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Handball at the 1936 Summer Olympics


Handball at the 1936 Summer Olympics

Munich 1972 >

Field handball at the 1936 Summer Olympics was the first appearance of the sport at the Olympics. It was contested by six teams.

The six teams were split into two groups of three. Each team played the other two teams in its group once. The top two teams in each group advanced to the final round, while the third-ranked teams played each other for fifth and sixth places.

In the final round, each team played all three other teams once. Final rankings were based on the records of each team in those three games.


  • Participating nations 1
  • Squads 2
  • Medallists 3
  • Results 4
    • Preliminary round 4.1
      • Group A 4.1.1
      • Group B 4.1.2
    • Classification 5/6 4.2
    • Final round 4.3
  • Summary 5
  • References 6

Participating nations

Each country was allowed to enter a team of 22 players and they all were eligible for participation.

A total of 105(*) field handball players from 6 nations competed at the Berlin Games:

(*) NOTE: There are only players counted, which participated in one game at least.

Not all reserve players are known.



Gold Silver Bronze
 Germany (GER)
Willy Bandholz
Wilhelm Baumann
Helmut Berthold
Helmut Braselmann
Wilhelm Brinkmann
Georg Dascher
Kurt Dossin
Fritz Fromm
Hermann Hansen
Erich Herrmann
Heinrich Keimig
Hans Keiter
Alfred Klingler
Arthur Knautz
Heinz Körvers
Karl Kreutzberg
Wilhelm Müller
Günther Ortmann
Edgar Reinhardt
Fritz Spengler
Rudolf Stahl
Hans Theilig
 Austria (AUT)
Franz Bartl
Franz Berghammer
Franz Bistricky
Franz Brunner
Johann Houschka
Emil Juracka
Ferdinand Kiefler
Josef Krejci
Otto Licha
Friedrich Maurer
Anton Perwein
Siegfried Powolny
Siegfried Purner
Walter Reisp
Alfred Schmalzer
Alois Schnabel
Ludwig Schuberth
Johann Tauscher
Jaroslav Volak
Leopold Wohlrab
Friedrich Wurmböck
Johann Zehetner
 Switzerland (SUI)
Max Bloesch
Rolf Fäs
Burkhard Gantenbein
Willy Gysi
Erland Herkenrath
Ernst Hufschmid
Willy Hufschmid
Werner Meyer
Georg Mischon
Willy Schäfer
Werner Scheurmann
Edy Schmid
Erich Schmitt
Eugen Seiterle
Max Streib
Robert Studer
Rudolf Wirz


Preliminary round

Group A

Team P W T L GF GA GD Pts.
 Germany 2 2 0 0 51 1 +50 4
 Hungary 2 1 0 1 7 24 -17 2
 United States 2 0 0 2 3 36 -33 0
Germany  22 – 0  Hungary
Hungary  7 – 2  United States
Germany  29 – 1  United States

Group B

Team P W T L GF GA GD Pts.
 Austria 2 2 0 0 32 6 +26 4
  Switzerland 2 1 0 1 11 20 -9 2
 Romania 2 0 0 2 9 26 -17 0
Austria  18 – 3  Romania
Switzerland   8 – 6  Romania
Austria  14 – 3   Switzerland

Classification 5/6

Romania  10 – 3  United States

Final round

Team P W T L GF GA GD Pts.
 Germany 3 3 0 0 45 18 +27 6
 Austria 3 2 0 1 28 23 +5 4
  Switzerland 3 1 0 2 22 32 -10 2
 Hungary 3 0 0 3 18 40 -22 0
Germany  19 – 6  Hungary
Austria  11 – 6   Switzerland
Austria  11 – 7  Hungary
Germany  16 – 6   Switzerland
Switzerland   10 – 5  Hungary
Germany  10 – 6  Austria


Place Nation
1  Germany (GER)
2  Austria (AUT)
3  Switzerland (SUI)
Max Blösch
Rolf Fäs
Burkhard Gantenbein
Willy Gysi
Erland Herkenrath (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Ernst Hufschmid
Willy Hufschmid
Werner Meyer (Abstinenten Basel)
Georg Mischon
Willy Schäfer
Werner Scheurmann
Edy Schmid (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Erich Schmitt
Eugen Seiterle
Max Streib
Robert Studer
Rudolf Wirz
4  Hungary (HUN)
Antal Benda (UTE)
Sándor Cséfai (Elektromos MSE)
Ferenc Cziráki (UTE)
Miklós Fodor (Elektromos MSE)
Lőrinc Galgóczi (UTE)
János Koppány (Elektromos MSE)
Lajos Kutasi (Elektromos MSE)
Tibor Máté (VAC)
Imre Páli (UTE)
Ferenc Rákosi (Elektromos MSE)
Endre Salgó (VAC)
István Serényi (VAC)
Sándor Szomori (UTE)
Gyula Takács (MAFC)
Antal Újváry (Elektromos MSE)
Ferenc Velkey (Elektromos MSE)
5  Romania (ROU)
Coach: Hans Schuschnig (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Péter Facsi (Bukarest)
Carol Haffer (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Ludovic Haffer (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Fritz Halmen (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Willi Heidel (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Hans Hermannstädter (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Hans Georg Herzog (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Alfred Höchsmann (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Bruno Holzträger (Mediasch)
Willi Kirschner (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Günther Schorsten (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Robert Speck (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Wilhelm Zacharias (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Hans Zikeli (Mediasch)
Stefan Zoller (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
Dragan Comanescu (Viforul Dacia Bukarest)
Fritz Kasemiresch (Mediasch)
Stippi Orendi (Kronstadt)
Oki Sonntag (Hermannstädter Turnverein)
6  United States (USA)
William Alexander Ahlemeyer
Walter Bowden
Charles C. Dauner
Edward John Hagen
Joseph Kaylor
Fred Leinweber
Henry Oehler
Otto Oehler
Herbert Karl Oehmichen
Willy K. Renz
Alfred Rosesco
Edmund Schallenberg
Gerard A. Yantz
Philip Schupp


  • Official Olympic Report
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