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List of Christian hardcore bands

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Title: List of Christian hardcore bands  
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Subject: Christian hardcore, Christian music, List of Christian bands and artists by genre, List of Christian rock bands, Lists of musicians
Collection: Christian Hardcore, Lists of Bands, Lists of Rock Musicians by Subgenre
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List of Christian hardcore bands

The following is a list of Christian hardcore bands, organized by sub-genre.

Christian hardcore is a sub-genre of hardcore punk primarily distinguished by its lyrical focus on Christian themes and values, although former Burden of a Day guitarist Bryan Honhart has suggested that the genre also possesses sonic distinctions.[1] No Innocent Victim is considered a progenitor of the movement. In recent years, Demon Hunter[2] and The Chariot,[3] among others, have gained considerable popularity among fans of the genre, while metalcore bands such as Underoath, As I Lay Dying, and Norma Jean have served as mainstream representatives of the genre.


  • List 1
    • Hardcore punk bands 1.1
    • Post-hardcore, screamo, and emocore bands 1.2
    • Metal/hardcore bands 1.3
  • See also 2
  • References 3


Hardcore punk bands

Traditional hardcore punk and melodic hardcore bands in Christian music.

Post-hardcore, screamo, and emocore bands

These are bands associated with post-hardcore and its sub-genres screamo and emocore.

Metal/hardcore bands

These are Christian bands associated with metal and hardcore fusion genres, such as metalcore.

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