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Jani Golob

Jani Golob
Background information
Birth name Jani Golob
Born (1948-01-18) 18 January 1948 (age 66)
Origin Ljubljana, Slovenia
(at time FPR Yugoslavia)
Occupations composer, arranger, violinist, professor, conductor
Years active 1972 – present

Jani Golob (born 18 January 1948 in Ljubljana) is a Slovenian composer, violinist, arranger, conductor and professor.

His music opus is often on the thin line of classic, pop and jazz. Golob has composed operas, ballets, orchestral works, chamber and vocal music,[1] as well as numerous Slovenian film scores,[2] music for television and music for advertising purposes. His probably most important works are probably three operas that was written in: Krpan's mare (1992), Medeja (1999) Love Capital (2010); and others as Four Slovene Folk Songs (1979 and 2005), Concerto for violin and orchestra (1998) and ballet The Baptism at the Savica (1989). But he is most recognized by his contribution in Slovenian popular music.

His internationally best-known piece of work is the unofficially called "Planica Slow Motion Theme" (1997), instrumental piece of music played in slow motion replays annualy worldwide broadcasting of FIS Ski Jumping/Flying World Cup events from Planica, Slovenia. Especially because of this melody Golob became famous worldwide. Each year since 1997 this piece of music is played in Planica slow motion replays live to millions of people worldwide. Golob and this music are very popular especially in Poland, Scandinavia, Austria etc.

Other hit songs are Prisluhni školjki/A Song In a Seashell (1985), Moja dežela/My Country (1986) and Pustite nam ta svet/Leave Us This World (1987), popular especially in Slovenia. In 1971 he also arranged music for song Sejem želja/Scarborough Fair with Slovenian lyrics of this original English folk ballad. He is the arranger of most common used orchestrated version of Slovenian national anthem "Zdravljica", used in protocol, sports and other big events. In 1973 he acted in a film called Ljubezen na odoru (Love on the Furrows).[3]

American website Famous Birthdays, located just 11 miles away from Hollywood Sign, ranked him on their list of famous persons and composers. At this ranking of most popular famous composers of all time he is ranked #114 at the moment.[4] As a celebrity he also has his own profile at[5]

Golob is one of very few people who has ability of absolute pitch. That is why when he was younger they used him to write music in notes just by listening and memorizing it.


In the 1960's he founded Slovene pop band Delial where he played bass guitar. He studied violin with graduate education in 1971 and with musical composition in 1977 at the Ljubljana Academy of Music. At first he was mainly arranger later start writing his own compositions. From 1998 to 2000 he has been professor of music composition and theory at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana (AGRFT).[1] From then on he is professor of musical composition at the Ljubljana Academy of Music. Between 2002-2006 he was the president of Society of Slovene Composers.

Compositions of Jani Golob are performed by all of the most important Slovene ensembles and orchestras and also different important European artists such as: Slovakian State Philharmony Košice, Berlin Symphony Orchestra with their conductors George Pehlivanian, En Shao, David de Villiers, Carl Davis etc.

He was member of many international music juries at varius European festivals:

  • Selector for music for the European Month of Culture EMK (1997).
  • Representative of RTV Slovenia at the EBU work group for music (Eurovision, 1992-1998).
  • Representative of RTV Slovenia at the International Music Centre in Vienna (1992-1998).
  • Member of the international jury at Festival Prix Italia in Turin (1994).
  • Member of the international jury at Festival Golden Prague in Prague (1996).
  • Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg (since 1992).

His son Rok Golob is also a very important Slovene composer.

Awards and Prizes

He received many prestigious Slovene and international awards in classic and in popular music:

  • In 1977 he won Prešeren Award of University of Ljubljana for »Concertino for big orchestra«.
  • In 1978 in Bratislava he won Third prize in the Grand Prix de Musique Folklorique de Radio Bratislava for »Sv. Sintilawdič«.
  • In 1983 he won Župančič Prize for »Four Slovene Folk Songs for stings«.
  • In 1987 in Cannes he won collective prize at the Prix National at the 34ème Festival du Film Publicitaire Cinema & Television Cannes for “The Guests are Coming“, part of the project “Slovenia, My Country” and won the first prize for it at the festival of tourism short films in Berlin.
  • In 2000 he won Prešeren Fund Prize for »Violin Concerto.
  • In 2012 he won Kozina Award for »lifetime achievements in music« from the Society of Slovene Composers.

Selected works

Orchestral Music

Year Original Title English Title Title Continues
1977 Concertino Concertino for big orchestra
Nokturno Nocturne for string orchestra
1978 Sveti Sintilawdič Sveti Sintilawdič for chamber orchestra
1979 Komorna glasba Chamber Music for orchestra
Štiri ljudske pesmi Four Folk Songs for string orchestra
1980 Uvertura Overture for symphony orchestra
Elegija Elegy for flugelhorn and string orchestra
1982 Koncertantna glasba Concertante Music for woodwind quintet and orchestra
1984 Svatbeni ples Wedding Dance for two clarinets and string orchestra
1985 Mi za mir We for Peace for chamber orchestra (40th anniversary of UN)
1988 Rezijski ples Rezian Dance for two Rezian fiddlers and string orchestra
1990 Slovenska rapsodija Slovenian Rhapsody for orchestra
1992 Koncert Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra
1993 Hommage Rahmaninovu Hommage Rahmaninovu for symphony orchestra
1995 Variacije Variations for violin, piano and orchestra
1996 Introdukcija Introduction for alt saxophone and string orchestra
Introdukcija Introduction for alt saxophone and saxophone orchestra
1998 Koncert Concerto for violin and orchestra
Concertino Concertino za flute and string orchestra
1999 Romanca in humoreska Romance and Humoresque for violin and string orchestra
Upanje Hope for smyphony orchestra
Fanfare Fanfares for wind orchestra
2000 Concerto grosso Concerto grosso for chamber quartet and wind orchestra
Nostalgija Nostalgia for two violas and string orchestra
Passacaglia Passacaglia za violino, violo, violončelo in orkester
2000 Koncert Concertino for cello and string orchestra
2001 Koncert Concertino for cello and string orchestra
2004 Allegro festivo Allegro festivo for wind orchestra
Tri epizode Three Episodes for horn and orchestra
2005 The Night Shift The Night Shift for brass quintet and wind orchestra
Štiri slovenske ljudske pesmi Four Slovene Folk Songs for symphony orchestra
Štiri prekmurske ljudske pesmi Four Prekmurje Folk Songs za tenor, violino in orkester
2006 Tempered Tempered for chamber ensemble and string orchestra
Zlatorog Zlatorog ballet suite
2007 Missa in Do Missa in Do for soloists, mixed choir, organ and orchetra
- Vöra bije, sunce mi zahaja My Time Has Come, My Sun Has Gone for chamber orchestra
- Cool Voices Cool Voices for string orchestra


Year Original Title English Title Title Continues
1981 Stara Ljubljana Old Ljubljana cantata for youth choir, recitator and chamber orchestra
1984 Zreilo je žito Wheat Has Ripened for alto, ocarina, hammered dulcimer, percussion and string orchestra
Ne ouri ne sejaj Ne ouri ne sejaj for alto and string orchestra
1986 Neznani materi To the Unknown Mother for baritone and string orchestra
1988 Tisti čas That Time Song Cycle for alto and string orchestra
1989 Lovec na ljudi Man Hunter for alto and string orchestra
1995 Quo vadis, Domine Quo vadis, Domine for tenor, mixed choir organ orchestra
2005 Vaje v slogu Exercises in Style variations on Slovenian folk song for mixed choir and chamber orchestra


Year Original Title English Title Title Continues
1979 Mesto The City for mixed chorus
1980 Kata, Katalena Kata, Katalena for 12 voices
1988 Mesto The City for male chorus

Opera and Ballet

Year Original Title English Title Note
1985 Urška in povodni mož Ursula and the Water Sprite ballet in 6 scenes
1989 Krst pri Savici The Baptism at the Savica ballet
1992 Krpanova kobila Krpan's Mare opera buffa in 3 acts
1994 Matiček se ženi Matiček's Wedding ballet in 3 scenes
1999 Medeja Medeja opera
2004 Ivana Ivana dance puppet show for adults
2010 Ljubezen kapital Love Capital opera in 3 acts

Chamber music

Year Original Title English Title Title Continues
1977 Poema Poema for woodwind quintet
Andante Andante for string quartet
Romanca Romance for viola and piano
1978 Komorna glasba Chamber Music for 11 instruments
Balada Ballad for trumpet (or flugelhorn) and piano
1979 Capriccio Capriccio for soprano saxophone, double bass and percussion
Glasba Music for bassoon and piano
Skica Sketch for flute and piano
1980 Passacaglia Passacaglia for piano quartet
1981 Groteska Grotesque for clarinet and piano
Dialog Dialogue for violin and guitar
Capriccio Capriccio for trumpet and piano
1982 Tri skladbe Three Pieces for violin and piano
Igre Games for recorder, violin and cello
Glasba Music for oboe (or English horn) and harp
1983 Dve skladbi Two Pieces for cello and piano
Tri skladbe Three Pieces for horn and piano
Melodija Melody for cello and piano
Glasba Music for flute and piano
Glasba Music for accordion and cello
1984 Trio 84' Trio 84' for violin, viola and cello
Dialog Dialogue for flute and viola
Iz dnevnika padlega partizana Iz dnevnika padlega partizana for bass, violin, viola, cello and piano
Tri pesmi Three songs for bass, cello and piano
1985 Dialogi Dialogues for two violins
Sonatina Sonatina for violin and piano
Sonata št. 1 Sonata No.1 for violin and piano
1986 Sonata št. 2 Sonata No.2 for violin and piano
Gozd Forest for horn and organ
Uvodna glasba Introduction Music for 4 horns
Tri pesmi Three Songs for tenor, violin and piano
1987 Godalni kvartet št. 1 String Quartet No.1 -
Godalni kvartet št. 2 String Quartet No.2 -
Koral Choral for brass quintet and organ
Tri miniature Three Miniatures for double bass and piano
Tri pesmi Three Songs for mezzo-soprano, violin and guitar
Monolog Monologue for clarinet, percussion and tape
1988 Tri variacije Three Variations for cello and piano
1990 Concertino Concertino for guitar and string quartet
Toccata Toccata for two pianos and percussion
1991 The Seventh Avenue Blues The Seventh Avenue Blues for violin and piano
Sonata Sonata for cello and piano
1992 Glasba Music for alto saxophone and piano
1993 Bagatela Bagatelle for recorder and piano
Humoreska Humoresque for clarinet and piano
Igre Games for two cellos and organ
Tri skladbe Three Pieces for horn, trumpet, trombone and piano
Človek zmaguje ali zgodba neke ozdravitve Man Wins or the Story of a Cure for woodwind quintet
Dve bagateli Two Bagatelles for two violins, cello and organ
1994 Bagatela Bagatelle for trumpet and organ
Balada Ballade for saxophone ensemble
Igre Games for violin, guitar and accordion
1995 Godalni kvartet št. 3 String Quartet No.3 -
1999 Glasba Music for flute and piano
2000 Romanca Romance for violin and piano
2002 Danubiana Danubiana for seven performers
Passacaglia in Toccata Passacaglia in Toccata for string quartet
2003 In blue In blue for alto saxophone, string quartet and double bass
2005 Glasba Music for flute and piano
2006 Invokacija Invocation for chamber ensemble
TASF (Moderato assai Ritmico) TASF (Moderato assai Ritmico) for brass ensemble
2007 Sence Shadows for chamber orchestra
2008 Koncertantne epizode Koncertantne epizode for violin and chamber orchestra
2008-09 Slovenska fantazija Slovenian Fantasy for flute and piano
2009 Tri bagatele Three Bagatelles for harp and chamber orchestra
- Capriccio Capriccio percussion, soprano-saxophone and double bass

Works for solo instruments

Year Original Title English Title Title Continues
1978 Sonatina Sonatina for violin solo
1979 Valse Valse for piano
Etuda Etude for percussion
1981 Preludij Prelude for accordion
1983 Improvizacija Improvisation for double bass solo
1984 Dve romanci Two Romances for violoncello solo
1987 Slovenska rapsodija Slovene Rhapsody for guitar
2005 Tri etude Three Etudes for guitar
2007 Tri skladbe Three Pieces for piano


Film scores

Year Original title English title
1983 Dih
1984 Leta odločitve The Years of Decision
Veselo gostivanje
1985 Poletje v školjki A Summer in a Sea-Shell
1986 Heretik Heretic
1987 Čisto pravi gusar A Real Pirat
1988 Poletje v školjki II A Summer in a Sea-Shell II
Odpadnik The Maverick
1989 Coprnica Zofka Sophie the Witch
Nekdo drug Someone Else
1999 Patriot
2005 Predmestje Suburbs
2008 Videvanje Van Gogha Seeing Van Gogh
2010 Črni bratje Black Brothers

TV Music

Year Original Title English Title Note
1982 Živeti, živeti Desire for Life short documentary
Zmaga Victory short documentary
Slike iz leta 1941 short documentary
1983 Putovanje plavog lonca Trip of a Blue Pot short animated
1984 Strici so mi povedali TV series
Kasač documentary short
Kugy children TV series
Gorenčev vrag children TV series
1986 Primož Trubar TV series
Slovenija, moja dežela Slovenia, My land for add Gostje prihajajo
1987 Dopust Holiday TV film
1988 Bronasti vijak Bronze Screw TV series
1991 Ljubezen po kranjsko Love, Kranj Style TV film
1992 Portret Jožeta Galeta Portrait of Jože Gale documentary short
1996 Domače obrti na Slovenskem - Krovci Handcrafts in Slovenia - Roofers TV documentary short
Domače obrti na Slovenskem - Kamnarji in kamnoseki Handcrafts in Slovenia - Stonecutters and Stonemasons TV documentary short
Domače obrti na Slovenskem - Puškarji Handcrafts in Slovenia - Gunmakers TV documentary short
1997 Planica slow motion music (ski flying)
Pesem od Ludomorca The Ballad of the Butcherman short film
2006 Sejalci svetlobe TV Film
Sejalci besed TV Film
En dan resnice One Day of Truth fiction short
2011 Slovenci in 1. svetovna vojna Slovenia and World War I documentary (in production)

Hit singles

Year Original English Performed By
1971 "Sejem želja" Scarabough Fair Delial
1985 "Prisluhni školjki" "Song to a Seashell" Black & White
1986 "Moja dežela" "My Country" Oto Pestner ft. Strune
1987 "Pustite nam ta svet" "Leave Us This World" Vlado Kreslin ft. RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra
1997 "Planica Slow Motion Music" "Planica Slow Motion Music" Jani Golob


  • Jani Golob - skladatelj, 1988 (LP)
  • Glasba iz filma Poletje v školjki I. in II., 1986 (cassette)
  • Sklicujem zborovanje, šansoni, 1987 (cassette)
  • Pusti pevcu peti, Prešernove pesmi, 1991 (cassette)
  • Pevca pesem sladka, Prešernove pesmi, 1991 (cassette)
  • Škofjeloški pasijon, 1992 (double cassette)
  • Jani Golob - skladatelj, 1994 (CD)
  • Lepa Vida, glasba iz predstave, 1995 (CD)


External links

  • Internet Movie Database
  • YouTube: "Planica Slow Motion Music" (1997)
  • - part of Slovenian tourism campaign "Slovenija, moja dežela/Slovenia, My Country"
  • YouTube: "Pustite nam ta svet/Leave Us This World" (1987)
  • YouTube: "Prisluhni školjki/Song to a Seashell" (1985
  • YouTube: "Sejem želja/Scarabough Fair" (1971) - arranged Slovene version

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