List of Big Brother 11 housemates (UK)

The following is a list of housemates in the eleventh series of Big Brother.


Andrew Martin Edmonds (born 1990)[1] was age 20 from Wimborne Minster, Dorset, a mathematics student at St. Anne's College, University of Oxford. He passed A-level maths when he was 13. He entered the house along with Keeley and Rachel in a spaceship on Day 31. He was also the victim of two secret tasks set by the Tree of Temptation, one where he was to act like Jack Bauer from 24 for 24 minutes, and another where he was forced to answer affirmatively to any question a housemate asked him. Andrew left the house on Day 77 in 5th place, with 3.9% of the five-way vote to win.[2]


Benjamin Duncan was a 30-year-old writer and broadcaster from London and attended the University of Kent and the University of St Andrews. He supports the Conservative Party. He previously appeared in TV reality shows such as Ladette to Lady and similar American shows The Girls of Hedsor Hall and American Princess,[3] usually as an eligible bachelor for the female contestants.[4] Other TV appearances include being a juror in Sex In Court and assisting friend Raef Bjayou in Celebrity Come Dine With Me.[5] He has a non-speaking part as a background artist in the 2006 film, "The Queen". He was evicted on Day 52, with 52% of the vote. He re-entered the house on week 10 as part of Bob Righter's prediction task for one hour. Following the show, Ben took part in filming for TV series Celebrity Coach Trip, again with Bjayou.[6] He was also interviewed during the broadcast of The Royal Wedding of 2011, giving his opinions on the event.


Caoimhe Guilfoyle (/ˈkvə/ ) was a 23-year-old mature student from Dublin who worked part-time as a DJ and lived with her parents.[7] During her time in the Big Brother house, she spent most of her time with housemate Shabby. Shabby told Caoimhe that she fancied her; Caoimhe revealed in the Diary Room that she does not fancy Shabby and is in love with her boyfriend. Towards the time of Shabby's exit, Caoimhe told fellow housemates that she felt she had been a "lesbian sidekick" most of her time. Caoimhe walked out of the House on Day 42.


Corin Edith Forshaw[1] was a 29-year-old shop worker from Stockport who claimed to be often mistaken for glamour model Jordan due to her 30G bust.[8] She was widowed when her husband of four months, Alex Hayden, was killed in a building site vehicle accident in September 2005.[9] She is bisexual, and has been with her girlfriend for more than two years.[8] She was evicted on Day 73 with 20.6% of the public vote.


Dave Vaughan was a 39-year-old Christian minister from Pontypool who had been married for eighteen years and had four children: Natasha, Joshua, Jesse and Isaac.[10] He is an avid Cardiff City FC supporter and is an ambassador for the club. Whilst in the house he was seen ending tasks with the famous Ayatollah celebration dance that is normally performed by the City football fans. He entered the house on Day 1, and finished as runner up to the title.


Govan Artis Zachary Hinds[1] (/ˈvæn/; born 1989)[1] was 21-years old, unemployed and single, from Leicester.[11] Prior to entering the house, Govan told the Big Brother producers that he is bisexual, however he later revealed this to be a lie to get on the show.[12][13] On Day 17, he became the second housemate to be evicted from the house with 72% of the public vote.


Ifeoluwa "Ife" Kukon (/ˈf/; born 1984 in Lambeth, London)[1] was a 25-year-old professional dancer from Milton Keynes who once worked as a back-up dancer for Cheryl Cole and also as a backing vocalist on singing contest The X Factor. She is engaged to her boyfriend of six years and lives with both him and her adoptive parents. Ife is expecting her first child!.[14] Ife was evicted on Day 38 with 56.5% of the public vote.


Joe-John Daniel "JJ" Bird[1] (born 9 September 1986)[15] was aged 23, a professional boxer and barman originally from Peterborough, living in London. His parents are publicans and he is best friends with Aston Merrygold from JLS.[16] He entered the House on Day 45.[17] and was evicted on Day 77, finishing in 4th place.


Jo Butler (born 1969) was age 41, a make-up artist from Luton. She was training to be a club DJ using the moniker "DJ Naked" and referred to herself as a would-be "cougar". She entered the House on Day 45.[18] She was evicted on Day 66 with 39.4% of the public vote.

John James

John James Parton (born 1985) was age 25, an ex-vehicle body builder from Melbourne, Australia. He was born to parents from the United Kingdom. Parton was single on entering the house and lives with his mother. He once had his name changed to Achilles, but later had it changed back.[19] His father, also called John, died in a work accident when a steel frame in the factory he was working on collapsed in high winds in April 2008.[20] John James became close to fellow housemate Josie Gibson and since leaving the house they confirmed their boyfriend/girlfriend status and lived together in London. He was evicted on Day 73 with 34.2% of the public vote.[21] On 28 March 2011 it was announced in OK! that John James and Josie's relationship wasn't working and the pair were taking a break. John James had already returned home to his native Australia when the article was published. On 4 April 2011 Josie confirmed on Twitter that "JJJ" (as the pair were branded by fans) were "no more". She stated: "Its done guys. No more jjj. Sorry. Looks like OK were right. X"


Main article: Josie Gibson

Josie Diane Shirley Gibson[1][22] was a 26-year-old financial sales rep from Bristol. At the age of 14 she left home to live on her Aunt Kay's farm. Josie has recently released a perfume called Josie. She was the first contestant to be selected by Big Brother to be a housemate on day 1. Throughout her stay she received only five nominations for eviction and never once faced the public vote. She entered into a relationship with fellow housemate John James Parton and upon leaving Big Brother the pair confirmed their boyfriend/girlfriend status. On Day 66, she was voted by her fellow housemates to win a ticket to the final of BB 2010. On Day 77, she won Big Brother 2010 and the £100,000 prize, with 77.5% of the five-way vote. She then re-entered the Big Brother house to compete in Ultimate Big Brother. On day 3 of that series she walked out.[23] Since leaving Big Brother she has appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother and Big Brother's Big Mouth. She featured in a one-off reality TV programme which was broadcast on 11 October 2010.[24] A further three-part series will be broadcast in May 2011. Josie has raised funds to support children's cancer charity CLIC Sargent. She donated £20,000 of her winnings to the charity when she left Big Brother.[25] On 28 March 2011 it was announced in OK! that Josie and John James's relationship wasn't working and the pair were taking a break. John James had already returned home to his native Australia when the article was published. On 4 April 2011 Josie confirmed on Twitter that "JJJ" (as the pair were branded by fans) were "no more".


Keeley Joyce Johnson[1] (born 1979) was from Manchester. Before entering the house, she was the manager of a travel agency in Oldham,[26] having worked in the industry since joining a Youth Training Scheme in 1995.[27] On Day 42 Keeley left the House to receive treatment in hospital for her injured ankle, an injury which she sustained during Week Six's 'Save and Replace' task.[28] On Day 45, Big Brother announced to the House that because she wished to recuperate at home following her injury, Keeley did not return to the Big Brother House.[29]


Laura McAdam (born 1989) was age 20, a cashier from Stratford-upon-Avon. She entered the House on Day 45 and voluntarily left the house on day 50. Her time in the Big Brother house was one of the shortest ever at just under 105 hours, second only to Isaac Stout of Big Brother 2009. She left the house through the fire exit.


Mario Mugan was a 30-year-old, single and unemployed, openly gay man. He was born near Venice,[30] brought up in the United States by his mother, but now lives in Essex.[31] He has never met his father. Mario is half-Italian/half-Welsh and believes in the paranormal. Mario is a massive Big Brother fan and owns the Diary Room chair from Big Brother 2006.[31] Unlike the other contestants, Mario was chosen to be a housemate by a random draw rather than by being hand picked by the Big Brother producers. Because he was chosen randomly, Big Brother made Mario the house "mole" in what the show described as an "impossible" task to avoid eviction. Mario was provided with a mole costume and sign to wear around his neck stating that he is a mole which he was instructed to wear twenty-four hours a day. As part of his task Mario was required to undertake several tasks, including ruining his housemates' food and cigarettes.[32] In a vote, set up by Big Brother, the majority of the housemates incorrectly guessed that Sunshine was the house mole and as a result Mario was permitted to remain in the house. He was evicted on Day 77, finishing in third place.


Nathan Dunn was 25 years old, comes from Bingley, West Yorkshire. He was learning to become a joiner and was living with his grandparents. He once attended a private school until the age of eleven when he decided to fail his exams so he could join a friend at a local comprehensive school.[33] On Day 31, Nathan was evicted with 89% of the vote. Nathan is now engaged to Rachael White from the same series.


Rachael White was 23-years-old and comes from Derby. She works as a model,[34] hair stylist and as a Beyoncé Knowles lookalike.[35] On Day 10, she became the first housemate to be evicted from the house with 37.5% of the public vote. Rachael is now engaged to Nathan Dunn from the same series.[36]


Rachel Louise Ifon (born 1981)[1] was 29. She was originally from Birkenhead, spent a brief period in Tel Aviv, Israel working as a flight attendant for El Al and was working for RyanAir at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, where she lived. Previously she was a bingo caller and became a contestant in Pop Idol in 2003, reaching the top 50 but failing to win a place in the final.[37] She claims to have been written about in the autobiography of Simon Cowell.[38] She was evicted on Day 59 with 58.5% of the public vote.


Samuel Nicholas Pepper (born 26 March 1989)[1] was a graffiti artist and successful YouTube vlogger from Folkestone, Kent.[39] He was educated at Pent Valley Technology College. He once worked in a morgue and was an entertainer at a hotel in Malaysia. He is a pescatarian. He entered the house on Day 52 as Laura's replacement as part of the "ignore the obvious" task. He had applied for the previous year's and had entered the test house.[40] Sam had a reputation for carrying out pranks[40] and carried out a series of antics in the house, including banging a saucepan during the night and putting chilli in the toothpaste.[41] He was evicted on Day 73 with 14.6% of the public vote.


Shabby Eliot-Katchadourian (born Keeley Jade Flanders, 30 April 1986),[1][42] was a 24-year-old actress, singer and filmmaker who appeared in Black Beauty as a child (credited as "Keeley Flanders")[43][44] and was on a shortlist for the lead role in The Parent Trap. She has also appeared in 1998 film Hilary and Jackie, portraying the character of "Young Hilary". In 1998 she also appeared in an episode of the medical documentary series Body Story playing a girl named Lisa Mason. The episode showed what happened to her body in response to a broken arm bone. She also appeared as "Fanny" in the 1999 miniseries Wives and Daughters as well as featuring in emergency medical drama television series Casualty, as the character of "Kitty", in 2009. After Big Brother, Shabby appeared as one of the leads in the Channel Five series Candy Bar Girls which launched in July 2011.[45] Shabby was the lead singer of band Voodoo Hussy who released their debut single 'Say You Love Me' in November 2010. Voodoo Hussy broke up in early 2012, with Shabby and other members founding rock band Legend in Japan.[46] She is originally from Milton Keynes,[1] Buckinghamshire,[42] and moved to London when she was 17. She is a lesbian and used to squat in a Victorian house in south London. Shabby voluntarily left the house on Day 27.


Steven Gill (born 1969) was a father of eight children. He was living in Leicester and had been married to his second wife for 14 years. He is a former soldier who lost both legs, both lungs and an eye in a bomb blast in Belfast whilst serving in Northern Ireland. Despite his disabilities, he competed in the Royal Ocean Yacht Race, and is a transatlantic yacht racer.[47] He was evicted on Day 73 with 9.8% of the public vote.


Yvette Sarah "Sunshine" Martyn[1] (born 1985) was a 24-year-old medical student originally from Peterborough, who lived in Leicester. She claimed that she was known as Dr Sparkle in the hospital and had gained the nickname Sunshine due to her positive attitude and happy nature. She claimed to have had three near-death experiences on her travels around the world: being mugged at knifepoint in Turkey, accidentally overdosing in India on anti-malarial medication and being bitten by a poisonous spider in Australia. She is single and lives with her pet Chihuahua.[48] Sunshine holds the record for receiving the most nominations in one week in the history of Big Brother UK, after she received ten nominations in week 1. At the Big Brother final Sunshine revealed that she had returned to her medical degree Week 1. She announced in April 2011 that she had graduated from the University of Leicester as a doctor. Sunshine was evicted on day 24 with 42.0% of the public vote.


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