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The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards, or INCITS (pronounced "insights"),[1] is an ANSI-accredited forum of IT developers. It was formerly known as the X3 and NCITS.

INCITS technical standard groups and technical committees have provided many popular standards, among them:

INCITS coordinates technical standards activity between ANSI in the USA and joint ISO/IEC committees worldwide. This provides a mechanism to create standards that will be implemented in many nations.


The forum was established in 1960 as the 'Accredited Standards Committee X3, Information Technology' and is sponsored by Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), a trade association representing providers of information technology products and services then known as the Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association (BEMA) and later renamed the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association (CBEMA). The first organizational meeting was in February 1961 with ITI (CBEMA then) taking Secretariat responsibility. X3 was established under American National Standards Institute (ANSI) procedures. The forum was renamed Accredited Standards Committee NCITS, National Committee for Information Technology Standards in 1997, and the current name was approved in 2001.

Technical Committees

INCITS' technical committees span a wide range of information technology areas. The full list of these committees is show below:

  • Languages / Database
    • Data Management (DM32)
    • Computer Graphics & Image Processing (H3)
    • Programming Languages (PL22)
  • Security / ID
    • Identification Cards and Related Devices (B10)
    • Cyber Security (CS1)
    • Biometrics (M1)
  • Storage
    • Optical Digital Data Disks (B11)
    • SCSI Storage Interfaces (T10)
    • Fibre Channel Interfaces (T11)
    • ATA Storage Interface (T13)
  • Media / Education
    • Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia, and Hypermedia Information (L3)
    • Open Distributed Processing (ODP) (T3)
    • Information Technology Access Interfaces (V2)
  • Information Services / Office / Text
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (L1)
    • Character Sets and Internationalization (L2)
    • Text Processing: Office and Publishing Systems Interface (V1)
    • Office Equipment (W1)
  • Other INCITS Technical Committees
    • Corporate Governance of IT (CGIT1)
    • Distributed Application Platforms and Services (DAPS38)
    • Sensor Networks (SN1)
    • IT Sustainability (ITS39)

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