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International Reading Association


International Reading Association

International Reading Association
Formation 1956
Purpose Literacy
Headquarters Newark, Delaware, United States
Region served
Maureen McLaughlin
Website .org.readingwww

The International Reading Association (IRA) is an international reading instruction, facilitate dialogue about research on reading, and encourage the habit of reading.[1]

The organization, whose headquarters are in Newark, Delaware, United States, has approximately 70,000 members, and more than 1,250 councils and affiliates, worldwide.[2] Membership fees range from 24 to 39 dollars, plus fees for journal subscriptions. Discounted subscription rates are available for residents of developing economies.[3] The current IRA President is Professor Diane Barone.


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In addition to newsletters, books,[4] e-books,[5] webinars,[6] and guides, the organization publishes three professional journals:

Reading Online, an

  • Official website

External links

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The International Reading Association hosts an annual conference. The next conference will be in New Orleans on May 10–12, 2014 and is entitled, "Reading... the Teachable Moment".[12]

Annual Conference

The IRA has been recognized by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1978; the IRA was reclassified to have Consultative Status with UNESCO in 1996 and continues to hold this status.[11]


IRA offers a number of awards and grants for educators, researchers, and authors.[10]

Awards and Grants

The International Reading Association has over 40 special interest groups for members.[9]

Special Interest Groups

  • Reading Today, the IRA's membership magazine, was published from 1983 to 2011 as a bi-monthly membership newspaper. From the 2011 August/September issue forward, the publication was split into two parts: a bi-monthly print magazine and an interactive digital e-zine on the Reading Today website.[8]


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