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List of 2010 FIFA World Cup matches

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Title: List of 2010 FIFA World Cup matches  
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Subject: 2010 FIFA World Cup, List of 2010 FIFA World Cup controversies, July 2010 Kampala attacks, 2010 FIFA World Cup seeding, 2010 FIFA World Cup officials
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List of 2010 FIFA World Cup matches

The 2010 FIFA World Cup was an international football tournament held in South Africa from 11 June until 11 July 2010. The 32 national teams involved in the tournament together played a total of 64 matches starting from the group stage matches and progressing to the knockout stage matches, with teams eliminated through the various progressive stages. Rest days were allocated during the various stages to allow players recovery during the tournament. Preliminary events were also held in celebration of the World Cup event.[1][2]

All times shown are in South African Standard Time (UTC+02).

Day Time Venue Stage Team 1 Result Team 2
10 June
Preliminary events
20:00 Soweto FIFA Kick-off Celebration Concert
11 June
14:00 Johannesburg (SC) [3] Opening Ceremony
First round of group stage matches
16:00 Johannesburg (SC) Group A South Africa  1–1  Mexico
20:30 Cape Town Uruguay  0–0  France
12 June
13:30 Port Elizabeth Group B South Korea  2–0  Greece
16:00 Johannesburg (EP) Argentina  1–0  Nigeria
20:30 Rustenburg Group C England  1–1  United States
13 June
13:30 Polokwane Algeria  0–1  Slovenia
16:00 Pretoria Group D Serbia  0–1  Ghana
20:30 Durban Germany  4–0  Australia
14 June
13:30 Johannesburg (SC) Group E Netherlands  2–0  Denmark
16:00 Bloemfontein Japan  1–0  Cameroon
20:30 Cape Town Group F Italy  1–1  Paraguay
15 June
13:30 Rustenburg New Zealand  1–1  Slovakia
16:00 Port Elizabeth Group G Ivory Coast  0–0  Portugal
20:30 Johannesburg (EP) Brazil  2–1  North Korea
16 June
13:30 Nelspruit Group H Honduras  0–1  Chile
16:00 Durban Spain  0–1  Switzerland
Second round of group stage matches
20:30 Pretoria Group A South Africa  0–3  Uruguay
17 June
13:30 Johannesburg (SC) Group B Argentina  4–1  South Korea
16:00 Bloemfontein Greece  2–1  Nigeria
20:30 Polokwane Group A France  0–2  Mexico
18 June
13:30 Port Elizabeth Group D Germany  0–1  Serbia
16:00 Johannesburg (EP) Group C Slovenia  2–2  United States
20:30 Cape Town England  0–0  Algeria
19 June
13:30 Durban Group E Netherlands  1–0  Japan
16:00 Rustenburg Group D Ghana  1–1  Australia
20:30 Pretoria Group E Cameroon  1–2  Denmark
20 June
13:30 Bloemfontein Group F Slovakia  0–2  Paraguay
16:00 Nelspruit Italy  1–1  New Zealand
20:30 Johannesburg (SC) Group G Brazil  3–1  Ivory Coast
21 June
13:30 Cape Town Portugal  7–0  North Korea
16:00 Port Elizabeth Group H Chile  1–0  Switzerland
20:30 Johannesburg (EP) Spain  2–0  Honduras
22 June
Third round of group stage matches
16:00 Rustenburg Group A Mexico  0–1  Uruguay
16:00 Bloemfontein France  1–2  South Africa
20:30 Durban Group B Nigeria  2–2  South Korea
20:30 Polokwane Greece  0–2  Argentina
23 June
16:00 Port Elizabeth Group C Slovenia  0–1  England
16:00 Pretoria United States  1–0  Algeria
20:30 Johannesburg (SC) Group D Ghana  0–1  Germany
20:30 Nelspruit Australia  2–1  Serbia
24 June
16:00 Johannesburg (EP) Group F Slovakia  3–2  Italy
16:00 Polokwane Paraguay  0–0  New Zealand
20:30 Rustenburg Group E Denmark  1–3  Japan
20:30 Cape Town Cameroon  1–2  Netherlands
25 June
16:00 Durban Group G Portugal  0–0  Brazil
16:00 Nelspruit North Korea  0–3  Ivory Coast
20:30 Pretoria Group H Chile  1–2  Spain
20:30 Bloemfontein Switzerland  0–0  Honduras
26 June
Knockout stage matches
16:00 Port Elizabeth Round of 16 Uruguay  2–1  South Korea
20:30 Rustenburg United States  1–2 (a.e.t.)  Ghana
27 June
16:00 Bloemfontein Germany  4–1  England
20:30 Johannesburg (SC) Argentina  3–1  Mexico
28 June
16:00 Durban Netherlands  2–1  Slovakia
20:30 Johannesburg (EP) Brazil  3–0  Chile
29 June
16:00 Pretoria Paraguay  0–0 (a.e.t.)
(5 – 3 p)
20:30 Cape Town Spain  1–0  Portugal
30 June
Rest days
1 July
2 July
16:00 Port Elizabeth Quarter-finals Netherlands  2–1  Brazil
20:30 Johannesburg (SC) Uruguay  1–1 (a.e.t.)
(4 – 2 p)
3 July
16:00 Cape Town Argentina  0–4  Germany
20:30 Johannesburg (EP) Paraguay  0–1  Spain
4 July
Rest days
5 July
6 July
20:30 Cape Town Semi-finals Uruguay  2–3  Netherlands
7 July
20:30 Durban Germany  0–1  Spain
8 July
Rest days
9 July
10 July
20:30 Port Elizabeth Match for third place Uruguay  2–3  Germany
11 July
20:30 Johannesburg (SC) Final Netherlands  0–1 (a.e.t.)  Spain


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