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Batman (set index)

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Title: Batman (set index)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Azrael (comics), Knight (comics), List of superheroes and villains without superpowers, 1992 in comics, Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Batman and Robin (comic book)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Batman (set index)

Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)
Created by Bob Kane (concept)
Bill Finger (uncredited)
Characters Bruce Wayne
Jean-Paul Valley
Dick Grayson
See also Alternative versions of Batman

Batman is the alias of a number of DC Comics characters, the original and best-known being Bruce Wayne but others have adopted the role when he has been indisposed.


Bruce Wayne

Main article: Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is the main character associated with the Batman alias.

Hugo Strange

Main article: Hugo Strange

Having discovered Batman's secret identity, Hugo Strange drugs Bruce Wayne and usurps the role for a time.[1]

Jean-Paul Valley

Main article: Jean-Paul Valley

When Bruce Wayne's back is broken by Bane during the Knightfall storyline, Jean-Paul Valley, better known as Azrael, replaced him until he was deemed a poor replacement for Bruce Wayne and was subsequently replaced by Dick Grayson.[2][3]

Dick Grayson

Main article: Dick Grayson

Although best known as Batman's teen sidekick Robin and as his independent, adult persona Nightwing, Grayson became Batman twice. The first time was during Knightfall when Valley proved an unsuitable replacement[4] (although it was never the intention to kill off Batman at this time)[3] and the second time was following the apparent death of Wayne in the Batman R.I.P. storyline.[5] During the Battle for the Cowl storyline which followed Batman R.I.P. other characters briefly assumed the role, Jason Todd and Tim Drake, before the alias finally passed to Grayson. Grayson has also donned the costume on least one other occasion, although it was merely for one issue.

Tim Drake

Main article: Tim Drake

The third Robin. Tim Drake briefly assumed the role of Batman before "Batman: Battle for the Cowl", and then again during the event itself. He replaces Bruce Wayne in some continuities, notably the Titans Tomorrow continuity.

Jason Todd

Main article: Jason Todd

The second Robin. Jason Todd usurped the identity of Batman during "Battle for the Cowl", but was defeated by Dick Grayson, who became Batman following. He is the second Batman on Earth-15.

Damian Wayne

Main article: Damian Wayne

The 5th and current Robin. Portrayed as the successor to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in a possible future of mainstream continuity (prior to Flashpoint).

Terry McGinnis

The second Batman in the DCAU/Earth-12 universe and the fourth Batman in a possible future of mainstream continuity (prior to Flashpoint).

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