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Government of Abkhazia

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Title: Government of Abkhazia  
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Subject: International recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia
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Government of Abkhazia

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The Government of the Republic of Abkhazia governs the partially recognised Republic of Abkhazia.

Executive branch

The Republic of Abkhazia is headed by the President (the current acting President is Valeri Bganba), who is supported by a Vice President (currently vacant). They are served by a cabinet of ministers, which is headed by current acting prime minister Vladimir Delba.

Current cabinet

Office Incumbent Since
Prime Minister Beslan Butba 29 September 2014
First Vice Premier Shamil Adzynba 15 October 2014
Vice Premier Viktor Khilchevski 15 October 2014
Vice Premier Suren Kerselyan 15 October 2014
Chief of the Cabinet Staff Marina Ladaria 20 October 2011
Minister of Internal Affairs Raul Lolua 4 August 2014
Minister of Health Andzor Goov 28 October 2014
Minister for Foreign Affairs Viacheslav Chirikba 11 October 2011
Minister of Culture and the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage Elvira Arsalia 15 October 2014
Minister of Defence Mirab Kishmaria 10 May 2007
Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Youth Policy Adgur Kakoba 15 October 2014
Minister of Agriculture Rafik Otyrba 15 October 2014
Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Suren Kerselyan 15 October 2014
Minister of Finance Amra Kvarandzia 17 October 2014
Minister of Economy Nikolai Achba 15 October 2014
Minister of Justice Marina Pilia 17 October 2014
Minister of Emergency Situations Lev Kvitsinia 21 July 2014
Minister of Energy, Transport and Communications Viktor Khilchevski 15 October 2014
Chairman of the State Committee for Repatriation Khrips Jopua 14 June 2013
Chairman of the State Committee for Ecology and the Environment Saveli Chitanava 21 October 2014
Chairman of the State Committee for Standards, Consumer and Technical Supervision Erik Rshtuni 23 October 2014
Chairman of the State Customs Committee Daur Kobakhia 21 October 2014
Chairman of the State Committee for Management of State Property and Privatization Konstantin Katsia 3 April 2007

Legislative branch

The People's Assembly is the parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Judicial branch

Military Court

The Military Procuracy and Military Court were founded in March 1993. On 11 July 1993, the Military Court was turned into the Military Tribunal, but it was changed back on 1 July 1998.[1]

Prosecutor General

The Prosecutor's Office was founded on 15 April 1994. The first Prosecutor General was Anri Jergenia. After Jergenia became Prime Minister in 2001, he was succeeded by Rauf Korua, who was in turn replaced by Zaur Bartsits following the election of Sergei Bagapsh as President in 2005. In February 2007, Saferbei Mikanba was appointed as Prosecutor General.[2]

Following the May 2014 Revolution, on 5 June the People's Assembly voted to dismiss Mikanba as Prosecutor General.[3] The following day, acting President Valeri Bganba appointed Deputy Prosecutor General Zurab Agumava as Acting Prosecutor General.[4] On 9 September, Bganba extended Agumava's temporary appointment until 7 October 2014.[5] That day, the People's Assembly elected Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs Aleksei Lomia to become the new Prosecutor General with 26 votes in favour, 3 against and 1 abstention.[6]

Arbitration Court

On 16 July, Parliament elected Fatima Kvitsinia Chairman of the Arbitration Court of Abkhazia.[7]

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