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Interstate 70 (Ohio)


Interstate 70 (Ohio)

This article is about the section of Interstate 70 in Ohio. For the entire length of the highway, see Interstate 70.

Interstate 70
;">Route information
Maintained by Ohio DOT
Existed: 1956 – present
;">Major junctions
West end: Template:Jct/extra I-70 / US 35 at Indiana state line
  Template:Jct/extra I-75 near Vandalia
Template:Jct/extra I-675 near Springfield
Template:Jct/extra I-270 in Columbus twice
Template:Jct/extra I-670 in Columbus
Template:Jct/extra I-71 in Columbus
Template:Jct/extra I-77 near Cambridge
Template:Jct/extra I-470 near St. Clairsville
East end: Template:Jct/extra I-70 at West Virginia state line
;">Highway system

In the U.S. state of Ohio, Interstate 70 provides access between Indiana and West Virginia.

Route description

Along its path through Ohio, Interstate 70 passes through the following counties: Preble, Montgomery, Clark, Madison, Franklin, Fairfield, Licking, Muskingum, Guernsey and Belmont. As an Interstate highway, by default, Interstate 70 is a part of the National Highway System, a network of highways deemed most important for the country's economy, mobility and defense.[1]

The portion of I-70 between Interstate 675 and Enon Road in Clark County is designated "Deputy Suzanne Hopper Memorial Highway",[2] in honor of a Clark County Sheriff's deputy who was shot and killed on January 1, 2011 while responding to reports of gunshots at a mobile home park on Enon Road, near I-70.[3]


Interstate 70 appeared on the original AASHTO interstate route numbering map from August 14, 1957. It was envisioned as a modern upgrade of the old National Pike (US-40), the main east–west route through the heart of the state, built closely parallel to, but on a separate alignment from, the then overburdened and obsolete highway. The 21-mile (34 km) section between Kirkersville and Gratiot (current Exits 122 - 142), was the first new construction opened to traffic (1959). At that time, the highway was accessed at both ends via temporary at-grade intersections with the old National Pike, with I-70 and US-40 sharing the same carriageways.

Once the road was extended westward towards Columbus by 1968, access was routed to Exit 122, with the western 1-mile (1.6 km) access road continuing US-40 back to the old National Pike becoming part of OH-158 (though the westbound lanes were abandoned). The following year, the highway was opened eastward to Zanesville, with a new interchange, Exit 142, at Gratiot. The at-grade intersection with the old National Pike was subsequently blocked off, to be erased by years of overgrowth. The US-40 designation was returned to the Pike around the same time, replacing the temporary OH-440 designation.

In February 2013, an 11.18-mile segment of I-70 running through Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking Counties was named by the National Asphalt Pavement Association as the winner of the 2012 Sheldon G. Hayes Award for the best asphalt pavement in the country.[4][5]

Exit list

County Location Mile[6] # Destinations Notes
Preble Jefferson Township
Jackson Township
1.66 1 Template:Jct/extra US 35 south East end of US 35 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Monroe Township 9.91 10 Template:Jct/extra US 127
Harrison Township 14.66 14 Template:Jct/extra SR 503
Montgomery Brookville 21.01 21 Arlington, Brookville
Clay Township
24.05 24 Template:Jct/extra SR 49 north (Dayton Greenville Pike) / Brookville Salem Pike West end of SR 49 overlap
25.88 26 Template:Jct/extra SR 49 south (Salem Avenue) / Hoke Road East end of SR 49 overlap
Englewood 28.97 29 Template:Jct/extra SR 48 (Main Street)
Butler Township 32.07 32 Dayton International Airport Access Road – Dayton International Airport 2-mile Interstate-grade spur freeway feeding into the airport, with one interchange at US 40
33.87 33 Template:Jct/extra I-75 Signed as exits 33A (south) and 33B (north)
Huber Heights 36.67 36 Template:Jct/extra SR 202 (Old Troy Pike)
38.64 38 Template:Jct/extra SR 201 (Brandt Pike)
41.00 41 Template:Jct/extra SR 4 west / SR 235 West end of SR 4 overlap; signed as exits 41A (south) and 41B (north) eastbound
Mad River Township 44.32 44 Template:Jct/extra I-675 / Spangler Road Signed as exits 44A (south) and 44B (north) eastbound
46.67 47 Template:Jct/extra SR 4 east East end of SR 4 overlap; westbound exit is via exit 48
47.79 48 Enon Road Eastbound exit is via exit 47
Springfield Township 52.23 52 Template:Jct/extra US 68 Signed as exits 52A (south) and 52B (north)
54.47 54 Template:Jct/extra SR 72 (Limestone Street)
59.36 59 Template:Jct/extra SR 41 (Charleston Pike)
Harmony Township 62.02 62 Template:Jct/extra US 40 (National Road)
66.33 66 Template:Jct/extra SR 54 (Urbana Street)
South Vienna
Madison Somerford Township 72.35 72 Template:Jct/extra SR 56 (Urbana-London Road)
Deer Creek Township 79.09 79 Template:Jct/extra US 42 (London-Delaware Road)
Jefferson Township 80.74 80 Template:Jct/extra SR 29 (Urbana-West Jefferson Road)
85.38 85 Template:Jct/extra SR 142
Franklin Columbus 91 Hilliard Rome Road Signed as exits 91A (south) and 91B (north) westbound
93 Template:Jct/extra I-270 Signed as exits 93A (south) and 93B (north) eastbound
94 Wilson Road
95 Hague Avenue, Fisher Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
96 Template:Jct/extra I-670 east – Airport Eastbound left exit and westbound entrance
97 Template:Jct/extra US 40 (Broad Street)
98A Template:Jct/extra US 62 (Central Avenue) / SR 3 / Sullivant Avenue Signed as exit 98 eastbound; eastbound exit is via exit 97
98B Mound Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
99 Template:Jct/extra I-71 south / SR 315 north West end of I-71 overlap; signed as exits 99A (south) and 99B (north)
99C Template:Jct/extra US 62 (Town Street) / SR 3 / Rich Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
100A Fullton Street, Front Street, Mound Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
100B Template:Jct/extra US 23 (4th Street) / US 33 (Livingston Avenue) Signed as exit 100 westbound
101A Template:Jct/extra I-71 north East end of I-71 overlap; signed as exit 101 westbound
101B Mooberry Street Eastbound exit only
102 Mooberry Street, Cole Street
103A Template:Jct/extra US 33 (Livingston Avenue) / Alum Creek Drive Signed as exit 103 westbound; no eastbound entrance
103B Alum Creek Drive Eastbound exit and entrance
105A Template:Jct/extra US 33 (College Avenue) Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
105B James Road Signed as exits 105A (south) and 105B (north) westbound
107 Template:Jct/extra SR 317 (Hamilton Road) Signed as exits 107A (south) and 107B (north) eastbound
108 Template:Jct/extra I-270 Signed as exits 108A (south) and 108B (north) westbound
110 Brice Road – Brice Signed as exits 110A (south) and 110B (north) eastbound
Fairfield Pickerington 112 Template:Jct/extra SR 256 (Reynoldsburg Baltimore Road) Signed as exits 112A (south) and 112B (north) eastbound
Violet Township 112C Template:Jct/extra SR 204 (Blacklick-Eastern Road) Eastbound exit only
Licking Etna Township 118 Template:Jct/extra SR 310 (Hazelton-Etna Road)
Kirkersville 122 Template:Jct/extra SR 158 (Baltimore Road)
Union Township 126 Template:Jct/extra SR 37 (Lancaster Road)
129 Template:Jct/extra SR 79 (Hebron Road) Signed as exits 129A (south) and 129B (north)
Licking Township 132 Template:Jct/extra SR 13 (Jacksontown Road)
Bowling Green Township 141 Template:Jct/extra SR 668 (Brownsville Road) Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Muskingum Hopewell Township 142 Mt. Perry Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Falls Township 152 Template:Jct/extra US 40 (National Road)
Zanesville 153A Liberty Street, State Street, Blue Avenue, Jackson Street Signed as exit 153 eastbound
153B Maple Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
154 5th Street, 6th Street, Elberon Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
155 Template:Jct/extra SR 60 (Underwood Street) / SR 146
Washington Township 157 Template:Jct/extra SR 93 (Pleasant Grove Road)
Perry Township 160 Sonora Road, Airport Road
164 Template:Jct/extra US 22 / US 40
New Concord 169 Template:Jct/extra SR 83 (Friendship Drive)
Guernsey Cambridge Township 176.25 176 Template:Jct/extra SR 723 north
178.84 178 Template:Jct/extra SR 209 (Southgate Parkway)
179.89-180.08 180 Template:Jct/extra I-77 Signed as exits 180A (south) and 180B (north)
Wills Township 186.70 186 Template:Jct/extra US 40 west (National Road) / SR 285 (Wintergreen Road) West end of US 40 overlap
Oxford Township 193.42 193 Template:Jct/extra SR 513 (Batesville Road)
Fairview 198.69 198 Template:Jct/extra CR 114 (Fairview Road) / Old National Road, Fair Avenue, Oxford Road Former US 40 east
Belmont Kirkwood Township
202.55 202 Template:Jct/extra SR 800 (Hendrysburg Road) / CR 102 (Mt. Olivett Road) Former US 40 west
204.77 204 Template:Jct/extra US 40 east (National Road) / McMillan Road East end of US 40 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Union Township
208.27 208 Template:Jct/extra SR 149
Richland Township 212.92-213.09 213 Template:Jct/extra US 40 (National Road) / SR 331
215.24 215 Template:Jct/extra US 40 (National Road)
216.81 216 Template:Jct/extra SR 9
218.64 218 Mall Road, Banfield Road Goes to the Ohio Valley Mall in St Clairsville
219.67 219 Template:Jct/extra I-470 east – Wheeling Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
220.29 220 Template:Jct/extra US 40 (National Road) / Bellaire High Ridge Road
Bridgeport 225.27 225 Marion Street

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