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Greek legislative election, May 1915


Greek legislative election, May 1915

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Parliamentary elections were held in Greece on 31 May 1915.[1] Eleftherios Venizelos and his Liberal Party achieved a landslide victory, winning 187 of the 316 seats in Parliament. However, despite the victory of Liberals, Venizelos' dispute with King Constantine I remained. Fresh elections were held in December, which were boycotted by Venizelos and his party. However, Venizelos resurrected the party in June 1917, when King Constantine was forced to abdicate and leave the country, an event known as the National Schism. As a result, it was popularly nicknamed the "Parliament of the Lazaruses" (Βουλή των Λαζάρων), and continued until the general election of October 1920.


Party Votes % Seats
Liberal Party 187
Party of National-Thinkers 95
Supporters of Georgios Theotokis 12
Supporters of Dimitrios Rallis 7
Supporters of Dimitrakopoulos 6
Thessaloniki Socialist Federation 2
Independents 7
Total 686,990 316
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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