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Libertarian Party of Illinois

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Title: Libertarian Party of Illinois  
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Subject: Libertarian Party (United States), Chicago Socialist Party, Moderate Party (Illinois), List of United States Libertarian Party presidential tickets, Libertarian Party of South Dakota
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Libertarian Party of Illinois

Libertarian Party of Illinois
Senate leader None
House leader None
Founded 1971
Ideology Libertarianism
National affiliation Libertarian Party (United States)
Colors a shade of Blue; Yellow

The Libertarian Party of Illinois is the Illinois affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is Lex Green. There are six Libertarian officeholders in Illinois.[1]

Mission statement

Libertarian Party of Illinois mission is: To elect Libertarians to office and move public policy in a libertarian direction.[2]

Key tenets of the party platform

Key tenets of the Libertarian Party platform include the following:[3]

However, Chad Grimm, the 2014 Nominee for governor is pro-life on abortion and rejects the current plank in the present platform.

In a Facebook post, he stated, “I am pro life, as I believe there should be no crime so long as no one is harmed and I consider the murder of an unborn child as the worst kind of harm committed on the most innocent among us!” [5]

State and student affiliates [6]

  • Bond-Fayette County Libertarians
  • Carroll County Libertarians
  • Champaign County Libertarian Party
  • DuPage Libertarians
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Elmhurst College
  • Fox Valley Libertarian Party
  • Illinois State University
  • Libertarian Party of Chicago
  • Libertarians of Western Illinois University
  • Loyola University
  • McLean County Libertarian Party
  • Metro-East Libertarians
  • Northwestern University
  • Northern Illinois University Libertarians
  • Outright Libertarians of Illinois
  • Rockford Area Libertarian Part
  • Rock Valley College Libertarians
  • Sangamon County Libertarian Libertarian Party
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Will County Libertarian Party
  • Western Illinois University

Electoral history 2000-2010

2010 campaigns

Office Candidate Votes Percentage
Governor Lex Green 34,170 0.9%
Lieutenant Governor Ed Rutledge 34,170 0.9%
Secretary of State Josh Hanson 113,813 3.1%
Attorney General Bill Malan 53,858 1.5%
Treasurer James Pauly 67,958 1.9%
Comptroller Julie Fox 119,638 3.3%
US Senate Mike Labno 86,185 2.4%

2008 campaigns

Office Candidate Votes Percentage
President Bob Barr 19,645 0.4%
Vice President Wayne Root 19,645 0.4%
US Senate Larry Stafford 50,228 0.9%

2006 campaigns

Office Candidate Votes Percentage
Congress 2 Anthony Williams 5,422 3.3%

2004 campaigns

Office Candidate Votes Percentage
President Michael Badnarik 32,442 0.6%
Vice President Richard Campagna 32,442 0.6%
US Senate Jerry Kohn 69,253 1.4%
Congress 2 Stephanie Sailor 26,990 11.5%
Congress 4 Jake Witmer 4,845 3.9%
Congress 12 Walter Steele 4,794 1.7%
State Rep 11 Jason Briggeman 1,770 4.0%
State Rep 53 Scott Bludorn 3,673 8.2%
State Rep 64 Jim Young 2,022 4.0%
State Rep 85 Austin Hough 7,945 25.1%
State Rep 95 Steve Dubovik 1,317 2.9%

2002 campaigns

Office Candidate Votes Percentage
Governor Cal Skinner 73,794 2.1%
Lieutenant Governor Jim Tobin 73,794 2.1%
Secretary of State Matt Beauchamp 78,830 2.2%
Attorney General Gary Shilts 87,949 2.5%
Treasurer Rhys Read 66,593 1.9%
Comptroller Julie Fox 144,066 4.2%
US Senate Steven Burgauer 57,382 1.7%
Congress 1 Dorothy Tsatsos 4,741 2.6%
Congress 4 Maggie Kohls 4,328 5.2%
Congress 5 Frank Gonzalez 6,638 4.3%
Congress 7 Martin Pankau 2,436 1.5%
Congress 9 Stephanie Sailor 4,779 2.9%
State Rep 11 John Yackley 3,371 12.8%
State Rep 28 Jerome Kohn 1,241 4.2%
State Rep 41 John Tepley 1,034 2.8%
State Rep 42 Michael Mandel 1,123 3.3%
State Rep 48 Chandler Hadraba 3,440 11.2%
State Rep 52 Matthew Paul Burns 1,190 3.9%
State Rep 64 Jim Young 2,214 7.4%
State Rep 85 Eric Ferguson 4,922 20.3%
State Rep 95 Steve Dubovik 4,191 14.6%

2000 campaigns

Office Candidate Votes Percentage
President Harry Browne 11,623 0.3%
Vice President Art Olivier 11,623 0.3%
Congress 4 Stephanie Sailor 11,476 11.3%
Congress 5 Matt Beauchamp 20,728 12.7%
State Rep 34 R. Brian Poynton 1,230 4.0%
State Rep 39 Elizabeth Quaintance 10,103 26.2%

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