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Howard Hawks filmography

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Title: Howard Hawks filmography  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Fig Leaves, Trent's Last Case (1929 film), Ceiling Zero, The Big Sky (film), A Girl in Every Port (1928 film)
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Howard Hawks filmography

Howard Hawks (1896–1977) was an American film director who made 46 films (including two uncredited) between 1926 and 1970. He is responsible for classic films in genres ranging from film noir, screwball comedy, crime, science fiction and Western.

Year Title Studio Genre Cast Notes Other roles
Silent films
1926 The Road to Glory Fox Drama May McAvoy Lost film Writer
1926 Fig Leaves Fox Comedy Olive Borden Colour scenes included Writer
1927 The Cradle Snatchers Fox Comedy Louise Fazenda, Diane Ellis
1927 Paid to Love Fox Comedy A Girl in Every Port Fox Comedy Victor McLaglen, Robert Armstrong Writer
1928 Fazil Fox Romance Charles Farrell, Greta Nissen
1929 Trent's Last Case Fox Detective Raymond Griffith
Sound films
1928 The Air Circus Fox Drama Arthur Lake, Sue Carol Co-directed with Lewis Seiler / Lost film
1930 The Dawn Patrol First National / Vitaphone War Richard Barthelmess, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Writer
1931 The Criminal Code Columbia Crime Walter Huston, Phillips Holmes Producer
1932 Scarface Caddo Company Crime Paul Muni Producer, Writer
1932 The Crowd Roars Warner Bros. Drama James Cagney Writer
1932 La Foule Hurle Warner Bros. Drama Jean Gabin Co-directed with John Daumery
French version of The Crowd Roars
1932 Tiger Shark First National Romance Edward G. Robinson Writer
1933 Today We Live MGM Romance Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford Co-directed with Richard Rosson
1933 The Prizefighter and the Lady MGM Romance Max Baer, Myrna Loy Co-directed with W.S. Van Dyke
1934 Viva Villa! MGM Western Wallace Beery Resigned during filming Writer
1934 Twentieth Century Columbia Comedy John Barrymore, Carole Lombard Producer
1935 Barbary Coast Samuel Goldwyn Productions Drama Edward G. Robinson, Miriam Hopkins
1936 Ceiling Zero Warner Bros.
Cosmopolitan Pictures
Drama James Cagney
1936 The Road to Glory Fox War Fredric March, Warner Baxter, Lionel Barrymore Writer
1936 Come and Get It Howard Prod.
Samuel Goldwyn Productions
Drama Joel McCrea, Edward Arnold, Frances Farmer, Walter Brennan
1938 Bringing Up Baby RKO Comedy Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn Producer
1939 Only Angels Have Wings Columbia Drama Cary Grant, Jean Arthur Producer
1940 His Girl Friday Columbia Comedy Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell Producer
1941 Sergeant York Warner Bros. War Gary Cooper Producer
1941 Ball of Fire Samuel Goldwyn Productions Comedy Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck
1943 Air Force Warner Bros. War John Garfield, Gig Young, Arthur Kennedy Producer
1943 The Outlaw Howard Hughes Western Walter Huston, Jack Buetel, Thomas Mitchell, Jane Russell Resigned after 2 weeks Writer
1943 Corvette K-225 Universal Pictures War Randolph Scott, Ella Raines, Barry Fitzgerald, Andy Devine, Fuzzy Knight, Noah Beery, Jr. credited to Richard Rosson Producer
1944 To Have and Have Not Warner Bros. Drama Humphrey Bogart, Walter Brennan, Lauren Bacall Producer
1946 The Big Sleep Warner Bros. Crime Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall Producer
1948 Red River Charles K. Feldman Western John Wayne, Montgomery Clift Co-directed with Arthur Rosson Producer
1948 A Song Is Born Samuel Goldwyn Productions Musical Danny Kaye First Technicolor film
1949 I Was a Male War Bride Fox Comedy Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan
1951 The Thing from Another World Winchester Pictures Science fiction Kenneth Tobey, Robert Cornthwaite credited to Christian Nyby[1] Producer, Writer
1952 The Big Sky Winchester Pictures Western Kirk Douglas Producer
1952 O. Henry's Full House Fox Drama Directed the "Ransom of Red Chief" segment
1952 Monkey Business Fox Comedy Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers
1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Fox Musical Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell Technicolor film
1955 Land of the Pharaohs Warner Bros.
Continental Pictures
Drama Jack Hawkins, Joan Collins Technicolor film Producer
1959 Rio Bravo Armada Productions Western John Wayne, Dean Martin, Angie Dickinson Technicolor film Producer
1962 Hatari! Malabar Adventure John Wayne Technicolor film Producer
1964 Man's Favorite Sport? Universal
Gibraltar Prod. / Laurel Prod.
Comedy Rock Hudson, Paula Prentiss Technicolor film Producer
1965 Red Line 7000 Paramount / Laurel Prod. Drama James Caan Technicolor film Producer, Writer
1966 El Dorado Paramount / Laurel Prod. Western John Wayne, Robert Mitchum Remake of Rio Bravo / Technicolor film Producer
1970 Rio Lobo Batjac, Malabar
Cinema Center Films
Western John Wayne Similar idea of Rio Bravo / Technicolor film Producer


  1. ^ "And let's get the record straight. The movie was directed by Howard Hawks. Verifiably directed by Howard Hawks. He let his editor, Christian Nyby, take credit. But the kind of feeling between the male characters—the camaderie, the group of men that has to fight off the evil—it's all pure Hawksian." Carpenter, John (speaker) (2001-09-04). Hidden Values: The Movies of the '50s (Television production).  
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