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Italian 1 Blackshirt Division 23 Marzo

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Title: Italian 1 Blackshirt Division 23 Marzo  
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Subject: Battle of Maychew, Ettore Bastico, Italian Order of Battle Second Italo-Ethiopian War
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Italian 1 Blackshirt Division 23 Marzo

The Blackshirt Division 23 March (Italian:Divisione CC.NN. "23 Marzo") was an Italian MVSN Blackshirt (Fascist) militia unit formed for the Second Italo-Abyssinian War.

During the Second World War it was encircled at Bardia and surrendered to the British forces in January 1941. It was named 23 Marzo (Italian, 23 March) in honor of the founding of the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento on 23 March 1919.

Order of Battle (1935-36)

  • 135th Blackshirts Legion "Indomita"
    • 135th Blackshirts Battalion "Indomito"
    • 88th Blackshirts Battalion "Cappellini"
    • 135th MMG Company
    • 135th pack-artillery battery
  • 192nd Blackshirts Legion "Francesco Ferrucci"
    • 190th Blackshirts Battalion "Pisa"
    • 192nd Blackshirts Battalion "Francesco Ferrucci"
    • 192nd MMG Company
    • 192nd pack-artillery battery
  • 202nd Blackshirts Legion "Cacciatori del Tevere"
    • 202nd Blackshirts Battalion "Cacciatori del Tevere"
    • 204th Blackshirts Battalion "Trotti"
    • 202nd MMG Company
    • 202nd pack-artillery battery
  • 1st Blackshirts MMG Bn
  • 1st Artillery Battalion (65L17 - Army)
  • 1st Special Engineers Company (mixed Blackshirts and Army)
  • 2 x Replacements Battalions


  • Gen. Ettore Bastico (23/4/35 - 20/11/35)
  • Gen.Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia (20/11/35 - 29/2/36)

Additionally the Division had a Medical Section, Logistics Section, and transport of a Pack-Mules unit (1600 mules), and a Mixed Trucks unit (80 light trucks).

Order of Battle (1940)

  • 219. CCNN Legion
    • 114. G. Veroli CCNN Battalion
    • 118. Volsca CCNN Battalion
    • 119. N. Ricciotti CCNN Battalion
  • 233. CCNN Legion
    • 129. Adriatica CCNN Battalion
    • 133. Lupi di Matese CCNN Battalion
    • 148. Tavogliere CCNN Battalion
  • XLI Light Tank Battalion (CV3/33 & CV3/35 tanks)
  • 1. CCNN Anti-tank Company
  • 201. MG Battalion
  • 201. Artillery Regiment
  • 201. Mixed Engineer Battalion

Took part in the invasion of Egypt and was destroyed at Bardia, Libya, in January 1941.



  • George F. Nafziger - Italian Order of Battle: An organizational history of the Italian Army in World War II (3 vol)

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