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King Kong: 360 3-D

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Title: King Kong: 360 3-D  
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Subject: King Kong, Universal Studios Hollywood, Studio Tour, Universal Creative, King Kong Encounter, List of amusement rides based on film franchises
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King Kong: 360 3-D

This article is about the current Universal Studios Hollywood attraction. For other attractions, see King Kong amusement park attractions.
King Kong: 360 3-D
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General statistics
Attraction type 3-D Simulation
Designer Universal Creative
Theme King Kong
Vehicle type Studio Tour Tram
Duration 2:30
Website King Kong 360 3-D
Other names - The New King Kong Encounter
- King Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World

King Kong: 360 3-D is an attraction which is included in the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood.[1] The attraction takes guests to a recreated version of Skull Island from Peter Jackson's 2005 award-winning blockbuster remake King Kong. It employs audio animatronics as well as 3-D HD imagery on two 200-foot (61 m) wide screens resulting in an immersive two and a half minute film.[2] The attraction replaced King Kong Encounter which burned down in 2008.[3] King Kong: 360 3-D made its debut on the Studio Tour on July 1, 2010.[2][4]


After a video introduction by Peter Jackson, Studio Tour guests don 3-D glasses as the tram enters a sound stage dressed as a re-creation of Skull Island. The sound stage is located in front of the Collapsing Bridge on the Studio Tour. A pack of Venatosaurus see the tram and start to give chase. They scatter when a group of Vastatosaurus rex turn up, some of the pack gets eaten. After the attack by three Vastatosaurus Rex begin to chase the tram, only to disturb Kong, who begins to fight them. The fight continues from one side of the tram to the other, as air and water effects are blown onto guests to further the illusion. Near the end of the experience, a V-Rex gets a hold of what is supposed to be the last tram car and pulls it from the train, throwing it down a pit. Kong defeats the V-Rex and roars in triumph.


A three alarm fire broke out on the backlot of Universal Studios on June 1, 2008. The Los Angeles County Fire Department had reported that King Kong Encounter, among other things, had burned down.[5] In August 2008, Universal announced that instead of replacing the King Kong Encounter attraction with a new concept, as they had originally planned, it would instead be rebuilt as a new experience[6] titled King Kong: 360 3-D.[4] The ride scene was collaborated on by King Kong director Peter Jackson, as well as Weta Digital.[7]


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