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Kish Air Flight 7170

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Title: Kish Air Flight 7170  
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Subject: Aviation accidents and incidents in 2004, Rico Linhas Aéreas Flight 4815, Kish Air, List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft
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Kish Air Flight 7170

Kish Air Flight 7170
The remains of Kish Air Flight 7170, one year after the crash.
Accident summary
Date 10 February 2004
Summary Pilot error
Site Sharjah International Airport
Passengers 40
Crew 6
Injuries (non-fatal) 3
Fatalities 43 (37 passengers, 6 crew)
Survivors 3
Aircraft type Fokker 50
Operator Kish Air
Registration EP-LCA
Flight origin Kish Airport, Kish Island, Iran
Destination Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Kish Air Flight 7170 was a scheduled passenger flight between Kish Island, Iran and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The aircraft crashed while approaching to land at Sharjah International Airport killing 43 of the 46 occupants.[1]

The aircraft

The aircraft involved was a Fokker 50, registered EP-LCA.[2] It first flew on 25 January 1993 with Lufthansa CityLine as D-AFFJ, then to Air Nostrum for Iberia as EC-GKU prior to being delivered to Kish Air on 1 March 2002.[3]

The flight

Flight 7170 departed Kish Airport, Kish Island with 40 passengers and a crew of six on board, on a flight to Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah. Whilst on final approach to runway 12 at the airport, the pilots lost control of the aircraft causing it to crash into an open space within a residential area about 2.6 nautical miles (4.8 km) from the end of the runway.[2] Of the 46 on board, three passengers survived the crash; as of 2013 this is the worst crash involving a Fokker 50.[2][4]


Two pilots of another aircraft waiting at the hold point for runway 12 witnessed the crash. The pilots had been told to taxi and hold for Flight 7170 and for that reason were watching the flight land. They told investigators that the aircraft was flying normally when the nose suddenly pitched down to a 60-degree angle and spiraled left. The investigators also learnt from the witnesses that nothing had come off the aircraft beforehand, ruling out structural failure.

The accident was investigated by the General Civil Aviation Authority. The investigation into the crash revealed that the pilots had accidentally selected the propellers to reverse thrust while still in the air. This caused the loss of control and the subsequent crash.[2]


Nationality Killed Survivors Total
Passengers Crew
Algerian 2 0 0 2
Bangladeshi 1 0 0 1
Cameroonian 1 0 0 1
Egyptian 3 0 1 4
Emirati 1 0 0 1
Filipino 1 0 1 2
Indian 13 0 0 13
Iranian 11 6 1 18
Nepalese 1 0 0 1
Nigerian 1 0 0 1
Sudanese 1 0 0 1
Syrian 1 0 0 1
Total 37 6 3 46


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