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Island Pacific Academy

Island Pacific Academy
I Mua Me Ka Ha'aheo (Go Forward With Confidence)
909 Haumea Street
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

United States
Type Private
Established September 13, 2004
Headmaster Gerald Teramae
Grades K-12
Age range 4–18 years old
Enrollment 465
Color(s) Navy Blue, Gold and Silver          
Athletics conference Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH)
Nickname Navigators

Island Pacific Academy (IPA) is a private, independent, college-preparatory school operating in Kapolei, Hawaii. The school was founded in 2004 and enrolled its first students in September 2004. school year. The school now enrolls nearly 500 students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. The school has graduated six classes of seniors beginning May 2010. There are over 80 staff and faculty at Island Pacific Academy. IPA is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School authorized to offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP, Grades K-5), Middle Years Program (MYP, Grades 6-10) and the Diploma Programme (DP, Grades 11-12). By offering all 3 IB programs, IPA has achieved IB World Continuum School status, a designation for schools offering the IB program to all grades K-12; there are currently only 35 schools in the entire Western Hemisphere with this distinction. The curriculum stresses critical thinking, learning through inquiry and collaboration, creativity, and application of skills and knowledge through problem solving - all important skills to develop for success in the 21st century. Central to the IB program is the development of international mindedness. For athletics, the school is part of ILH Interscholastic League of Honolulu. The school motto is "I Mua Me Ka Ha'aheo", which translates from Hawaiian as "Go Forward with Confidence".


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    • Elementary Division 1.1
    • Secondary Division 1.2
  • Mission statement 2
  • School Values and Culture 3
  • Extracurricular activities 4
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The school currently has two buildings: one for the elementary division (grades Jr-K to 5), and one for the secondary division (grades 6-12). A campaign to raise funds for a future gymnasium was first introduced in 2008.

Elementary Division

The elementary building encompasses 28,000 sq ft (2,600 m2) on two floors, and includes a science room, music room, world languages room, technology lab, and visual arts studio as well as academic classrooms, all with wireless connectivity. The lower school opened its doors to students on September 13, 2004. The building supports Jr. Kindergarten (4-years) to grade 5. The academic program stresses inquiry based learning and the curriculum includes art, music, design and technology, world languages, technology and PE. Of special note is the Engineering is Elementary program in which all students from Kindergarten through grade 5 participate. This program engages students in hands-on engineering activities as they work together to apply STEM knowledge to real-world problems.

Secondary Division

The secondary building has approximately 40,000 sq ft (3,700 m2) on three floors. In addition to classrooms and the main office complex, it includes two art studios, a ceramics studio, recording studio, music classroom, a multi-purpose room used as a cafeteria and auditorium, middle school (grades 6-8) science lab, three upper school (grades 9-12) science labs and a library/resource room. All classrooms have SmartBoards and wireless internet connectivity.

Mission statement

The mission statement as stated on the school's official website is as follows:

Island Pacific Academy has grounded its educational program in a mission to provide an environment where students develop

  • Strength of character, based upon such core values as respect for others, generosity of spirit and the power of human kindness, and become good citizens of their communities;
  • Commitment to become involved citizens of their communities and the world who understand and practice democratic values;
  • Confidence to maximize the use of their intellectual, academic, physical, artistic and creative gifts in preparation for college and as lifelong learners;
  • Recognition of each individual's value. [1]

The school stresses the importance of kindness, generosity of spirit and helping others. Occasionally, the previous headmaster, Dr. Daniel White said at the end of assemblies, "Whenever you can..." then the students reply, "Help!"

School Values and Culture

From the start, the school has cultivated a social environment which stresses mutual respect, kindness and a generosity of spirit toward others. An informal "motto" of the school has developed which says: "Whenever you can, help." Actions central to the social climate on the campus include:

  1. Mutual Respect - Showing respect and kindness toward each other
  2. Attentive Listening - Each student is expected to attentively listen to teachers as well as other students
  3. Appreciations/No Put-Downs - Each student is expected to appreciate the value of each person and not put others down
  4. Right to Participate/Right to Pass - Each student has a right to participate in group discussions and events, as well as the right to pass when not prepared to participate.
  5. Take Care of Each Other/Take Care of This Place - Each student is expected to treat the school environment and physical space with respect and to help others when needed.

In addition, appreciation of other cultures and an international mindedness is cultivated in various ways throughout the school, as a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme and through extra-curricular activities and special events and the cultivation of sister school relationships with schools in several countries with which the school has developed exchanges between the students.

Extracurricular activities

IPA students compete in many different ILH sports at Intermediate, JV and Varsity levels. While IPA fields its own teams in most sports, some students participate through Pac-Five and Westpac (groups of smaller schools that make one team).

Awards & Championships: Basketball: The boys varsity basketball team took the ILH Division II league title in 2011, and 4th place overall in the state tournament. Since the 2010/2011 season, an IPA senior has been awarded the ILH Player of the Year Title. Bowling: State Champion 2013 (Jaymie-Rae Martin '13) Sporter Air Riflery: girls junior varsity team took 1st place in the ILH 2013, girls junior varsity top shooter in the ILH 2013. Swimming: State Champion 100-yd backstroke 2012; State Champion 200 meter IM, 100-yd breaststroke State Champion (and new state record), Swimmer of the Year 2013;(Austin Hirstein '13) Track and Field: 2014 ILH Intermediate 3000 meter champion (Frank Condello III '18); Sports in which IPA students compete include the following:

  • Bowling
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Air Riflery
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Intramurals

Other extracurricular activities include Student Government, Rotary Interact Club, Newspaper (Ho`okele News),Yearbook, Student Literary and Art magazine (Zenith), drama productions, and the LIFE program.

Students may become eligible to be members of five honor societies in grades 10-12: The National Honor Society, the National Japanese Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, the National Arts Honor Society, and the International Thespian Society.

Reviews and Critiques

Island Pacific Academy has been earning great reviews by parents and students alike. The first college-preparatory school located in Kapolei, it saves many parents from the morning rush hour traffic to downtown Honolulu, where most of O'ahu's other college-preparatory schools are located. Island Pacific Academy has a strong curriculum overall. PSAT and SAT scores are consistently above the national average. Grades 3 through 8 take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills each spring, and average scores place students in those grades as performing 1.5 to 3 grade levels higher than their current grade in school. All graduates are prepared and eligible to enter 4-year colleges and universities; the school now has 188 alumni attending schools of higher learning across the country and literally around the world.


  1. ^ Island Pacific Academy, Kapolei, Hawaii

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