haus, Frisching Faience Manufactory, Jäger (infantry), Military uniform
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Franz Rudolf Frisching

Franz Rudolf Frisching
Franz Rudolf Frisching in the uniform of an officer of the Bernese Jäger Corps with his Berner Laufhund, painted by Jean Preudhomme in 1785.
Born Franz Rudolf Frisching
Bern, Switzerland
Died 1807
Spouse(s) Anne Madeleine van Back (1738–1763)
Secondly Frisching married Armanda Gross (1743–1829) in 1764 (the marriage was divorced later)
Children First marriage: Johann Rudolf (1761–1838)
Anna Adrienne Margarethe (1755–1800)
Second marriage: Julia Armanda (1768–1807)
Parents Vinzenz Frisching (1689–1764), Master of Schlosswil

Franz Rudolf Frisching (1733–1807) was a Bernese patrician, officer, politician and industrialist.

Life and career

Franz Rudolf Frisching was the son of Vinzenz Frisching (1689–1764) who was Master of Schlosswil. In 1748 Franz Rudolf Frisching became a member of the Swiss Guard of the Netherlands where he achieved the rank of a colonel.[1] In 1764 Frisching became a member of the Grand Council of Bern. In 1770 he became bailiff in the Vallemaggia, in 1780 bailiff in St. Johannsen and in 1793 office holder in Wimmis.[2] He was lieutenant colonel of the Bernese Jäger Corps.[3]

Franz Rudolf Frisching was the founder of the Frisching Faience Manufactory in Bern.[4]

Between 1750 and 1777 the Frisching family was in the possession of the large Lorraine Gut, a former country estate which is now part of the city of Bern.[5] Franz Rudolf Frisching’s ancestor, Samuel Frisching II, built the Frisching-Haus, now known as the Béatrice-von-Wattenwyl-Haus on the Junkerngasse in Bern.


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