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List of Home Improvement characters

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Title: List of Home Improvement characters  
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List of Home Improvement characters

This article contains character information for the American television sitcom Home Improvement.

Taylor family

Tim Taylor

Dr. Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor (Tim Allen) — Tim Taylor (the character has a birth date of October 1954) is the father of the family. Ever the know-it-all, Tim believes he has an incredibly wide knowledge of tools, electronics and general mechanics. In reality, he is highly accident-prone. He actually does have a significant amount of skill as a general handyman, but can be overly confident and prone to spectacular mishaps. He often forgets a crucial step, ignores instructions, makes ill-advised modifications, or comes to inaccurate conclusions. The only exception to this ineptitude is when working on cars, at which he excels. He is left-handed but actually does a great deal of his work with his right hand. Taylor's "arch enemy", so to speak, was the real-life home improvement specialist, Bob Vila. Tim hosts a home improvement show called "Tool Time" with his best friend, Al Borland. While Al is his co-host, Al constantly must remind Tim of safety regulations and practices. Tim often ignores Al's advice, and this frequently results in an accident. While it is constantly mentioned that Tool Time is a limited local home improvement show that sits very high on the channel dial, Tool Time seems to have a very wide audience in the state of Michigan, and is progressively broadcast to more outlets across the Midwest (A Season 5 episode has Tim, Al and Bud brainstorming for ideas on how to bring the show into the Chicago markets). Tim often boasts at his popularity for hosting the show, although many people state that they like Al better. A running gag involves people encountering Tim in public and stating, "Oh, we always watch Tool Time...we LOVE Al." To which an annoyed Tim would reply, "Oh yeah, we ALL love Al." In later seasons, however, it is learned that Tim actually has a higher fan base than Al.

Because of the numerous accidents he is involved in both on his TV show and at home, it is a recurring joke that Tim is on a first name basis with the hospital staff, and it is often suggested that Tim has special offers available to him for being a repeat customer. Another gag is that "Tool Time" fans believe his many accidents are staged, to show people what not to do. However, many of Tim's modified inventions work but are often too powerful, like his new ice cube dispenser in season 2. Tim often garbles advice he heard from Wilson and or otherwise makes stupid remarks—although on one episode Tim stuns Jill and Wilson by putting forth sound advice of his own. Another running gag is Tim accidentally causing damage or destruction with anything he touches—such as destroying the world's smallest car or running over golf carts-with a Marine Corps tank. Tim has an unhealthy obsession with Halloween and Christmas, going to extraordinary lengths to scare others and competing with "Doc Johnson" in the annual neighborhood Christmas lighting contest, which he has never won.

While Tim has a very good relationship with his wife, he is quick to admit defeat in any conflict they become engaged in. He also works hard to maintain healthy relationships with his three sons, although he relates most closely with Brad than with Randy or Mark.

Tim is occasionally chauvinistic in attitude, usually putting women down or sometimes seeing them as inferior. He also tends to mock those who are overweight, such as Al's mother or his mother in law (until she loses weight), and can be juvenile in attitude on many occasions. A running gag involves Jill's distaste for his attitude, in that she says "You're Pathetic" every time he goes too far. Tim is an avid fan of all the local sports teams; the Detroit Lions, the Detroit Pistons, the Detroit Red Wings, and the Detroit Tigers. He is also a big fan of boxing, the Indy Racing League, and tractor pulls. Many scenes take place in the garage during his favorite hobby, working on one of his two hot rods, one of which he built from the ground up, and the other he converted from an existing vehicle.

While he occasionally considers moving on professionally, Tim remains the main host of Tool Time until the final episode of Home Improvement. Before he was cast on Tool Time, he worked as a traveling tool salesman. Tim barely graduated college, but later receives an honorary Doctorate from Western Michigan University. Tim is famous for his ever-popular noisemaking, which he refers to as a "Simian Grunt."

His mother is alive for the entire series, however his father died when Tim was eleven years old. There has always been some disparity between how many brothers Tim has. On several occasions in the later seasons it is mentioned that Tim has four brothers, but in earlier seasons he is stated to have five, however six have been mentioned by name (Marty, Jeff, Rick, John, Steve and Danny).

Tim always thinks things need more power, and is often seen wearing sweaters from Michigan based schools. Tim thinks he knows everything there is to know about tools. He has more of a relationship with Wilson than anybody and he is always kidding around except on one rare occasion when he was serious and didn't break anything after overhearing his son Randy making fun of him.

Tim is the only character to appear in every single episode. A close second is Jill, who only missed the second part of the series finale (unless one counts the flashbacks shown).

Jill Taylor

Main article: Jill Taylor

Jillian "Jill" Patterson-Taylor (Patricia Richardson) — Jill (born November 1956) is Tim's wife and the mother of Brad, Randy and Mark. Jill graduated from Adams High School (taken from an actual high school in Rochester Hills, MI) in 1973. Jill is intelligent, practical and has a dry sense of humor that doesn't often fly with her family. After she decides that her career is not fulfilling, Jill dedicates herself toward earning her Master's Degree in Psychology. While she is very motherly and domestic in nature, she is apparently a very bad cook, as Tim and the three boys often make remarks about her cooking. Her strong femininity is often in direct conflict with Tim's masculinity, occasionally leading her to wonder why they work as a couple.

Jill comes from a strong military family, and sometimes uses her upbringing to solve several family squabbles. Her father was a Colonel in the US Army and is referred to as such. Jill has four sisters, all of whom have appeared: Robin, Carrie, Tracy and Linda. She often appears overwhelmed at the fact that she is the only female in a family with three sons and no daughter. She appears closest to her youngest son, Mark, as she remarks a few times that Mark is the only one who still has the ability to be open-minded to accept the things that Jill likes as opposed to being the typical "boy." Early on, she has a temporary job working at a magazine, and later in the series, Jill is a psychology student. She also does a significant amount of volunteer work, especially for the local library.

Jill has a strong feminist side and enjoys opera, theatre and the ballet. She occasionally tries to be interested in sports and tools but always ends up relating to her husband over his buried sensitivity. Jill also considers it her mission to get Tim, Brad, Randy, and Mark to do the right thing. Jill refers to any or all of her sons, as well as Tim by their full names when she is angry. Jill likes to "match-make", with mixed results, as she did set up Al with Ilene, who were together for a few seasons, and Wilson and one of her professors in another successful relationship. She also has a thing for cars -- driving at different times an Austin-Healey (which Tim hates because he doesn't understand British wiring) and a cherry red Chevy Nomad; in two memorable episodes, Jill is furious with Tim for driving her Healey without permission and for wrecking her Nomad. In other memorable episodes Jill is extremely angry at Tim when he calls her an "old Hen" on TV and when she finds out he bought $4000 worth of game tickets for the Detroit Pistons.

Brad Taylor

Bradley Michael "Brad" Taylor (Zachery Ty Bryan) — (born January 1981) is the oldest, most athletic and strongest of the three boys, once seen throwing Randy around when they got into an argument. While all three boys are portrayed as troublemakers at one point or another, Brad gets into the most serious trouble. He is the only one to have a run-in with the police (after throwing bricks at windows in an abandoned greenhouse) and was once discovered in possession of marijuana, which he admitted to smoking. On the other hand, Brad was the only Taylor son to co-host an episode of Tool Time, and the one seen doing the most extensive work on Tim's Hot Rod, and is the son to which Tim relates to the easiest. Although he often struggled with his school work, he has extraordinary athletic ability, especially playing soccer. Throughout the series, he was offered numerous opportunities to make a career out of soccer, including the offer to play for a professional team in England (the fictitious Birmingham Chubbs). This was rejected when his parents refused to allow him to give up college to play professional soccer. Later in the series, despite a knee injury which threatened to put an end to his athletic pursuits, he earned a college scholarship. Brad has a prominent attraction to women, including his mild infatuation with Tool Time 's Heidi Keppert. Brad and Tim enjoy working on classic cars.

Brad got along well with Randy, especially early on in the show. The two are often seen working together to tease Mark, attempting to cover up Brad's actions to keep him out of trouble, or just hanging out together. Brad and Mark don't share many things in common until they get older, especially in the 8th season where they develop a close bond while Randy is away in Costa Rica.

Randy Taylor

Randall William "Randy" Taylor (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) — Randy (born February 8, 1982) is the middle child, ultimately the smartest of the three boys, and frequently the most mischievous troublemaker. Randy's intelligence eventually led to him skipping ahead to advanced math and science classes, and was often the cause of sibling rivalry with Brad. Randy inherited Tim's talents as a jokester. Randy in the later seasons is noticeably a lot shorter than his brothers and his height is often made fun of by Brad. Whenever Tim was in trouble with Jill, Randy was always there with a quick remark that would almost always get him in trouble. Although initially sharing mostly the same interests as Brad and his father, throughout his adolescence Randy became very conscious about the environment and civil rights. He became very skeptical of the intentions of organized religion, especially Christian denominations, and became a vegetarian in later seasons. He wrote for the school newspaper, where he concentrated on social and political issues, including criticizing Binford for its pollution record, which led to a fierce disagreement with Tim. Unlike Brad who dated many different girls, Randy, for the most part, only dated one girl, Lauren, whom he remained with for the rest of the series.

In the Eighth Season of the show, Randy leaves for Costa Rica (along with Lauren, who stayed in a nearby town), reappearing in only one episode when he came back for Christmas. On that occasion, Randy felt that so much had changed in his absence that he no longer fit in with the family, although confiding in Wilson aided his feelings. Unlike Tim and Brad, Randy is not good with his hands and does not enjoy working on crafts or the Hot Rod. Randy often relates more with his mother, with whom he shares his intelligence and enjoyment of acting (although Tim embarrassed Randy during one acting scene thanks to a malfunctioning stage prop).

Early on in the show, Brad and Randy were portrayed as "partners in crime". While they did argue like normal brothers, they generally bonded over their mutual enjoyment of teasing Mark. As they got older, they grew apart somewhat, as Randy became more focused on school and social issues and Brad became more focused on athletics and girls.

Early on Randy and Mark generally only get along when united against Brad, though things improved somewhat as they got older.

Mark Taylor

Marcus Jason "Mark" Taylor (Taran Noah Smith[1]) — Mark (born March 1985) is the youngest and most sensitive of the three boys.[2] He relates very closely with his mother, especially after the first season. He does not share many interests with his brothers or father, and in the early seasons was often the victim due to his naiveté of some cruel joke that Brad and Randy had thought up on the spot for him. Mark is not a troublemaker, as he doesn't possess a joking demeanor or even a hint of a mean streak. On the rare occasions that Brad or Randy include him on pranks, Mark often blows their cover by responding to someone when he is not supposed to or divulging too much information. This divulging of information not only gets Brad and Randy in trouble, but often Tim as well, especially when he is trying to keep something he said or did from Jill. During adolescence, Mark began to adopt a more "goth" look and an anti-establishment kind of attitude, the cause of which was founded in his feelings of social isolation. While Mark's darkening demeanor worried Tim and Jill on several occasions, it never turned into anything extremely destructive, although a homemade horror movie he created was a bit more twisted than they expected. His Gothic appearance was gone by the end of the series. Mark enjoys film production and music, took karate and pilot training, and became a proficient cook. During the early seasons of the show Mark is seen in a Cub scout uniform-sans badges.

Mark's relationship with Brad and Randy was often adversarial, especially in early seasons as he was often the butt of their jokes, pranks and teasing. While Mark never truly bonded with Randy, in the final season Mark and Brad grew very close as the result of the dynamic of their relationship changing when Randy left for Costa Rica. Mark eventually became taller than Brad and Randy.

Marty Taylor

Martin "Marty" Taylor (William O'Leary) — Marty (born in 1964) is Tim's youngest brother by ten years. As their father died when Marty was just one year old, Tim is the closest thing he knows to a father. Marty was often picked on by his older brothers, much as Mark is by Brad and Randy. He is often seen bouncing from job to job, unable to hold a steady career. For the majority of the show's run, Marty was married to Nancy (Jensen Daggett), and they had identical twin girls, Gracie and Claire.

Jeff Taylor

Jeffrey "Jeff" Taylor (Thom Sharp) — Jeff is Tim and Marty's oldest brother (exact age unspecified). He is extremely frugal and suffers from male-pattern baldness, both of which make him a frequent target of Tim's jokes. Like Marty, Jeff has trouble maintaining a steady job. It is mentioned that he has made a number of bad business ventures (such as a drive-thru pet store), was divorced twice, and didn't finish college (as mentioned by Jill's sister in one episode). Jeff eventually makes an investment in Tim's hardware store.

Friends of the family

Al Borland

Al Borland
Home Improvement character
First appearance

Last appearance

"The Long and Winding Road"
Portrayed by

Richard Karn

Albert E. "Al" Borland (Richard Karn) — A master plumber and licensed contractor, Al is Tim's un-hip sidekick on the show-within-a-show Tool Time and unlikely best friend. His personality is an exact opposite of Tim's—he is reserved, quiet, does not show much enthusiasm and has a wide array of professional knowledge concerning tools. Al made frequent suggestions that he should be the host of Tool Time instead of Tim. Al could be characterized as a "mama's boy"; he spent a great deal of time attempting to please his mother Alma—who was severely overweight (though she was never seen). She died from a heart attack near the end of the series after Al asked her permission to marry Trudy. His father was almost 60 when Al was born. Young Al has mechanical talent-constructing a model crane out of wood. Al was engaged to an orthodontist named Ilene for a time, but they ended up calling off the wedding. He also dated Greta Post who appeared a few times in the series. In a later season, Al met a wealthy exterminator named Trudy. They hit it off and were married in the show's final episode. Al might have been based on Norm Abram of This Old House because of the resemblance (flannel shirts, beard, pudgy, etc.) and the fact that Al does all the "real work" on the Tool Time show (much like Norm did on This Old House). In the episode "No, No, Gadot", Tim and Al were arrested for scalping hockey tickets. In a holding cell, an inmate named George approached them and asked if they were "the guys from that TV tool show", and Tim responded with "why, yes, I'm Bob Vila, and this is Norm". Al has a big brother named Cal who is a physicist, and unlike some other siblings around the world, they had never gotten into a physical fight. Instead, they usually settled their disputes over a cup of tea. In a flashback episode of the Tool Time premiere, Al was noted to be a Pisces and had a clean-shaven face, while Tim had a beard. Al was also a US Navy Seabee in Nevada. Another episode shows Al in a US Navy Uniform with rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade). He was also a construction crane operator with Local 324. Al has his own fan club. Two episodes show Al inventing a Tool Time board game, the object being to not end up at the "hospital"; one of the player tokens is Tim in a body cast. Like Tim, Al is left-handed and his favorite board games are Parcheesi, Chinese Checkers, Scrabble and Bingo. His favorite movie is My Fair Lady. One episode had a pet of Al's, a turtle named "Scooter," which Tim accidentally dropped in cement. With his dry wit, Al serves as the show's (both Tool Time and Home Improvement) straight man to the wackier, more outgoing Tim. According to the season 1 DVD, the character's original name was supposed to be 'Glenn'.

Family, fashion sense, and career

Borland is slightly overweight, and always seen wearing flannel, which Tim cracks jokes about consistently. The reason he always wears flannel came from his father, who, when asking young Al to assist in their own various home projects, would put his old flannels on Al to keep him clean or warm. Al wears flannel as a tribute to him after he died.

Tim also often criticizes Al's mother, Alma Borland, who is never seen (except her hand and forearm), but is apparently severely overweight. She died in one of the later episodes when Al asks for her permission to marry Trudy (She was holding a breadstick, which was all that was seen) and when hearing the news, the breadstick shook violently and fell over. The coffin, shown at her funeral, is double-wide to keep the humorous tone.

Al also has a brother, Cal, who looks and dresses almost exactly like him, though he is a physicist ("Sisters and Brothers"). In the episode commentaries featured on the Season 1 DVD Set, the executive producers reveal that "Cal" was a fan from Texas who sent his photo in a fan letter. Upon seeing his resemblance to Al, the producers brought him in to be Al's brother, Cal.

When Al was younger, he took fencing in school and served in the Navy as a Lt {j.g} with the Seabees, and although he wanted to see the world, he was stationed in Fallon, Nevada (Interestingly enough, in the episode where Al mentions this, he uses the shibboleth pronunciation of "Nevada", which is uncommon for an outsider, especially someone living in the midwest). After finishing his military service, Al was a construction crane operator, then apparently got certified as a master plumber and carpenter before getting the job on Tool Time. Al drives a 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis which his mother passed down to him, and has put much time and effort into preserving the vehicle. While Al has similar interests of Tim such as cars, he has some rather odd interests, such as being able to deduce different types of wood by smell rather than appearance or texture..

Al doing much of the legwork while Tim causes accidents has resulted in tension, but Al's feelings have usually been thwarted that on occasion he would cause an accident. Al gets along well with Tim's sons, usually being more astute to their pranks than Tim. However, just like Tim, Al has faced problems and needed to seek the advice of Wilson. Outside of his job, Al has made investments such as becoming part owner of Harry's Hardware and marketing a successful board game based off Tool Time, although another barb at Tim in which the object of the game is to avoid hospitalization.

Al's beard

Al's beard is also a constant joke by Tim. In one episode where Tool Time is celebrating their fifth anniversary show, Al is shown in the first ever episode of Tool Time clean shaven, while Tim has a beard. This is a homage to This Old House where in the first season Norm Abram is clean shaven.[3]

Al's knowledge of tools and home improvement

He generally knows what he is doing more than Tim, and he seems to have a better knowledge of tools and home improvement than Tim. In the first episode of Tool Time, he was described as a "master plumber" by Tim Taylor. He also is very serious about his job, unlike Tim, who often jokes and messes up the project. Al often speaks fondly of his time as a U.S. Navy Seabee. Although Tim is the one who messes up most of the projects on Tool Time, Al is often the one who is blamed for the mishap, or is injured by the mishap. On rare occasions Al would cause a mishap of his own, but these were more due to overcalculating than Tim's attitude of "more power". Despite this, Tim and Al are good friends offstage, and Al often helps out, either by helping with home projects, or by watching his children.

Love life

Throughout the series, Al has had four different girlfriends. In season one, Al went out with Greta Post, whom he met while she was volunteering to help out during a Tool Time show. Al then showed an interest in Jill's friend Karen, but when he learned she found another man Al took it well and rebounded. He almost went out with Tim's ex-girlfriend Stacey Lewis, however, he wasn't interested in her as much as he thought. From seasons three through five, Al went out with Dr. Ilene Markham, an orthodontist who is sisters with one of Jill's co-workers. They got engaged, but they decided at the wedding that they shouldn't marry. Al met a woman named Trudy in season seven and married her in the finale episode in 1999.

Running gags surrounding Al

  • His overweight and overbearing mother
  • Tim jokes about Al's mom "looking for a smorgasbord"
  • He's always "wearing flannel"
  • His beard.
  • His popularity with the female Tool Time fans, a source of amazement and confusion for Tim.
  • His love of Bingo.
  • His fanatic admiration of fellow home improvement television host Bob Vila.
  • Whenever Tim suggests doing something particularly stupid, dangerous or both, Al replies in deadpan fashion, "I don't think so, Tim".
  • When Tim would make a particularly sexist or otherwise offensive remark, Al would hold up a large sign with Tim's mailing address and say, "That's Tim Taylor, care of Tool Time, PO Box 32733, Detroit, Michigan, 48252" Sometimes Tim will rip the sign half-way in his sentence, but Al would just pick up another sign and finish.
  • His often unlucky relationship with women, despite (or possibly because of) him being more sensitive than Tim.

Wilson Wilson, Jr.

Wilson W. Wilson, (Earl Hindman) — Tim's neighbor and confidant. As a child, his parents did not allow him to speak to his neighbors, so he really likes talking to Tim and Jill. Wilson serves as an all-wise sage in the show, doling out advice to the Taylor family and seemingly knowing just what to say to solve a problem. He has traveled the globe and learned much from virtually every culture in existence. He has a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, studying "extinct languages and forgotten cultures." His house is full of artifacts and also cavernous basement, along with a pet myna bird named Mozart who appeared infrequently. Wilson was married at one point, but his wife Catherine died before the series began. He once had a relationship go sour when his commitment to laissez-faire capitalism conflicted with his girlfriend's neo-Marxism.

At first it was unclear whether "Wilson" was his first name or last, but his full name is revealed as Wilson Wilson, Jr. In Season 6, it is revealed that his cousins are the Wilsons of The Beach Boys. He has a grown niece named Willow Wilson (China Kantner), who appeared regularly in the seventh season when she moved in with him for a while. His usual greetings are "Well, hi-dee-ho ..." or "Hi ho, there neighbor" or "good neighbor" when greeting Tim, "neighborette" when greeting Jill, and "Taylor lad(s)" when greeting the Taylor boys.

A recurring visual gag is that Wilson's face isn't shown in its entirety, originally (and most commonly) with the bottom half obscured by the tall privacy fence that separates the neighbors' yards. This gag is extended over the course of the series with other objects (or a beard) obscuring the bottom of his face, or the bottom half showing but the top obscured (such as by a mask), or his full face shown but covered by paint. The audience finally sees his full face unobscured in the series finale.


Lisa (Pamela Anderson) — Binford's first "Tool Girl." A secondary cast member on Tool Time, Lisa's job was to introduce Tim and Al and to hand them any tool they requested. When Pamela Anderson chose to leave Home Improvement to pursue a role on the syndicated series Baywatch, she was written out of the series after Season 2 and it was stated that Lisa was training to be a paramedic. She returned for a guest appearance several years later, having become fully qualified.

Heidi Keppert

Heidi Keppert (Debbe Dunning) — The second "Tool Girl" (beginning in Season 3). Initially, the character was seen only in and around the Tool Time set. In later seasons, her personal life crossed paths with Tim and Al on a number of occasions. She gave birth to a daughter (Amy) and suffered marital problems during the show's run. In the last episode of the series, Heidi revealed she was pregnant for a second time. Her outfits typically showed off her very large cleavage during the "Tool Time" episodes. Tim speculated that many men came to the show just to see Heidi. It is revealed in multiple episodes that Tim's son, Brad, has a crush on her. In seasons seven and eight, her role on Tool Time increased so much that she was eventually given main cast billing in the opening credits.

Harry Turner

Harry Turner (Blake Clark) — Owner of "Harry's Hardware", where Tim spent a great deal of his time (and money) and in which Al eventually became part owner. He is married — not-so-happily — to Delores (Shirley Prestia), and the couple bad-mouths one another behind their respective backs on every occasion. Also has four sons, one Dennis (David DeLuise), with whom he has a somewhat rocky relationship. In one episode Harry told Tim that he had gotten a vasectomy. In another episode it is mentioned he served in the United States Marine Corps in the Vietnam War.

Benny Baroni

Benny Baroni (Jimmy Labriola) — One of Tim's buddies who hangs out at the hardware store. Benny is a bit of a slacker and notoriously known as a freeloader -- his trademark being drinking coffee and eating donuts. On one episode of Tool Time ("A Divided house", Season 4.18) Benny's aunt's house is blown up due to Benny's negligence and is not Tim's fault; furthermore when Tim and his family are moving furniture back into Benny's aunt house, Benny, rather than helping out, lies back on a lawn chair to watch the others do the work. He is also known for being inconsiderate of others; at one point, he even ate at a soup kitchen regularly to avoid paying for meals. Benny also "guest-starred" on Tool Time as a meat cutter for the show's "Man's Kitchen" episode.

Other recurring characters

  • Karen (Betsy Randle) — feminist friend of Jill who is very obnoxious towards Tim, often helping Jill mock and discourage Tim. Tim finds her irritating. While she finds her rivalry with Tim innocent and harmless, she has no qualms passively accusing Tim of being unfaithful, making Jill feel insecure about their marriage. Moved to California after Season 2.
  • Ilene Louise Markham, D.D.S. (Sherry Hursey) — an orthodontist, and Al's first serious girlfriend. On their wedding day, She and Al mutually agreed not to get married and ended their romance on a positive note.
  • Marie Morton (Mariangela Pino) — neighbor of the Taylors; close friend of Jill.
  • Joe Morton (Robert Picardo) — Marie's overactive and obnoxious husband; the "meat man" who irritates Tim, until Morton finds a hard to find jalopy replacement part for Tim; ran out on Marie in Season 5.
  • Jennifer Sadarski (Jessica Wesson) — Brad's first love interest who always called him "Bradley", later moved to Ohio.
  • Ashley (Leigh Ann Orsi) — girlfriend of Brad, went to boarding school from Season 5 onwards
  • Beth (Anndi McAfee) — Randy's first girlfriend who left town
  • Lauren (Courtney Peldon) — Randy's main girlfriend, left for Costa Rica with him in Season 8.
  • Angela (Kristen Clayton) — Former girlfriend of Brad, known for being a constant motor-mouth. She dumped Brad for a guy with his own car. Brad suffered from a bout of depression because of this, but eventually rebounded.
  • Lillian "Nana" Patterson (Polly Holliday) — Jill's mother. Before Lillian's first appearance, she was joked at by Tim as being largely overweight, though in her first appearance, Lillian has become thin again, having used Tim's jokes on Tool Time as motivation. Lillian speaks with a very notable Southwestern accent and is caring and supportive to Jill whenever she has troubles.
  • Colonel Fred Patterson (M. Emmet Walsh) — Jill's father, died in his sleep from a heart attack in Season 6. He had a long career in the Army and his favorite movie is Patton. He had a constant distaste for Tim, never calling Tim by his name but instead calling him, "Hey You"
  • Delores Turner (Shirley Prestia) — Harry's wife; a New York Knicks fan who can devastate men with "The Look". Her worsening asthma causes Harry to sell the hardware store and move to Arizona in Season 8. Delores and Harry are shown to constantly be arguing whenever they are seen together. Delores is shown several times to work at a local coffee shop as a waitress, where she continues to be sharp-tongued to customers
  • Nancy Taylor (Jensen Daggett) — Wife of Marty Taylor. They are divorced in Season 8.
  • John Binford (Noble Willingham) — founder of Binford Tools, died early in Season 3.
  • Maureen "Producer" Binford (Vicki Lewis) — John Binford's overeager and annoying daughter, she ran Tool Time for a brief time during Season 2, constantly reminding Tim in a sing-song voice that she was the Producer of the show, which allowed her to cause many changes to the show that Tim hated.
  • Trudy McHale (Megan Cavanagh) — an heiress to her family's fortune whom Al married in the final episode.
  • Cal Borland (Keith Lehman) — Al's brother.
  • Felix Myman (Al Fann) — professional plumber.
  • Rock Flanagan (Casey Sander) — construction worker at K&B Construction. Somewhat loud and charismatic, Rock always responds to guest appearances on Tool Time by saying, "It's always great to be here, Timmy!"
  • Dwayne Hoover (Gary McGurk) — construction worker at K&B Construction. Always has to interrupt Pete whenever he is about to say a story that is too revealing by saying, "This is not the time, nor the place!"
  • Pete Bilker (Mickey Jones) — construction worker at K&B Construction. Whenever he is called by name from Rock, Pete usually responds, "That would be me."
  • Carrie Patterson (Tudi Roche — the real-life wife of Richard Karn), Jill's sister, a world-traveling photographer.
  • Willow Branch Leaf Wilson (China Kantner) — Wilson's laid back niece, just goes by Willow, saying she "pruned it back".
  • Lucille Taylor (Bonnie Bartlett) — Tim's widowed mother.
  • Bud Harper (Charles Robinson) — head of Binford Tools, Tim's boss. Bud interacts a lot with Tim and Al, even offering Tim season tickets to the Detroit Pistons. He does not particularly respect Al, even encouraging Tim to fire Al.
  • Jason (Jarrad Paul) — (Eddie Haskell) like friend of Brad, often claims to be a fan of Tool Time even though he's never actually seen the show and gains favor with Tim by pretending to ask for advice about tools.
  • Samantha Hase (Maggie Lawson) — A college student who dated Brad, although she was four years his senior, which troubled Jill and Tim. In one episode, she and Brad were impulsively engaged.
  • Patty (Tammy Lauren) — Jill's friend season six and seven
  • Morgan Wondell (Danny Zorn) — The much hated producer of Tool Time during the final season. He apparently has no interest in tool shows, and constantly made changes to the show's premise, even staging a Jerry Springer Show-like riot in the audience, and planning to stage more destructive accidents. Because of him, Tim, Al, and Heidi quit in the series finale.
  • Milton (Milton Canady) — friend of Tim, often a guest on Tool Time; when he's around, people tend to make gay references, leading to him snapping "Hey, I don't go for that sort of thing".
  • Art Leonard (Dick O'Neill) — Tim's old shop teacher who inspired him to enter the world of tools; stops by several times; at one point has a fling with Tim's mother.
  • George Sparky Henderson (Patrick Cronin) — friend of Tim and fellow car enthusiast.
  • Antonio (Vasili Bogazianos) — a snobbish waiter who is always seen serving the Taylor's at high-class restaurants; constantly jokes about the Taylor's being cheap.
  • Alma Borland — Al's unseen, overbearing, obese mother; is the butt of many of Tim's jokes; dies of a sudden heart attack in Season 8.
  • Ronny (Kaylan Romero) — Mark's goth friend in season 7. Almost never speaks a word.


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