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Liberal Popular Alliance – Autonomies

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Title: Liberal Popular Alliance – Autonomies  
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Subject: Forza Italia (2013), Senate of the Republic (Italy), Ala, Associative Movement Italians Abroad, List of political parties in Italy
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Liberal Popular Alliance – Autonomies

Liberal Popular Alliance – Autonomies
Azione Liberal-popolare – Autonomie
Leader Denis Verdini
Founded 28 July 2015
Ideology Centrism
Political position Centre
Chamber of Deputies
7 / 630
14 / 315
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Liberal Popular Alliance – Autonomies (Italian: Alleanza Liberalpopolare – Autonomie, ALA) is a centrist and liberal parliamentary group active in the Senate[1] and a sub-group in the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament.


The Liberal Popular Alliance emerged from a split from Forza Italia (FI), led by Denis Verdini, who wanted to support the reforms put forward by the Renzi Cabinet, and was joined by senators coming from different centre-right groups, including Great Autonomies and Freedom (GAL), Conservatives and Reformists (CR) and New Centre-Right (NCD).

The group's president is Lucio Barani, who until then was the leader of the New Italian Socialist Party.[2][3] "Autonomies" is a reference to the presence in the group of two senators of the Movement for the AutonomiesParty of Sicilians.[4]

As of late August, ALA looked set to attract new members, possibly including Sandro Bondi and Manuela Repetti,[5][6] and Verdini intended to form a kin sub-group in the Mixed Group of the Chamber of Deputies composed of FI dissidents.[7][8]

Between September and October four senators and seven deputies left FI and joined Verdini; the deputies formed a joint sub-group with the Associative Movement Italians Abroad named "Liberal Popular Alliance – Autonomies – Associative Movement Italians Abroad.[9][10][11] Bondi and Repetti, while supporting Renzi too, formed Together for Italy instead.[12]


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