ITunes Originals – New Order

iTunes Originals – New Order
Compilation album from the iTunes Store by New Order
Released 2007
Recorded SF Soundworks
San Francisco, CA, USA
April - June 2005
Genre Alternative dance
Length 68:27
Label London
New Order chronology

iTunes Originals - New Order
Total: From Joy Division to New Order

iTunes Originals – New Order is a digital album by New Order which was released only on the iTunes Store as part of the iTunes Originals series of digital albums. It features live versions of the band playing some of their more famous songs as well as featuring the band themselves talking about their careers.

The tracks featured on the compilation were recorded and mixed by Tony Espinoza at SF Soundworks in San Francisco, from April to June 2005.

Track listing

  1. iTunes Originals – 0:06
  2. A Door Opening in a Darkened Room – 1:29
  3. "Transmission" (iTunes original version) – 3:42
  4. The First Album 'Movement' Was Very Tentative – 1:00
  5. "Dreams Never End" – 3:15
  6. That's One of the Legends Anyway – 1:17
  7. "Blue Monday" – 7:24
  8. Another One of Our Dance Rock Things – 0:55
  9. "Bizarre Love Triangle" (iTunes original version) – 4:45
  10. It's Most Notable for the Quality of Its Sleeve – 0:17
  11. "The Perfect Kiss" – 4:49
  12. There Was No Great Plan – 0:18
  13. "Love Vigilantes" (iTunes original version) – 4:13
  14. We Don't Really Know What We're Doing – 0:30
  15. "True Faith" – 5:49
  16. Then It All Started Going Wrong – 1:17
  17. "Round & Round" – 4:31
  18. 'Run Wild' Is a Very Personal Track – 1:33
  19. "Run Wild" (iTunes original version) – 4:19
  20. A Total Shock – 1:31
  21. "Regret" – 4:08
  22. People Like the New Numbers – 0:46
  23. "Waiting for the Sirens' Call" (iTunes original version) – 5:22
  24. I Find It Very Pleasurable – 1:01
  25. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (iTunes original version) – 4:01

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