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Leo Tolstoy bibliography

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Title: Leo Tolstoy bibliography  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Leo Tolstoy, The Raid (story), Albert (short story), Quench the Spark, Promoting a Devil
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Leo Tolstoy bibliography

This is a list of works by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910), including his novels, short stories, plays and non-fiction.

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  • Childhood (Детство [Detstvo], 1852) – Volume 1 of 'Autobiographical Trilogy'
  • Boyhood (Отрочество [Otrochestvo], 1854) – Volume 2 of 'Autobiographical Trilogy'
  • Youth (Юность [Yunost'], 1856) – Volume 3 of 'Autobiographical Trilogy'
  • The Cossacks (Казаки [Kazaki], 1863)
  • War and Peace (Война и мир [Voyna i mir], 1869)
  • Anna Karenina (Анна Каренина [Anna Karenina], 1877)
  • Resurrection (Воскресение [Voskresenie], 1899)


Short stories



Philosophical works

  • A Confession (1879) – Volume 1 of an untitled four-part work[1]
  • A Criticism of Dogmatic Theology (1880) – Volume 2 of an untitled four-part work
  • The Gospel in Brief, or A Short Exposition of the Gospel (1881)
  • The Four Gospel Unified and Translated (1881) – Volume 3 of an untitled four-part work
  • Church and State (1882)
  • What I Believe (also called My Religion) (1884) – Volume 4 of an untitled four-part work
  • What Is to Be Done? (also translated as What Then Must We Do?) (1886)
  • On Life (1887)
  • The Love of God and of One's Neighbour (1889)
  • Timothy Bondareff (1890)
  • Why Do Men Intoxicate Themselves? (1890)
  • The First Step: on vegetarianism (1892)
  • The Kingdom of God Is Within You (1893)
  • Non-Activity (1893)
  • The Meaning of Refusal of Military Service (1893)
  • Reason and Religion (1894)
  • Religion and Morality (1894)
  • Christianity and Patriotism (1894)
  • Non-Resistance: letter to Ernest H. Crospy (1896)
  • How to Read the Gospels (1896)
  • The Deception of the Church (1896)
  • Letter to the Liberals[2] (1898)
  • Christian Teaching (1898)
  • On Suicide (1900)
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill (1900)
  • Reply to the Holy Synod (1901)
  • The Only Way (1901)
  • On Religious Toleration (1901
  • What Is Religion? (1902)
  • To the Orthodox Clergy (1903)
  • Thoughts of Wise Men (compilation; 1904)
  • The Only Need (1905)
  • The Grate Sin (1905)
  • A Cycle of Reading (compilation; 1906)
  • Do Not Kill (1906)
  • Love Each Other (1906)
  • An Appeal to Youth (1907)
  • The Law of Love and the Law of Violence (1908)[3]
  • The Only Command (1909)
  • A Calendar of Wisdom (Путь Жизни [Put' Zhizni]; compilation; 1909)

Works on art and literature

  • What Is Art? (1897)
  • Art and Not Art (1897)
  • Shakespeare and the Drama (1909)

Pedagogical works

  • Articles from Tolstoy's journal on education, "Yasnaya Polyana" (1861–1862)
  • A Primer (1872)
  • On Popular Instruction (1874)
  • A New Primer (1875)


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