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Fuxing District, Taoyuan

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Title: Fuxing District, Taoyuan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Taoyuan, Taiwan, Pingzhen District, Longtan District, Taoyuan, Luzhu District, Xinwu District, Taoyuan
Collection: Districts of Taoyuan City, Townships in Taoyuan County, Taiwan
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Fuxing District, Taoyuan

Mountain Indigenous District
Fuxing District
Fuxing District in Taoyuan City
Fuxing District in Taoyuan City
Country  Republic of China
Municipality Taoyuan City
 • Type District government
 • District chief Fan Cheng-hsin[1] (Ind.)
Population (December 2014)
 • Total 10,913
Fuxing District office (then Fuxing Township office)

Fuxing District (Chinese: 復興區; pinyin: Fùxīng Qū), formerly known as Fuxing Township or Fu-Hsing Township (Chinese: 復興鄉; Hanyu Pinyin: Fùxīng Xiāng; Tongyong Pinyin: Fùsing Siang; Wade–Giles: Fu4-hsing1 Hsiang1) is an aboriginal rural district in eastern Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Fuxing is home to many Atayal tribes. Lalashan (拉拉山) is a major feature of Fuxing, and the Shimen Reservoir, formed by Shimen Dam, is a popular nearby site. Fuxing District is, by area, the largest district in Taoyuan City.


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  • Administrative divisions 3
  • Mountains over 1500 metres 4
  • Northern Cross-Island Highway Hiking Trails 5
  • River Tracing 6
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In August 2015, the Heliu community in the district were completely buried by landslide triggered by Typhoon Soudelor.[2]


Administrative divisions

Sanmin Village, Zeren Village, Xiayun Village, Yicheng Village, Luofu Village, Zhangxing Village, Kuihui Village, Gaoyi Village, Sanguang Village, Hualing Village.[3]

Mountains over 1500 metres

  • Najieshan 那結山, 1520 m
  • Mawangzenglushan 馬望曾呂山, 1577 m
  • Niaozuishan 鳥嘴山, 1749 m
  • Jianshan 興尖山, 1852 m
  • Fufushan 夫婦山, 1870 m
  • Meiguiximoshan 玫瑰西魔山, 1871 m
  • Lengshan 稜山, 1889 m
  • Lupaishan 魯培山, 1905 m
  • Nanchatianshan 南插天山, 1907 m
  • Lidongshan 李棟山, 1914 m
  • Lalashan 拉拉山, 2030 m
  • Tangsuishan 唐穗山, 2090 m
  • Babokulushan 巴博庫魯山, 2101 m
  • Tamanshan 塔曼山, 2130 m
  • Dilushan 低陸山, 2160 m
  • Yufengshan 玉峰山, 2300 m
  • Siqiusishan 西丘斯山, 2427 m
  • Xuebaishan 白的山, 2444 m

Northern Cross-Island Highway Hiking Trails

  • 12.1 km > Sanmin Bat Cave...
  • 16.3 km > Jiaobanshan, Jinpingshan...
  • 17.7 km > Dongyanshan, Zhijishan...
  • 20.7 km > Xiao Wulai > Hewei Ancient Trees, Beichatianshan, Nanchatianshan, Lupaishan, Daishifushan...
  • 22.7 km > Luofu > Roma Rd.
  • 28.2 km > Dawan > Najieshan...
  • 31.1 km > Xuewu Tunnel > Fufushan...
  • 39.9 km > Gaoyi > Yingshan...
  • 46.5 km > Baling Bridge.
  • 47.4 km > Galahe > Xuebaishan, Tangsuishan, Dilushan, Yufengshan, Siqiusishan...
  • 47.8 km > Shang Baling > Lalashan Ancient Trees, Tamanshan, Meiguiximoshan, Baling-Fushan Trail...
  • 59.3 km > Jianshan...
  • 61.5 km > Lengshan
  • 67.0 km > Mingchi > Babokulushan...

River Tracing

  • Yunei River
  • Xibuqiao River
  • Sanguang River
  • Taman River


  • Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area
  • Chatianshan Nature Reserve
  • Lalashan Forest Reserve
  • Xiao Wulai Scenic Area
  • Jiaobanshan Sculpture Park
  • Sanmin Bat Cave


Zhongli Bus Co.

  • Taoyuan Station 桃園 06:30 – Linbankou 林班口開 09:30
  • Taoyuan Station 桃園 12:30 - Linbankou 林班口開 15:30

Taoyuan Bus Co.

  • Taoyuan Station 桃園 06:50 - Linbankou 林班口開 09:50
  • Zhongli Station 中壢 10:30 - Linbankou 林班口開 13:30

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External links

  • Fu-Hsing Township Tourism Guide

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