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Illinois elections, 2010

Elections were held in Illinois on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Primary elections were held on February 2, 2010.


  • Federal 1
    • United States Senate 1.1
    • United States House 1.2
  • State 2
    • Governor and Lieutenant Governor 2.1
    • Secretary of State 2.2
    • Attorney General 2.3
    • Treasurer 2.4
    • Comptroller 2.5
    • State Senate 2.6
    • State House of Representatives 2.7
    • Judicial positions 2.8
    • Ballot measures 2.9
  • Local 3
  • References 4
  • External links 5


United States Senate

U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk (Republican Party) won against State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (Democratic Party) and football coach LeAlan Jones (Green Party).

United States House

All Illinois seats in the United States House of Representatives were up for election in 2010.


Governor and Lieutenant Governor

State Office Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
Governor/Lt. Gov. Democratic Pat Quinn running

Democratic Pat Quinn / Sheila Simon 1,745,219 46.8%
Green Rich Whitney / Don W. Crawford 100,756 2.7%
Libertarian Lex Green / Ed Rutledge 34,681 0.9%
Republican Bill Brady / Jason Plummer 1,713,385 45.9%
Independent Scott Lee Cohen / Baxter B. Swilley 135,705 3.6%

Secretary of State

State Office Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
Secretary of State Democratic Jesse White running

Democratic Jesse White 2,558,671 69.8%
Green Adrian Frost (withdrew)
Libertarian Josh Hanson 114,065 3.1%
Republican Robert Enriquez 994,154 27.1%

Attorney General

State Office Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
Attorney General Democratic Lisa Madigan running

Democratic Lisa Madigan 2,367,679 64.6%
Green David F. Black 81,669 2.2%
Libertarian Bill Malan 53,954 1.5%
Republican Steve Kim 1,164,007 31.7%


State Office Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
Treasurer Democratic Alexi Giannoulias open seat

Democratic Robin Kelly 1,626,046 45.1%
Green Scott K. Summers 114,503 3.2%
Libertarian James Pauly 68,093 1.9%
Republican Dan Rutherford 1,798,005 49.9%


State Office Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
Comptroller Democratic Dan Hynes open seat

Democratic David E. Miller 1,475,291 40.7%
Green R. Erika Schafer 115,489 3.2%
Libertarian Julie Fox 119,863 3.3%
Republican Judy Baar Topinka 1,911,900 52.8%

State Senate

One-third of the seats of the Illinois Senate were up for election in 2010.

State House of Representatives

All of the seats in the Illinois House of Representatives were up for election in 2010.

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Judicial positions

Multiple judicial positions were up for election in 2010.

  • Illinois judicial elections, 2010 at Judgepedia

Ballot measures

One measure, the Governor recall amendment, was certified for the 2010 statewide election.[1]


Many elections for county offices were also held on November 2, 2010.


  1. ^ Full Text of HJRCA0031, Illinois General Assembly
  • General Election 2010: Offices and Candidates from the Illinois State Board of Elections

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