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Title: Lashina  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Female Furies, New Gods, Stompa, Artemiz, Bernadeth
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Mister Miracle vol. 1 #6
(January 1972)
Created by Jack Kirby (writer & artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Lashina
Species New God
Place of origin Apokolips
Team affiliations Female Furies
Suicide Squad
Notable aliases Duchess
  • Immortality
  • Super strength, durability, and speed
  • hand to hand combatant
  • electrically charged whips

Lashina is a fictional character, and Goddess warrior woman published by DC Comics. Created by Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in Mister Miracle vol. 1 #6 (January 1972).


  • Fictional character biography 1
    • Seven Soldiers 1.1
    • Final Crisis 1.2
    • The New 52 1.3
  • Powers and abilities 2
  • In other media 3
    • Television 3.1
    • Film 3.2
  • Notes 4
  • References 5

Fictional character biography

Lashina is raised a warrior in Granny Goodness' orphanage, and takes over leadership of the Female Furies when Big Barda leaves Apokolips for Earth. Though the Furies go to Earth to aid Big Barda and her lover, Mister Miracle,[1] they soon return to Apokolips to take their punishment for their betrayal of Darkseid. Lashina is then given leadership over the Female Furies by Darkseid, much to Bernadeth's annoyance.[2]

During a mission to capture Glorious Godfrey, a New God that had been imprisoned on Earth, Lashina is betrayed by Bernadeth and shoved out of the boom tube, their teleportational technology. She is shot and later suffered from amnesia. She becomes Duchess and joins the Suicide Squad, a United States-based government agency that uses super-powered beings to fulfill any required missions. There she operates under Amanda Waller, participating in many heroic missions. For example, she assists in saving the world from the murderous plans of Kobra. Her memory comes back to her and she plans a return to Apokolips. She convinces many members of the Squad to come with her, and others she outright kidnaps. The grouping includes Doctor Light, Poison Ivy, Amanda Waller, Count Vertigo and others. The plan ends in a battle against Apokolips forces once the group lands on the planet's surface. Multiple Squad members are killed, including Doctor Light.[2]

Lashina confronts and kills Bernadeth. Darkseid, angry that Lashina has brought humans to Apokolips, brings Bernadeth back to life and kills Lashina. The survivors of the Suicide Squad are allowed to return home.[2]

Lashina is sent with the Furies on another mission to retrieve Mister Miracle, but he escapes.

Sharing leadership with Bernadeth, Lashina is often the field leader of the Furies, while Bernadeth leads them out of the battlefield. Lashina has since battled Young Justice, the Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman. She is also a long-time enemy of Superman and his counterparts Superboy and Supergirl. She was also seen as a prostitute in Granny Goodness' Earth-based brothel. This was when the majority of Apokolips' ruling forces were operating on Earth, though it is unrevealed as to why. In recent appearances she has been seen battling Firestorm, Orion and Hawkgirl.

Seven Soldiers

Lashina appears in Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, part of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers maxi-series event. Within the story, Lashina and the rest of the Furies are given human form by Darkseid, with Lashina taking on the appearance of a bald-headed dominatrix prostitute. She and the rest of the Furies battle Shilo Norman in an attempt to stop him in his quest to free Aurakles, the world's first superhero.

Final Crisis

During the events of Final Crisis, Lashina, once again in her bald-headed human form, is seen as one of the villains running the Dark Side Club, an illegal arena where spectators gamble on battles between brainwashed teen metahumans. When Rose Wilson and Miss Martian lead a rebellion against the Dark Side Club staff, Lashina attempts to flee along with the wealthy club patrons in the VIP section of the arena. They nearly escape the club, but are cut off by teen superhero Static, who proceeds to electrocute Lashina and the others into unconsciousness, turning them over to the authorities afterwards.[3]

When the Anti-Life Equation takes effect across the globe, several superheroines and villainesses are taken under Darkseid's power and are transformed into the new Female Furies. Catwoman apparently becomes the new Lashina, wearing an outfit similar to hers. In the aftermath of the series, Lashina is presumably reborn on Earth-51, along with the rest of the Jack Kirby-created characters.[4]

The New 52

Lashina makes her first appearance alongside Granny Goodness in issue #8 of Infinity Man and the Forever People.

Powers and abilities

Lashina is a great warrior with superhuman strength, durability and speed. She uses steel whips that she can charge with electricity.[2]

In other media


  • Lashina appeared on Superman: The Animated Series in several episodes, and was voiced by Diane Michelle. Her first appearance was in the two-parter "Little Girl Lost," where she, along with Stompa and Mad Harriet, were summoned by Granny Goodness to battle Supergirl. Lashina was the leader of the Furies, and had the final battle with Supergirl at the end of the episode. She also appeared later during the series finale two-parter, Legacy, where she apparently had a romantic relationship with the brainwashed Superman, but attacked him when he turned on them.
  • Lashina also appeared in Justice League Unlimited in the first part of the series finale, Alive.
  • Lashina appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Duel of the Double Crossers," voiced by Nika Futterman. She, along with her teammate Stompa, was a member of Mongal's Furies. Her connections to Darkseid, Apokolips, and the New Gods were not mentioned during her appearance. She had a romantic interest in Jonah Hex, and flirted with him during battle. After Mongul and Mongal were defeated, Lashina rode off into the sunset with Jonah Hex.
  • Lashina (played by Jonel Earl) is briefly seen in the episode "Abandoned" on the last season of Smallville. She tries to choke Tess Mercer to death until Clark Kent intervenes and stops her.



  • Lashina's appearance in Hawkgirl #61 has her mis-drawn as Gilotina.
  • She has appeared in every media depiction of the Female Furies to date.


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