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Hungary women's national ice hockey team


Hungary women's national ice hockey team

Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s) Magyar
Association Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation
General Manager Istvan Egri
Head coach Csaba Gomori
Assistants Norbert Buzas
Roger Holeczy
Captain Gyöngyi Szlaby
Most games Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer (55)
Most points Fanni Gasparics (36)
IIHF ranking 21 Steady
Highest IIHF ranking 21 (2014)
Lowest IIHF ranking 27 (2010)
Team colors               
First international
 Hungary 6–0 South Africa 
(Székesfehérvár, Hungary; March 19, 1999)
Biggest win
 Hungary 14–1 South Africa 
Sheffield, Great Britain; March 10, 2007)
Biggest defeat
 France 17–0 Hungary 
(Tilburg, Netherlands; February 9, 2002)
IIHF World Women's Championships
Appearances 10 (first in 2000)
Best result 21st (2013)
International record (W–L–T)

The Hungarian women's national ice hockey team represents Hungary at the International Ice Hockey Federation's IIHF World Women's Championships. The women's national team is controlled by Magyar Jégkorong Szövetség. As of 2011, Hungary has 183 female players.[1] The Hungarian women's national team is ranked 27th in the world.

Current roster 2011


Number Player Club
1 Monika Gyomber  Hungary Ferencváros TC
20 Eszter Kokenyesi  Hungary Újpesti TE
Number Player Club
7 Sarolt Csiszer  Hungary UTE-Marilyn HC
10 Nikolett Huszarne Simon  Hungary UTE-Marilyn HC
5 Monika Molnar  Hungary MTK Jégkorong Szakosztály
21 Csenge Palkovi  Hungary Drago Skorpiók SE
2 Reka Szilagyi  Hungary MTK Jégkorong Szakosztály
22 Gyongyi Szlaby - Captain  Hungary UTE-Marilyn HC
23 Kitti Trencsenyi  Sweden Ormsta HC
Number Player Club
11 Luca Bikas  Hungary MTK Jégkorong Szakosztály
17 Nora Brgles - A  Sweden AIK IF
3 Szilvia Dettrich  Hungary UTE-Marilyn HC
14 Evelin Ferik  Hungary Drago Skorpiók SE
16 Fanni Gasparics  Hungary MTK Jégkorong Szakosztály
8 Boglarka Gegesy  Hungary Drago Skorpiók SE
4 Borbala Gyure  Hungary UTE-Marilyn HC
24 Zsofia Jokai-Szilagyi  Sweden Växjö Lakers HC
9 Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer - A  Hungary UTE-Marilyn HC
12 Zsofia Pinter  Hungary MTK Jégkorong Szakosztály
6 Alexandra Ronai  Hungary MTK Jégkorong Szakosztály

Coaching staff


  • General Manager: Tibor Papp
  • Head Coach: Csaba Gomori
  • Assistant Coach: Norbert Buzas
  • Team Leader: Peter Molnar
  • Equipment Manager: Laszlo Medgyes

Olympic record

The Hungarian women's hockey team has never qualified for an Olympic tournament.

World Championships record

  • 2000 - Finished in 22nd place
  • 2001 - Finished in 24th place
  • 2003 - Finished in 24th place (4th in Division III)
  • 2004 - Finished in 24th place (3rd in Division III)
  • 2005 - Finished in 24th place (4th in Division III)
  • 2007 - Finished in 25th place (4th in Division III)
  • 2008 - Finished in 26th place (5th in Division III)
  • 2009 - Division III canceled[4]
  • 2011 - Finished in 22nd place (3rd in Division III)
  • 2012 - Finished in 22nd place (2nd in Division IIA)
  • 2013 - Finished in 21st place (1st in Division IIA, Promoted to Division IB)
  • 2014 - Finished in 17th place (3rd in Division IB)


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External links

  • Official website
  • IIHF profile
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