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Grounding (punishment)

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Title: Grounding (punishment)  
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Subject: Parenting, Grounding, Children, Freak Strike, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (season 1)
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Grounding (punishment)

Grounding is a common punishment for children (especially older children aged 7 and older for any misbehavior). In some cases it is suggested as an alternative to corporal punishment in the home. Typically a child or a teenager who is grounded is not allowed to leave their room and/or their house with the exception of required activities such as education (in school unless if a child gets an out of school suspension or expulsion), chores (such as mowing the lawn, in-house chores such as washing the dishes, doing laundry, etc), meals, church, doctor or dentist appointments, funerals, and other activities. Occasionally, it can also be mixed with the revocation of their privileges, such as his/her electronics and the ability to visit his/her friends. Extra chores (and wide ranges of educational work suitable for the child's grade level unless they are expelled from school) are given to him/her, and if a child says a swear word and/or lies to his/her parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbours, friends, principal, police, etc., washing out mouth with soap also applies. Children even get sent to their room/bed early or given a warning or corporal punishment (although corporal punishment harms children).

The goal of this corrective action is that children need to learn their lesson and behave better with consequences such as cancelling privileges, washing out mouth with soap, corporal punishment such as spanking, slapping, belting, and caning (although it harms children), warning, house arrest, curfew, etc.[1]

References to invocation of grounding is common in popular culture, and is often demonstrated on TV and movies. This term is used originally in aviation. When a pilot is restricted from flying in an aircraft due to misconduct, emergencies such as illness or other reasons, they are "grounded".


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