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List of Parliamentary constituencies in Hampshire

The ceremonial county of Hampshire, which includes the unitary authorities of Portsmouth and Southampton, is divided into 18 Parliamentary constituencies - 9 Borough constituencies and 9 County constituencies.


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  • Boundary changes 2
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      † Conservative       ‡ Labour       ¤ Liberal Democrat       ə UKIP       ə Independent

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Aldershot BC 72,430 14,901   Gerald Howarth   Gary Puffett
Basingstoke BC 79,665 11,063   Maria Miller   Dr. Paul Harvey
East Hampshire CC 71,074 25,147   Damian Hinds   Peter Baillie
Eastleigh BC 79,609 9,147   Mims Davies   Mike Thornton
Fareham CC 77,114 22,262   Suella Fernandes   Malcolm Jones
Gosport BC 73,268 17,098   Caroline Dinenage   Christopher Wood
Havant BC 70,554 13,920   Alan Mak   John Perry
Meon Valley CC 72,378 23,913   George Hollingbery   David Alexander
New Forest East CC 72,697 19,162   Julian Lewis   Roy Swales
New Forest West CC 68,446 20,604   Desmond Swayne   Paul Bailey
North East Hampshire CC 74,025 29,916   Ranil Jayawardena   Graham Cockarill
North West Hampshire CC 79,223 23,943   Kit Malthouse   Susan Perkins
Portsmouth North BC 73,105 10,537   Penny Mordaunt   John Ferrett
Portsmouth South BC* 71,639 5,241   Flick Drummond   Gerald Vernon-Jackson
Romsey and Southampton North CC 66,519 17,712   Caroline Nokes   Ben Nicholls
Southampton Itchen BC 72,281 2,316   Royston Smith   Rowenna Davis
Southampton, Test BC 70,270 3,810   Alan Whitehead   Jeremy Moulton
Winchester CC 74,119 16,914   Steve Brine   Jackie Porter

Boundary changes

The Boundary Commission for England has recommended that the county should in future be divided into 18 constituencies. The proposed Aldershot and Basingstoke seats, more predominantly urban than as present defined, will be designated borough constituencies. These changes will be implemented at the United Kingdom general election, 2010.

Name Current boundaries
  1. Aldershot CC
  2. Basingstoke CC
  3. East Hampshire CC
  4. Eastleigh BC
  5. Fareham CC
  6. Gosport BC
  7. Havant BC
  8. New Forest East CC
  9. New Forest West CC
  10. North East Hampshire CC
  11. North West Hampshire CC
  12. Portsmouth North BC
  13. Portsmouth South BC
  14. Romsey CC
  15. Southampton, Itchen BC
  16. Southampton, Test BC
  17. Winchester CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Hampshire
Proposed name Proposed boundaries
  1. Aldershot BC
  2. Basingstoke BC
  3. East Hampshire CC
  4. Eastleigh BC
  5. Fareham CC
  6. Gosport BC
  7. Havant BC
  8. Meon Valley CC
  9. New Forest East CC
  10. New Forest West CC
  11. North East Hampshire CC
  12. North West Hampshire CC
  13. Portsmouth North BC
  14. Portsmouth South BC
  15. Romsey and Southampton North CC
  16. Southampton, Itchen BC
  17. Southampton, Test BC
  18. Winchester CC
Proposed Revised constituencies in Hampshire


2005 2010 2015


  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.


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