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Isabella of Aragon, Countess of Urgell

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Title: Isabella of Aragon, Countess of Urgell  
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Subject: Compromise of Caspe, James of Portugal, Phoebus of Lusignan, John, Prince of Antioch, Beatrice of Coimbra, Philippa of Coimbra, Isabella of Aragon, Sibila of Fortia
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Isabella of Aragon, Countess of Urgell

Countess consort of Urgell
Tenure 1407-1424
Spouse James II of Urgell
Isabella, Countess of Urgell
Eleanor, Countess of Nola
Joan, Countess of Foix
House House of Barcelona
Father Peter IV of Aragon
Mother Sibila of Fortia
Born 1376
Died 1424
Religion Roman Catholicism

Isabella of Aragon (1376, Barcelona – 1424) was a daughter of Peter IV of Aragon and his fourth wife, Sibila of Fortia. She was infanta of Aragon and Countess of Urgel.[1]


Isabella was the youngest of nine children, born to Peter; seven of them were half siblings to Isabella and her brother, Alfonso. Her half brothers included John I of Aragon and Martin of Aragon. Isabella's older half sisters include, Constance, Queen of Sicily, Joanna, Countess of Ampurias and Eleanor, Queen of Castile.


In Valencia on 29 June 1407, Isabella married James II of Urgell, soon after the marriage, James was appointed lieutenant of the Kingdom of Aragon in 1408.

The county of Urgell was dissolved in 1413, following her husband's revolt against the new King Ferdinand I of Aragon who had been chosen to succeed to the throne of Aragon in 1412 despite James having had the stronger claim as the closest legitimate agnate to the Royal House of Aragon. Earlier, King Ferdinand had offered James 150,000 florins, the title of Duke of Montblanc, and proposed an alliance between his son Henry and their eldest daughter, Isabella, but James had refused Ferdinand's offer on the advice of his mother.[2] In addition to the loss of his title and assets, James was later tried, condemned, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The couple had five children:

  1. Isabella of Urgell, Duchess of Coimbra (12 March 1409- 29 August 1443). Married Infante Peter, Duke of Coimbra and was mother of Isabella, Queen of Portugal
  2. Philip of Urgell (died 1422)
  3. Eleanor of Urgell ( 1414-after 1438). Married 1436 Raimondo Orsini, 6th Count of Nola.
  4. Joan of Urgell ( Early 1415 Convent of Sijena- 1445). Married firstly John I, Count of Foix and secondly Joan Ramon Folch, Count of Cardona. She had one son by her second husband.
  5. Catherine of Urgell (died before 1424).

Isabella died in 1424, having outlived at least two of her children. Her husband was in prison, in Xàtiva, were he died in 1433. Their eldest surviving daughter, Isabella became Countess of Urgell as well as Duchess consort of Coimbra.


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