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Hikaru Nanase

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Masumi Ito
Native name 伊藤 真澄
Also known as Hikaru Nanase (七瀬 光?)
Genres J-pop, orchestral
Occupations Singer, songwriter, composer, arranger
Instruments Piano, vocals
Labels Lantis
Associated acts Oranges & Lemons, Heart of Air, Kokia

Masumi Itō (伊藤 真澄 Itō Masumi?, born May 21) (she also goes by the pseudonym Hikaru Nanase (七瀬 光 Nanase Hikaru?)) is a Japanese singer and composer from Ibaraki prefecture in Japan. Itō has composed the soundtracks to many anime television shows and is part of the bands Oranges & Lemons and Heart of Air.


Solo works


  • 2001-12-29: "Hitomi no Naka ni" — PS game Sister Princess: Pure Stories theme song)
  • 2003-04-23: "Yasashii Ai no Hane/Nemunemu Tenshi" — anime TV series Angel Tales opening & ending theme)
  • 2004-05-26: "Futari Dakara" — anime TV series Koi Kaze ending theme
  • 2005-06-29: "Shōnen Humming" — anime TV series Absolute Boy ending theme


  • 1998-10-11: Door: Drifting Souls
  • 2001-11-07: Hana no Oto
  • 2003-12-26: Yumefuru Mori e
  • 2004-07-22: Harmonies of heaven
  • 2012-16-12: Wonder wonderful


  • 2001-05-23: anime TV series Gyoten Ningen Batseelor theme song single — ending theme "Mahō no Kotoba"
  • 2003-12-26: PS2 game Primopuel: Oshaberi Heartner theme song single — image song "Otsukisama to Rururu"
  • 2006-09-06: PS2 game Binchotan: Shiawase-goyomi theme song single — ending theme "Ashita no Hanakago"

Group works

Heart of Air

  • 2001-03-07: Kiss Me Sunlights — PS2 game Z.O.E opening theme
  • 2001-06-27: Ring on the World — anime TV series Z.O.E Dolores,i ending theme
  • 2002-11-22: Blue Flow — anime TV series Haibane Renmei ending theme

Masumi Ito & Yoko Ueno

  • 2003-02-05: Haibane Renmei Image Album: Seinaru Doukei
  • 2003-05-21: Daichi no la-li-la — anime TV series Scrapped Princess ending theme



TV animation

Original video animation (OVA)


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