List of Green Bay Packers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.[1] They are currently members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL), and are the third-oldest franchise in the NFL.[2] Founded in 1919 by coach, player, and future Hall of Fame inductee Curly Lambeau and sports and telegraph editor George Whitney Calhoun,[1] the Packers organization has become one of the most successful professional football teams, having won a total of 13 professional American football championships—nine NFL Championships and four Super Bowls—the most in the NFL.[3] The franchise has recorded 18 NFL divisional titles, eight NFL conference championships,[3] and the second most regular season and overall victories of any NFL franchise, behind the Chicago Bears.[4] In 1963, the Pro Football Hall of Fame was created to honor the history of professional American football and the individuals who have greatly influenced it.[5] Since the charter induction class of 1963, 26 individuals who have played or coached for the Packers have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[6]

Of the 27 inductees, 22 made their primary contribution to football with the Packers, while the other five only contributed a minor portion of their career to the Packers.[6] Of the original 17 individuals inducted in 1963, four spent the major part of their career with the Green Bay Packers. This includes the founder Curly Lambeau,[7] the NFL's all-time offensive tackle Cal Hubbard,[8] the 1941 and 1942 Most Valuable Player Don Hutson,[9] and 1931 All-NFL player John (Blood) McNally.[10] The first two decades of the Hall of Fame's existence saw 17 Packers enshrined, including the only inductee who was not a player for the Packers, Vince Lombardi.[11] Coaching the Packers from 1959 to 1967, Lombardi led the team to five NFL Championships, including the first two Super Bowls, and an overall winning percentage of .754.[12] The most recent Packer to be inducted was the former NFL linebacker and placekicker Dave Robinson in 2013.[13]


Class Inductee Position Seasons[a] Notes
1963 Lambeau, CurlyCurly Lambeau Coach/Halfback 191949 [7]
1963 Hubbard, CalCal Hubbard Offensive tackle 192933
1963 Hutson, DonDon Hutson End 193545 [9]
1963 McNally, JohnJohn McNally Halfback 192933
1964 Hinkle, ClarkeClarke Hinkle Fullback 193241 [14]
1964 Michalske, MikeMike Michalske Guard 192935
1966 Herber, ArnieArnie Herber Quarterback 193040 [16]
1966 Kiesling, WaltWalt Kiesling Guard 193536 [b][17]
1967 Tunnell, EmlenEmlen Tunnell Defensive back 195961 [c][18]
1971 Lombardi, VinceVince Lombardi Coach 195967 [11]
1974 Canadeo, TonyTony Canadeo Halfback 194144
1976 Ford, LenLen Ford Defensive end 1958 [d][20]
1976 Taylor, JimJim Taylor Fullback 195866 [21]
1977 Gregg, ForrestForrest Gregg Guard/Offensive tackle 1956
1977 Starr, BartBart Starr Quarterback 195671 [23]
1978 Nitschke, RayRay Nitschke Linebacker 195872 [24]
1980 Adderley, HerbHerb Adderley Cornerback 196169 [25]
1981 Davis, WillieWillie Davis Defensive end 196069 [26]
1981 Ringo, JimJim Ringo Center 195363 [27]
1986 Hornung, PaulPaul Hornung Halfback 195762
1989 Wood, WillieWillie Wood Safety 196071 [29]
1990 Hendricks, TedTed Hendricks Linebacker 1974 [e][30]
1991 Stenerud, JanJan Stenerud Placekicker 198083 [f][31]
1995 Jordan, HenryHenry Jordan Defensive tackle 195969 [32]
2003 Lofton, JamesJames Lofton Wide receiver 197886 [33]
2006 White, ReggieReggie White Defensive end/Defensive tackle 199398 [34][35][35]
2013 Robinson, DaveDave Robinson Linebacker/Placekicker 196372 [13]



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