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Jörgen Elofsson


Jörgen Elofsson

Kjell Åke Jörgen Elofsson
Born (1962-01-14) 14 January 1962
Occupation Songwriter

Kjell Åke Jörgen Elofsson (born 14 January 1962 in Ängelholm, Sweden) is a Swedish songwriter, best known for co-writing Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" (which won an Ivor Novello Award) as well as Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)", which was nominated for Song the Year and Record of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards.


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He has written or co-written hits for stars such as Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Guy Sebastian, Ana Johnsson, Marie Serneholt, Shayne Ward and Super Junior. He has also written hit singles for groups such as Il Divo and Westlife. His musical career started when he was 16, and was the lead singer and guitarist in different bands. After that he had a solo career and released two albums in 1989 and 1992, under the name "Shane".

Elofsson became a full-time songwriter in 1994, when he worked with the Swedish artist Carola. His work at Cheiron Studios began in January 1998, and he has mainly been working together with David Kreuger and Per Magnusson.

In 2005 he created the record label Planet Six, part of former BMG, currently Universal Music Publishing Group.

In 2006 his song "The Time of Our Lives" was chosen as FIFA's official anthem for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. It was performed by Il Divo and Toni Braxton.

On May 7, 2013, Janet Leon announced her new single "New Colours", that was written by Leon, Elofsson, Lisa Desmond and Jesper Jakobsson. "New Colours" was chosen as the official song for Stockholm Pride 2013.[1]

Writing discography



  • Aikakone "Aikapyörä"
  • Aikakone "Magiaa"
  • Aikakone "Valokuva"









  • Agnes "I Had A Feelin'"
  • Agnes "Kick Back Relax"
  • Agnes "What Do I Do With All This Love"
  • Alexander Klaws "This Is What It Feels Like"
  • D-Side "No One"
  • Darin "Homeless" (covered by Leona Lewis)
  • Il Divo & Celine Dion "I Believe in You"
  • Il Divon& Toni Braxton "Time of Our Lives"
  • Marie Serneholt "Beyond Tonight"
  • Marie Serneholt "The Boy I Used To Know"
  • Marie Serneholt "Calling All Detectives"
  • Marie Serneholt "Can't Be Love"
  • Marie Serneholt "Enjoy the Ride"
  • Marie Serneholt "I Love Making Love in the Morning"
  • Marie Serneholt "I Need a House"
  • Marie Serneholt "Oxygen"
  • Marie Serneholt' "That's The Way My Heart Goes"
  • Marie Serneholt "Wasted Love"
  • Markus Fagervall "Everything Changes"
  • Shayne Ward "Someone to Love"


  • Ari Koivunen "On the Top of the World"
  • Erik Segerstedt "Freeway"
  • Erik Segerstedt "Everything Changes"
  • Fabienne Louves "Wach uf!"
  • Fabienne Louves "Wenn nüt meh got" (German version of "Right Here, Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You)" by Agnes)
  • Katherine Jenkins "How Do You Leave the One You Love?"
  • Martin Stosch "I Can Reach Heaven From Here"
  • No Angels "I Had a Feeling"
  • Part Six "What's That Sound"
  • Part Six "Perfect World"
  • Westlife "You Must Have Had a Broken Heart"





  • Edita Abdieski "The Key"
  • Namie Amuro "make it happen (feat. AFTERSCHOOL)"
  • Jennifer Lopez "Until It Beats No More"
  • Eric Saade "Someone New"
  • Eric Saade "Big Love"
  • Kelly Clarkson "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
  • Girls' Generation "Bad Girl"
  • Björn Skifs "Break The Spell"
  • Björn Skifs "Let's Kiss"
  • Björn Skifs "Back to Where We Started From"
  • Björn Skifs "When Our Lips Touch"
  • Björn Skifs "I Already Know"
  • Björn Skifs "Damned If I Do"
  • Björn Skifs "You Got There In the End"
  • Björn Skifs "Step Right Up"
  • Björn Skifs "This Is Where the Story Ends"
  • Björn Skifs "You Were Loved"
  • Il Divo "Senza Parole"
  • Eclipse "When The River Is You"
  • Eclipse "La Tua Melodia"
  • Vanquish "The Harder You Love"
  • Michelle "Was, Wenn Mein Herz Sich Irrt"
  • Youngblood "American Girlfriend"
  • Youngblood "Sleep On It"
  • Youngblood "Outside Boy"



  • Agnetha Fältskog "The One Who Loves You Now"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "When You Really Loved Someone"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "Perfume In the Breeze"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "I Was A Flower"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "I Should’ve Followed You Home (with Gary Barlow)"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "Past Forever"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "Dance Your Pain Away"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "Bubble"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "Back On Your Radio"
  • Agnetha Fältskog "I Keep Them On the Floor Beside My Bed"
  • Janet Leon "New Colours"
  • MainStreet "Hell's A Lot Like Love"
  • Kristoffer Rahbek "Junkie For Love"


Awards and nominations

Year Association Nominated work Category Result
2006 Ivor Novello Award "That's My Goal" Best Selling UK Single[4] Won
2007 Brit Award "A Moment Like This" Best Selling British Single Nominated
2007 Ivor Novello Award "A Moment Like This" Best Selling UK Single[5] Won
2007 Daytime Emmy Award "So Good" Outstanding Original Song - Children's/Animated Nominated
2012 N/A Jörgen Elofsson H. M. The King's Medal Honoured
2013 Grammy Award "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" Song of the Year Nominated


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External links

  • Official website
  • Universal Music Publishing page
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