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Title: Itahari  
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Itahari इटहरी
Sub-Metropolitan City
Motto: Green, Peace
Itahari इटहरी is located in Nepal
Itahari इटहरी
Itahari इटहरी
Location in Nepal
Country    Nepal
Zone Koshi Zone
District Sunsari District
 • Type Ithari submetropolitan
 • Total 87.3301 km2 (33.7183 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 74,501
 • Density 850/km2 (2,200/sq mi)
 • Ethnicities Brahmin, Chhetri, Limbu, Rai, Tharu, Gurung, Maithili people ,
 • Religions Hindu, Buddhist are main religions
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)
Postal Code 56705
Area code(s) 025

Itahari (Nepali: इटहरी) is a Sub-Metropolitan City in Sunsari District in the Koshi Zone of south-eastern Nepal. It is located at the main transportation junction of eastern Nepal. It is the center of the west-east Mahendra Highway and south-north Koshi Highway and thus is a town of emerging importance. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 74,501 people living in 18,270 individual households.[1]


There are many arguments about the naming of Itahari. Some argue that the name was derived from the Itahar meaning bricks because the people had found ancient Multani coins and bricks at Itahari. Itahari is also mentioned in old government documents of Nepal. The current town of Itahari was the Mauja of old Rana family of Nepal and it once belonged to General Subarna Samser Rana.

The Tharu community is the oldest community of Itahari. There is no specific date but they have been living at Itahari for a long time. They are concentrated mainly around near the Tengra river bank, East Pole (purba bus stand), Manakamana Chowk,Gaisar(developed Tharu Community in Nepal)etc.


Located in the Eastern Region of Nepal, the town and municipality of Itahari is developing so rapidly that it is expected to reach the outskirts of Dharan in the not too distant future. One of the reasons for the rapid expansion of Itahari is the fact that it lies on both the south-north Koshi Highway and west-east Mahendra highway, making it an important transportation junction for Eastern Nepal. The bus terminus at Itahari sees thousands of passengers arriving and departing each day. This effective transportation system allows visitors to reach the Eastern Region of Nepal with ease.

In keeping with the global trend toward conservation of natural resources, the town of Itahari has adopted the motto of being a "Clean, Green and Commercial City". The efforts to attain this goal are evident by the municipal offices which are located next to a scenic lake and set in landscaped gardens. Entrepreneurial skills are encouraged in the residents of Itahari which has resulted in the commercial value of the city increasing. People from surrounding towns and cities are known to travel to Itahari to shop.

As one of the three municipalities of the Sunsari district of Nepal’s Eastern Region, Itahari is located in the fertile Terai region and has the Sunsari, Budhi and Tengra rivers running through it.


  • Road: Itahari is roughly 478 kilometres (300 mi) by road from Kathmandu. It is also well connected to other parts of the country by bus services.
  • Intracity: Cycle rickshaws and taxis serve the city center. Auto rickshaws (Tempos) are available for longer distances outside the center as well.
Nowadays city safari is increasing most for running shortest distance along municipality.


Itahari is the television hub of the Eastern Region. Makalu Television was the first television in the region, but others such as Arena Television are growing up. Some daily national magazines are Jana Bidhroha, Aauser, and Blast. Many FM stations are growing rapidly. There are more than four FM stations located in Itahari. Saptakoshi FM,Itahari FM Radio Pariwartan & Namaste FM are popular. is the first & Popular Online Media in Ithari, Providing Local, National & international News. Nepalese sports Arena a popular facebook page which provides news of sports is also edited from Itahari. Please like this page.

Education and Literature

Sacred Heart English School

Pathibhara Higher Secondary School, Peace Zone Residential Secondary School,Future Star English School, Itahari Janta School and Janta Multiple campus,Secondary Boarding School, Kasturi Higher Secondary Boarding School, SOS HERMANN GMEINER Higher Secondary School, Vishwa Adarsha College, Chamunda Higher Secondary School, LIFE International College, Lotus International Foundation for Education, Sushma Engineering College, Koshi College were one of the oldest public schools and colleges. There were very few private schools until the early 1990s. Many more private schools and colleges have opened since then offering degrees in science, commerce, arts, nursing and engineering. Itahari also houses a culture centre and library which was built with the help of Luxembourg Government and is currently being managed by Itahari municipality. There are many private boarding schools in Itahari. Among them Elite Homes (lower secondary boarding school), Hamro Boarding School, Secondary Boarding School, peace zone, Modern Preparatory Secondary Boarding School,Sacred Heart English School ,pathibhara, Pashupati secondary english boarding school(Itahari-2)ETC. are some of the schools in eastern region. Other art and literature related activities are also performed by different organizations like Kalalaya, Sangeet Sadhana Prathisthan etc.

I.T. Industry and Development

Many I.T institutes and industries are mushrooming in a very short period of time. Few years back people had to go out of Itahari but these days Itahari has become the junction for I.T. Graphica International Ptd Ltd is world renowned IT company of Itahari. It focuses in software and web apps outsourcing.At present itahari is success in developing in economic area.Many shopping malls like gorkha departmental stores,Ex-gorkha departmental stores which are leading shopping malls of Eastern development region lie here.Factories like Goyal rice mill,JBS industries,Rijaltansee are leading exporter of rice ,juice and pickle in Nepal too lie here.

Future Plans

In Itahari Nepal's largest water kingdom and fun park is going to be established. It is already ready and soon will be in operation. People of Itahari are organizing a Campaign to keep Itahari clean and green and pollution free city with a title slogan "Keep Itahari Clean"(KIC).Most of the people are active member of this campaign .This campaign is organized weekly. Itahari is one of the developing cities of Nepal since 2063 BS.


Itahari has a beautiful place to tour or picnic which is known popularly known as Taal Talayia. This is located in Itahari Municipality ward no. 2. Many astonishing lakes, both artificial and natural, make Taal Talayia good for fishing. There is one club named Manakamana Youth Club which will help you to celebrate tour and picnic well. There are also local markets and a grand mall named Gorakha Departmental Store offering a large shopping range. There is another Saraswati social forest community will helps you to get firewood. Nepal's first statute park namely Kabyabatika is also located in Pacharuke. This place is rich in greenery, beautiful garden and artistic works. Also lies ocean park with pleasure of swimming in Itahari-biratnagar line.==

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There is also a grand mall Itahari mall where people can entertain themselves by viewing a 3D motion movie in i-cieneme and too watch a beautiful pond inside Itahari municipality office.

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