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Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Title: Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina  
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Subject: Bosanska Krajina, June 2009 in sports, Municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Largest cities of Republika Srpska, European route E661
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Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosanska Gradiška
The town.
The town.
Coat of arms of Bosanska Gradiška
Coat of arms
Bosanska Gradiška is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosanska Gradiška
Location of Gradiška
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity  Republika Srpska
Region Bosanska Krajina
 • Mayor Zoran Latinović (SDS)
 • Total 761,74 km2 (29,411 sq mi)
Elevation 163 m (535 ft)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 56,727
 • Density 74,5/km2 (1,930/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 78400
Area code(s) +387 51
Website Official website of the municipality

Bosanska Gradiška (Serbian Cyrillic: Градишка)[1][2][3] is a town and municipality in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, part of the Republika Srpska entity. The municipality is geographically located in eastern Krajina region, and the town is situated on the Lijevče plain, on the right bank of the Sava river across from Stara Gradiška, Croatia, and about 40 km (25 mi) north of Banja Luka.


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  • Demographics 3
    • 1971 3.1
    • 1991 3.2
  • Settlements 4
  • Notable residents 5
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In the Roman period, the municipium of Serbinum existed on the location of the present-day town. It was of strategical importance; a port of the Roman fleet was situated here. Among notable archaeological findings are a viaduct.

Gradiški Brod is mentioned for the first time as a town in c. 1330. It had a major importance as the location where the Sava river used to be crossed. By 1537, the town and its surroundings came under Ottoman rule.

The Ottoman built a fortress, which served as the Bosnia Eyalet's northern defense line.

Following the outbreak of the Benedikt Kraljević. The peasants took up arms on 23 September 1809, in the region of Bosanska Gradiška, beginning from Mašići. The fighting began on 25 September, and on the same night, the Ottomans captured and executed Jančić. The rebels retreated to their villages, except those in Kozara and Motajica who continued, and offered strong resistance until their defeat in mid-October, after extensive looting and burning of villages by the Ottomans.[4] Another revolt broke out in 1834, in Mašići.[5]

Ottoman rule ended with the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1878), following the Herzegovina Uprising (1875–77). Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended in 1918, when the South Slavic Austro-Hungarian territories proclaimed the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs, which subsequently joined the Kingdom of Serbia into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

From 1929 to 1941 Bosanska Gradiška was part of the Vrbas Banovina of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


Serbian Orthodox church in Bosanska Gradiška.

The town has a Serbian Orthodox cathedral dedicated to the Mother of God.



53,581 total


In 1991, the municipality of Bosanska Gradiška had a population of 59,974, including:

  • 35,297 Serbs (49.4%)
  • 15,310 Bosniaks (29.2%)
  • 1,894 Croats (3.2%)
  • 1,811 Yugoslavs (3.0%)
  • 1,342 others (2.5%)

The town of Bosanska Gradiška itself had 18,671 residents, including:

  • 43.5% Serbs
  • 37.7% Bosniaks
  • 10.3% Yugoslavs
  • 4.6% Croats
  • 3.9% others


The municipality includes 69 total settlements: • AdžićiBerekBistricaBok JankovacBrestovčinaBukovacCerovljaniCimirotiČatrnjaČelinovacČikuleDonja DolinaDonja JurkovicaDonji KarajzovciDonji PodgradciDrageljiDubraveElezagićiGašnicaGornja DolinaGornja JurkovicaGornja LipovačaGornji KarajzovciGornji Podgradci • Gradiška • GrbavciGredaJablanicaJazovacKijevciKočićevoKozaraKozinciKrajišnikKruškikLaminci BreziciLaminci DubraveLaminci JaružaniLaminci SređaniLiskovacLužaniMačkovacMašićiMičijeMiloševo BrdoMiljevićiMokriceNova TopolaNovo SeloOrahovaOrubicaPetrovo SeloRogoljiRomanovciRovineSamardžijeSeferovciSovjakSrednja JurkovicaŠaškinovciTrebovljaniTrnovacTrošeljiTurjakVakufVilusiVrbaškaŽeravica

Notable residents

Twin towns – Sister cities

See also


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External links

  • Official site of the municipality
  • Gradiška TV

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