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Jasidih–Dumka–Rampurhat railway line


Jasidih–Dumka–Rampurhat railway line

Jasidih–Dumka–Rampurhat railway
Type Diesel
System Broad Gauge
Status Partly Operational
Locale Jharkhand, West Bengal, India
Termini Jasidih
Stations 12 operational (8 on Dumka, 2 each on Sultanganj & Rampurhat routes)
Services Via Deoghar and Dumka
Opening 2011
Owner Indian Railways
Operator(s) Eastern Railway
Line length 134 km (83 mi)
No. of tracks 1
Track gauge Broad Gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speed Up to 110 km/h
Track gauge: Broad gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
km from Howrah-Delhi Main Line
0 Jasidih
6 Deoghar
7 to Sultanganj
14 Nowadih
Jharkhand-Bihar border
25 Chandan
to Sahibganj Loop
11 State Highway 6
16 Mohanpur
Trukati Hills 392m
26 Ghormara
40 Chandanpahari
49 Basukinath
59 Jama
64 State Highway 6
65 to Bhagalpur
71 Baraplasi
100 Hasdiha
109 Kumradol
Jharkhand-Bihar border
115 Pandetola
124 Mandar hill
128 Mandar Vidyapith Halt
133 Panjwara Road
to Banka
4 Telia
8 Murahara
15 Banka
138 Barahat
142 Punsia
149 Dhauni
155 Sanjha
160 Tikani
165 Hatpuraini
166 Gani Dham Halt
168 Kollikhutaha
176 Bhagalpur
to Sahibganj Loop
65 Madanpur Halt
72 Dumka
77 Kurwa
90 Barmasia
96 Sikaripara
115 Piragaria
Jharkhand-West Bengal border
122 Adalpahari
134 Rampurhat
to Sahibganj Loop

Jasidih–Dumka–Rampurhat railway is a section of Indian Railways under the Asansol division of Eastern Railway. The single broad gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) track is being constructed from Jasidih city in Deoghar District in Santhal Pargana division of Jharkhand state to Rampurhat in Birbhum District of West Bengal state. The line connects the ‘Cultural Capital of JharkhandDeoghar to the subcapital of Jharkhand, Dumka.


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  • Deoghar–Banka railway line 2
  • Dumka–Bhagalpur railway line 3
  • Dumka–Rampurhat railway line 4
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Status of the project

The 71 kilometres (44 mi) segment from Jasidih Junction to Dumka became operational on 12 July 2011.[1] The track from Dumka to Sikaripara has been constructed and became operational in June 2014. The remaining track from Sikaripara to Rampurhat has been partly constructed to Pinargaria. The whole section may become operational in 2014.

The line will reduce the distance between Jasidih Junction and Rampurhat by 140 km, from current about 270 km via Asansol Junction.

Deoghar–Banka railway line

Construction of a new DeogharBanka railway line is a separate project.

Deoghar is an important railway station on Jasidih–Dumka–Rampurhat railway line, 6 km from Jasidih junction. A railway line from Jasidih to Deoghar has existed for a long time due to the importance of Deoghar as a religious place. However the old Deoghar railway station (called Vaidyanathdham or Baidynathdham Deoghar railway station) was inside the Deoghar town and the railway line could not be extended through inhabited area. Therefore a new railway line was built from Jasidih and a new Deoghar railway station north of the Deoghar town was built.

Two lines branch out from this new Deoghar railway station. The railway line to Dumka goes east of Deoghar. The new line to Banka goes towards the north and turns east and will connect with Banka railway station. The railway line has been completed from Deoghar to Chaanan railway station. A daily passenger train from Jasidih to Chaanan runs once a day, except on Sunday.

Dumka–Bhagalpur railway line

Dumka railway station seen from foot overbridge

Construction of a new Dumka–Bhagalpur railway line is a separate project. It will connect Dumka with Bhagalpur. The new railway line takes off from Dumka towards the north and will connect with Bhagalpur railway junction. The 51 km railway line from Bhagalpur to Banka and Mandar Hill already existed. The railway line extended from Mandar Hill to Hansdiha was inaugurated on 22 December 2012. The 14 km line from Dumka to Barapaliasi station was commissioned in February 2014.[2] Now the short distance section from Barapaliasi to Hansdiha is being constructed and will complete Dumka's link with Bhagalpur, perhaps by the end of 2014.
The Dumka–Bhagalpur railway line will shorten the rail distance between Howrah and Bhagalpur.

This railway track to Dumka is a boon for Santhal Pargana Division.

Dumka–Rampurhat railway line

The 71 km segment from Jasidih Junction to Dumka became operational on 12 July 2011.[1] The track from Dumka to Sikaripara became operational in June 2014. The 19 km section from Rampurhat to Pinargaria became operational in 25 November 2012. One passenger train 53081 / 53082 runs between Rampurhat and Pinargaria. The 10 km distance between Pinargaria and Sikarapara is almost completed. The entire Jasidih–Dumka–Rampurhat railway line may become operational by the end of 2014.

Current services

One passenger train runs between Jasidih Junction and Dumka. One train runs from Jasidih junction to Chandan via Deoghar from March 2012.One passenger train runs between Jasidih Junction and Barapalasi via Dumka Junction from 10th Feb 2014. The Passenger train service between Jasidih to Shikaripara started on 30th June 2014 via Dumka railway station.

List of Trains[3]
Pair Train No. Sector Departure Arrival Stops Distance Frequency
1 53551 Jasidih–Dumka 07:25 09:10 Deoghar, Mohanpur, Ghormara Chandanpahari, Basukinath, Jama, Madanpur Halt 71 km except Sunday
53552 Dumka–Jasidih 09:40 11:25
2 73551 Jasidih–Barapalasi 10:25 12:40 Deoghar, Mohanpur, Ghormara Chandanpahari, Basukinath, Jama, Madanpur Halt,Dumka 85 km except Sunday
73552 Barapalasi–Jasidih 13:00 15:25
3 53581 Jasidih–Chandan 11:50 12:25 Deoghar, Nowdih 20 km except Sunday
53582 Chandan–Jasidih 12:50 13:25
4 53555 Jasidih – Shikaripara 14:10 16:35 Dumka, Kurva, Barmasia 96 km except Sunday
53556 Shikaripara – Jasidih 17:05 19:35
5 18619 Ranchi-Dumka 21:25 06:45 Deoghar, Basukinath, Jama 382 km Daily
18620 Dumka–Ranchi 18:45 04:00

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