Jämtland Field Ranger Regiment

Jämtlands fältjägarregemente

Active 1670–2004
Country Sweden
Type infantry regiment
Motto "För Sverige ära, för Sveriges makt, över berg, över dal, skallar Jämtlands jakt"
("For Sweden's honour, for Sweden's might, over mountain, over valley, the Jämtian rangers resound")
Colors Blue
Engagements Nowodwor 1655

Jämtlands fältjägarregemente (Jämtland Rifle Regiment), also I 5 or I 23, was a Swedish Army infantry regiment located in the province of Jämtland that traced its origins back to the 17th century.


The regiment had its origin in Ångermanlands, Medelpads och Jämtlands regemente raised in 1646 in the newly conquered province Jämtland, although the men were mostly recruited in the old Swedish provinces of Ångermanland and Medelpad. The regiment was also called Thomas Gärffelts regemente after its first commander.

The regiment was disbanded in 1661 as the recruitment provinces were transferred to the navy. But some companies of the regiment did exist until 1670, when they were incorporated in the newly raised Jämtlands regemente till fot (or Anders Plantings regemente). From 1689 on, the regiment was named Jämtlands dragonregemente, but had only one company of cavalry troops. This company was later organized into Norrlands dragonregemente.

The regiment was renamed Jämtlands infanteriregemente in 1770 before gaining the present name in 1820. The regiment also had the name Jämtlands fältjägarkår a short period between 1853 and 1892. Jämtlands fältjägarregemente was garrisoned in Östersund and was given the designation I 23 (23rd Infantry Regiment) after a general order in 1816. This was changed to I 5 in 1927. For a short time in the 1990s, the regiment was merged with the mobilization unit Fältjägarbrigaden before being reorganized in 2000 back to a separate existence as Jämtlands fältjägarregemente. The regiment ceased training conscripts in 2004, and was completely disbanded by August 2006.




  • Livkompaniet
  • Överstelöjtnantens kompani
  • Majorens kompani
  • Brunflo kompani
  • Hallens kompani
  • Revsunds kompani
  • Ovikens kompani
  • Bergs kompani


  • Livkompaniet
  • Bergs kompani
  • Revsunds kompani
  • Hammerdals kompani


Ångermanlands, Medelpads och Jämtlands regemente Ångermanland, Medelpad and Jämtland Regiment 1646-01-16 1670
Jämtlands regemente till fot Jämtland Regiment of Foot 1670 1689
Jämtlands dragonregemente Jämtland Dragoon Regiment 1689 1770
Jämtlands infanteriregemente Jämtland Infantry Regiment 1770 1820-02-07
Jämtlands fältjägarregemente Jämtland Rifle Regiment 1820-02-08 1853-05-24
Jämtlands fältjägarkår Jämtland Rifle Corps 1853-05-25 1892-12-31
Jämtlands fältjägarregemente Jämtland ¨Rifle Regiment 1893-01-01 1994-06-30
Jämtlands fältjägarregemente och
Jämtland Rifle Regiment and
the Rifle Brigade
1994-07-01 2000-06-30
Jämtlands fältjägarregemente Jämtland Rifle Regiment 2000-07-01 2004-12-31
I 23 1816 1927-12-31
I 5 1928-01-01 1994-06-30
NB 5 1994-07-01 2000-06-30
I 5 2000-07-01 2004-12-31
Training grounds and garrison towns
Frösö läger 1682 1911-09-30
Kronstad skans 1713 1815
Östersund (G) 1911-10-01 2004-12-31

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