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List of British governors of Cyprus

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Title: List of British governors of Cyprus  
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Subject: LGBT history in Cyprus, Demographics of Cyprus, Flag of Cyprus, Transport in Cyprus, Nicosia
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List of British governors of Cyprus

Governor of Cyprus
Coat of Arms of the Governor of Cyprus
Style His Excellency
Residence Government House
Appointer King/Queen of the United Kingdom
Precursor High Commissioner of Cyprus
Formation 10 March 1925
First holder Sir Malcolm Stevenson
Final holder Sir Hugh Mackintosh Foot
Abolished 16 August 1960
Succession President of Cyprus
Last flag of Cyprus under British colonial rule, adopted in 1922

This is a list of the British High Commissioners and Governors of Cyprus.

Hitherto a territory of the Ottoman Empire, a British protectorate under Ottoman suzerainty was established over Cyprus by the Cyprus Convention of 4 June 1878. The United Kingdom declared war on the Ottoman Empire on 5 November 1914 and annexed Cyprus. Turkey recognised British possession of Cyprus by the Treaty of Lausanne on 24 July 1923 and the island became a Crown Colony on 10 March 1925. Following the Zürich and London Agreement of 19 February 1959 Cyprus became independent on 16 August 1960.

List of High Commissioners (1878–1925)

Name Portrait Born-Died From To
Lord John Hay (acting) 1827–1916 12 July 1878 22 July 1878
Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley 1833–1913 22 July 1878 23 June 1879
Sir Robert Biddulph 1835–1918 23 June 1879 9 March 1886
Sir Henry Ernest Gascoyne Bulwer 1836–1914 9 March 1886 5 April 1892
Sir Walter Joseph Sendall 1832–1904 5 April 1892 23 April 1898
Sir William Frederick Haynes Smith 1839–1928 23 April 1898 17 October 1904
Sir Charles Anthony King-Harman 1851–1939 17 October 1904 12 October 1911
Hamilton Goold-Adams 1858–1920 12 October 1911 8 January 1915
Sir John Eugene Clauson 1866–1918 8 January 1915 31 December 1918 (died in office)
Sir Malcolm Stevenson (acting to 31 July 1920) 1878–1927 31 December 1918 10 March 1925

List of Governors (1925–1960)

Name Portrait Born-Died From To
Sir Malcolm Stevenson 1878–1927 10 March 1925 30 November 1926
Sir Ronald Storrs 1881–1955 30 November 1926 29 October 1932
Sir Reginald Edward Stubbs 1876–1947 29 October 1932 8 November 1933
Sir Herbert Richmond Palmer 1877–1958 8 November 1933 4 July 1939
William Denis Battershill 1896–1959 4 July 1939 3 October 1941
Charles Campbell Woolley 1893–1981 3 October 1941 24 October 1946
Reginald Fletcher, 1st Baron Winster 1885–1961 24 October 1946 4 August 1949
Sir Andrew Barkworth Wright 1895–1971 4 August 1949 1954
Sir Robert Perceval Armitage 1906–1990 1954 25 September 1955
Sir John Alan Francis Harding 1896–1989 25 September 1955 3 December 1957
Sir Hugh Mackintosh Foot 1907–1990 3 December 1957 16 August 1960

Deputy Governors

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