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Jill Vidal

Jill Vidal
Chinese name 衛詩 (traditional)
Jyutping wai6 si1 (Cantonese)
Ancestry Chinese, Filipino, Korean
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1982-04-13) 13 April 1982 [1]
Hong Kong
Other name(s) Wei Si
Occupation Singer
Genre(s) Cantopop, urban contemporary
Instrument(s) Singing
Label(s) A Music
Years active 2006–2009
Official website

Jill M. Vidal, often referred to as Wei Si or simply as Jill, is a Hong Kong-based female singer. Vidal is of Chinese, Korean, and Filipino ethnicity with British nationality.[1] Her twin sister Janice Vidal is also a singer in Hong Kong.


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  • Music career 2
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Vidal is of mixed parentage with a Filipino father, Joey Vidal,[2] who has ancestry in Cebu, Philippines and a mother of Korean and Chinese descent from Seoul, Korea.

Vidal is also known by the Chinese name Wei Si. She was educated up to secondary school, and speaks English and basic Cantonese.

She gained prominence with campaigns in Hong Kong aimed at stopping youngsters from using drugs.[3] She has since converted to Christianity following an incident in Japan which resulted her in rehab.[4] She has released a book titled 'REBORN' regarding her experiences at the detention rehab and how her new-found faith has changed her in a positive person she is today. She is now involved with sponsoring children in need through World Vision and is hoping to set up care centres and schools for children in Cambodia, India and Africa.

Jill has raised her voice to bring attention to the plight of millions of people who needlessly suffer from malaria every day in Asia and around the world. Joining with the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM), an initiative founded in 1998 by UNICEF, WHO, UNDP and the World Bank that has since become the global public-private partnership co-ordinating the global fight against the disease, Jill along with her sister Janice are urging greater regional investment in the global fight against malaria.

Music career

By the end of 2005, Vidal entered into a contract with East Asia Record Production, who also signed her sister. She released her first song, Lonely, in December 2005.

Vidal released her debut album Hit Me, in 2006. In July 2006, her song Funny Jealousy became her first number 1 song in the Jade Solid Gold chart.

She made her film debut in the musical film, A Melody Looking and acted as Jill, a twin sister of Janice in the film directed by Leon Lai. It was released on DVD in December 2006. Being celebrity role models Vidal and Kelvin Kwan took part in Anti-drug promotions in 2006 and 2008.[5]


Vidal and her singer boyfriend Kelvin Kwan were arrested in Tokyo on 24 February 2009 over allegations of marijuana possession. Kwan claimed to the police that it had been given to him by a friend in Hong Kong, while Vidal said that she was not aware it was marijuana.[6] Urine tests later returned positive results for marijuana for Kelvin Kwan;[7] police allegedly found another banned substance in the pair's luggage.[8] Kwan was released without charge after 32 days in jail.[9]

Later, local journals reported that Vidal was being held for having heroin weighing 1.36 grams in her possession.[10] On 24 April, Vidal pleaded guilty in Tokyo court to heroin possession, and was sentenced to two years' imprisonment, suspended for three years. She was deported back to Hong Kong and did not serve prison time[11][12][13]


Year Album Title Released Date
2006 Hit Me 13 April
2006 Diamond Love 21 November
2008 Jillympics (新曲+精選) 8 August


Release Date Title Chinese Title Role
2006, Nov A Melody Looking 緣邀之音 Jill

Music pop chart

Year Single Peak positions[14]
RTHK Chinese Pop CTHK Ultimate 903 Metro Radio Pop Chart JSG Billboard UFO Mandarin Pop
2006 "Cocoa" 4 6 1 - -
2007 "Rather You Not Know (寧願你不知道)" 1 2 1 3 -
2007 "Silly Girl (傻女)" 12 - - - -
2008 "Small Group (小圈子)" - - - - -
Total 1 - 2 - -

(note: # provisional)


Year Awards Songs
2006 Metro Radio Top Dance Song:Bronze Funny Jealousy
2006 Commercial Radio New Artist:Silver Heart Breaker, Get Out, Funny Jealousy, 可可,Lonely
2006 TVB New Artist:Bronze


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