Ise-Wakamatsu Station

Ise-Wakamatsu Station
Ise-Wakamatsu Station
Prefecture Mie
(See other stations in Mie)
City Suzuka
Neighborhood etc. 17-8 Wakamatsu-nishi 4-chome
Postal code 510-0222
(in Japanese) 三重県鈴鹿市若松西四丁目17-8
Year opened 1917
Rail services
Operator(s) Kintetsu
Line(s) Kintetsu Nagoya Line
Statistics 1027 passengers/day (FY2010)

Ise-Wakamatsu Station (伊勢若松駅 Ise-Wakamatsu-eki?) is a railway station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Kintetsu. Ise-Wakamatsu Station is 40.8 rail kilometers from the terminus of the line at Kintetsu Nagoya Station and is a terminal station for the Kintetsu Suzuka Line.[1]


Station layout

Ise-Wakamatsu Station has two island platforms serving four tracks, connected by an overpass.


1 Nagoya Line for Tsu, Osaka Namba, Kobe, Kashikojima
Suzuka Line for Suzukashi, Hiratachō (1 train every day)
2 Nagoya Line for Tsu, Osaka Namba, Kobe, Kashikojima
Suzuka Line for Suzukashi, Hiratachō (through express train from the Nagoya Line)
3 Nagoya Line for Yokkaichi, Nagoya
4 Nagoya Line for Yokkaichi, Nagoya
Suzuka Line for Suzukashi, Hiratachō

Adjacent stations

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Kintetsu Nagoya Line
Shiohama   Express   Shiroko
Mida   Local   Chiyozaki
Kintetsu Suzuka Line
Shiohama   Express   Yanagi
Terminus   Local   Yanagi


Ise-Wakamatsu Station opened on December 22, 1917 as a station on the Ise Railway. The Ise Railways Kambe Spur Line (which was renamed the Suzuka Line in 1963) started operations from December 20, 1925. The Ise Railway became the Sangu Express Electric Railway’s Ise Line on September 15, 1936, and was renamed the Nagoya Line on December 7, 1938. After merging with Osaka Electric Kido on March 15, 1941, the line became the Kansai Express Railway's Nagoya Line. [2] This line was merged with the Nankai Electric Railway on June 1, 1944 to form Kintetsu.[2] The station building was modified with overpasses connecting the platforms in 1967


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Coordinates: 34°30′33.73″N 136°36′58.73″E / 34.5093694°N 136.6163139°E / 34.5093694; 136.6163139

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