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Heinrich XI, Prince Reuss of Greiz

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Title: Heinrich XI, Prince Reuss of Greiz  
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Subject: Eleonore Reuss of Köstritz, List of longest-reigning monarchs, Prince Albert of Saxe-Altenburg, William, Duke of Nassau, Principality of Reuss-Greiz, Burgravine Louise Isabelle of Kirchberg
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Heinrich XI, Prince Reuss of Greiz

Heinrich XI, Prince Reuss of Greiz (German: Heinrich XI Fürst Reuß zu Greiz; 18 March 1722 – 28 June 1800) was the first Prince Reuss of Greiz from 1778 to 1800.

Early life

Heinrich XI was born at Greiz, Reuss, youngest child of Count Heinrich II Reuss of Obergreiz (1696–1722), (son of Heinrich VI, Count Reuss of Greiz and Baroness Henriette Amalie of Friesen) and his wife, Countess Sophie Charlotte of Bothmer (1697–1748), (daughter of Count Johann Kaspar of Bothmer and Gisela Erdmuth of Hoym).

He succeeded his brother Henry IX as Count of Reuss-Obergreiz in 1723. After the death of Count Henry III Reuss of Untergreiz, in 1768, including the city of Untergreiz passed to the domains of the Heinrich XI and he was able to gather these possessions and guaranteed the line of succession.

Prince Reuss of Greiz

In 12 May 1778 he was elevated to Prince (German: Fürst) by the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II as well he received the Order of Saint Stephen of Hungary.


Heinrich XI married on 4 April 1743 in Köstritz to Countess Conradine Reuss of Köstritz (1719–1770), youngest daughter of Heinrich XXIV, Count Reuss of Köstritz, and his wife, Baroness Marie Eleonore Emma of Promnitz-Dittersbach.

They had eleven children:

  • Count Heinrich XII Reuss of Greiz (25 April 1744 – 30 December 1745)
  • Countess Amalie Reuss of Greiz (25 October 1745 – 3 October 1748)
  • Heinrich XIII, Prince Reuss of Greiz (16 February 1747 – 29 January 1817), married in 1786 to Princess Wilhelmine of Nassau-Weilburg, had issue.
  • Princess Friederike Reuss of Greiz (9 July 1748 – 14 June 1816), married firstly in 1767 to Friedrich Ludwig, Count of Castell-Rüdenhausen, no issue, divorced in 1769; Married secondly in 1770 to Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of Hohenlohe-Kirchberg, no issue.
  • Prince Heinrich XIV Reuss of Greiz (6 November 1749 – 12 February 1799), married in 1797 to Marie Anne Meyer, no issue.
  • Prince Heinrich XV Reuss of Greiz (22 February 1751 – 30 August 1825)
  • Princess Isabelle Auguste Reuss of Greiz (7 August 1752 – 10 October 1824), married in 1771 to Burgrave Wilhelm Georg of Kirchberg, Count of Hachenburg, had issue.
  • Countess Marie Reuss of Greiz (1 November 1754 – 28 September 1759)
  • Princess Viktoria Reuss of Greiz (20 January 1756 – 2 December 1819), married in 1783 to Wolfgang Ernst II, Prince of Isenburg and Büdingen in Birstein, no issue.
  • Count Heinrich XVI Reuss of Greiz (30 August 1759 – 13 December 1763)
  • Prince Heinrich XVII Reuss of Greiz (25 May 1761 – 27 February 1807), married in 1805 to Babette von Wenz, no issue.

He married secondly on 25 October 1770 in Frankfurt am Main to Countess Alexandrine of Leiningen-Dagsburg-Heidesheim (1732–1809), second daughter of Christian Karl Reinhard, Count of Leiningen-Dagsburg-Heidesheim, and his wife, Countess Catharine Polyxene of Solms-Rödelheim und Assenheim, they had no issue.

Titles and styles

  • 18 March 1722 – 17 March 1723: His Serene Highness Count Heinrich XI Reuss of Obergreiz
  • 17 March 1723 – 17 March 1768: His Serene Highness The Count Reuss of Obergreiz
  • 17 March 1768 – 12 May 1778: His Serene Highness The Count Reuss of Greiz
  • 12 May 1778 – 28 June 1800: His Serene Highness The Prince Reuss of Greiz


Notes and sources

This article incorporates information from the equivalent article on the Deutsch World Heritage Encyclopedia.
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Heinrich XI, Prince Reuss of Greiz
House Reuss of Greiz
Cadet branch of the House of Reuss
Born: 18 March 1722 Died: 28 June 1800
Regnal titles
New title Prince Reuss of Greiz
1778 – 1800
Succeeded by
Heinrich XIII
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