List of Kappa Sigma Grand Conclaves

This is a list of Kappa Sigma Grand Conclaves and Leadership Conferences.

Kappa Sigma (ΚΣ) is an international fraternity with currently 235 active chapters and 32 colonies in North America. There have been more than 245,000 initiates, of which more than 188,000 are living and more than 12,900 are undergraduates. It is currently the leader of all American fraternities in terms of pledges and new initiates per year, service hours, and philanthropic donations.[1] It has the oldest continuous endowment fund which has donated $4.5 million to undergrads since its inception in 1919.


  — Grand Conclave
  — Leadership Conference
  — Cancelled due to war
Dates (Year) Location[nb 1] Notes / References
1st Eutaw House, Baltimore, Maryland [2][3][4]
2nd Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Virginia [2][3]
3rd Town Hall Abingdon, Virginia [2][3][5][6]
4th Knoxville, Tennessee [2][3][4]
5th Omitted from numbering. [6]
6th Lynch House, Lynchburg, Virginia [2][3][4][7]
7th Nashville, Tennessee [3][4][8]
8th Atlanta, Georgia [3][4][9][10]
- 9th Baltimore, Maryland [11]
10th Ebbitt House, Washington, DC [3][12][13][14][15]
11th Richmond, Virginia [3][12]
12th Indianapolis, Indiana [3][12][16][17]
13th Chattanooga, Tennessee [3][4][18]
14th Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [3][19][20]
15th New Orleans, Louisiana [3][21][22][23][24]
16th World's Fair Grounds, St. Louis, Missouri [3][25]


17th Lookout Mountain, Tennessee [3][27][28]
18th Denver, Colorado [29][30]
19th Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, New York [31]
20th Louisville, Kentucky [32][33]
21st Panama–Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, California [34][35]
Atlanta, Georgia [36]
23rd Washington, DC [37]
24th Chicago, Illinois [36][38][39]
25th [Ansley Hotel] Atlanta, Georgia [40][41]
26th Colorado Springs, Colorado [42]
27th Boston, Massachusetts [43][44]
28th The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California [45][46][47]
29th Lake of Bays, Ontario
30th Madison, Wisconsin [48]
31st Richmond, Virginia [49]
32nd Columbus, Ohio [50]
33rd Glacier National Park
34th French Lick Springs Hotel French Lick, Indiana
35th Portland, Oregon
36th Edgewater Park, New Jersey
37th Swampscott, Massachusetts [51][52][53]
38th Chicago, Illinois [54][55]
39th St. Louis, Missouri [54]
40th Chattanooga, Tennessee [56]
41st Miami, Florida [57]
42nd Denver, Colorado
43rd Portland, Oregon
44th Kansas City
45th Houston, Texas
46th Atlanta, Georgia [58][59]
47th Richmond, Virginia
48th Los Angeles, California
49th Dallas, Texas
50th Hollywood Beach, Florida [60]
51st St. Louis, Missouri
52nd Phoenix, Arizona
53rd New Orleans, Louisiana [60]
54th Knoxville, Tennessee [61]
55th Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee [62][63]
56th Indianapolis, Indiana
57th Orlando, Florida [64]
58th Colony Square Hotel Atlanta, Georgia [65][66][67]
59th Dallas, Texas [68][69]
60th Richmond, Virginia [64]
61st New Orleans, Louisiana [64][68]
62nd Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Phoenix, Arizona [64]
63rd Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee [63][64]
64th Marriott, Tampa, Florida [70]

Cincinnati, OhioE
Denver, ColoradoW
65th Las Vegas, Nevada [64][72]

Cincinnati, OhioE

Salt Lake City, UtahW

66th Doral Golf Resort & Spa, Miami, Florida [64][75]

Marriott Hotel Richmond, Richmond, VirginiaE

Marriott Pyramid North, Albuquerque, New MexicoW

67th Hyatt Regency San Antonio on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas [64][79]

New Orleans Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, LouisianaE

Flamingo Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NevadaW

68th Las Vegas, Nevada

Flamingo Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NevadaW

New Orleans Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, LouisianaE

69th Las Vegas, Nevada [nb 2]



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