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List of Parliamentary constituencies in Surrey

The county of Surrey is divided into 11 Parliamentary constituencies - 4 Borough constituencies and 7 County constituencies.


  • Constituencies 1
  • General Election 2010 results 2
  • Boundary review 3
    • Initial proposals 3.1
    • Consultation and final recommendations 3.2
  • Historic List of Constituencies in Surrey 4
    • Used from 1983 to 1997 4.1
    • Used from 1974 to 1983 4.2
    • Used from 1955 to 1974 4.3
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      † Conservative       ‡ Labour       ¤ Liberal Democrat

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
East Surrey CC 74,786 16,874   Sam Gyimah   David Lee
Epsom and Ewell BC 72,866 16,134   Chris Grayling   Jonathan Lees
Esher and Walton BC 74,052 18,593   Dominic Raab   Lionel Blackman
Guildford CC 74,987 7,782   Anne Milton   Sue Doughty
Mole Valley CC 69,093 15,653   Sir Paul Beresford   Alice Humphreys
Reigate BC 67,432 13,591   Crispin Blunt   Jane Kulka
Runnymede and Weybridge CC 73,357 16,509   Philip Hammond   Andrew Falconer
South West Surrey CC 75,107 16,318   Jeremy Hunt   Mike Simpson
Spelthorne BC 69,291 10,019   Kwasi Kwarteng   Mark Chapman
Surrey Heath CC 75,454 17,289   Michael Gove   Alan Hillar
Woking CC 71,260 6,807   Jonathan Lord   Rosie Sharpley

General Election 2010 results

The following table shows the results for all Surrey constituencies in the General Election in 2010. The results are given as percentages.

Con Lib Dem Lab UKIP Others
East Surrey 56.7 25.9 9.0 6.9 1.5
Epsom and Ewell 56.2 26.8 11.9 4.6 0.5
Esher and Walton 58.9 24.8 10.7 3.3 2.3
Guildford 53.3 39.3 5.1 1.8 0.5
Mole Valley 57.5 28.7 7.0 5.1 1.6
Reigate 53.4 26.2 11.3 4.2 5.4
Runnymede and Weybridge 55.9 21.6 13.4 6.5 2.5
South West Surrey 58.7 30.2 6.0 2.6 2.6
Spelthorne 47.1 25.9 16.5 8.5 2.2
Surrey Heath 57.6 25.8 10.2 6.3 --
Woking 50.3 37.4 8.0 3.8 0.5
Average 55.1 28.4 9.9 4.9 1.8

Boundary review

Initial proposals

The initial proposals at the Fifth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies which reported prior to 2010 envisaged no changes at all for the seats of East Surrey, Esher and Walton, Runnymede and Weybridge, Spelthorne, Surrey Heath and Woking seats, whilst the only changes proposed for Mole Valley involved realignment of largely rural ward boundaries with Epsom & Ewell that did not move any voters. However there was a disparity of over 11,000 voters between the Guildford and Reigate seats and the Commission proposed to make the following amendments:

Guilford and South West Surrey

  • Move the entire Waverley ward of Bramley, Bushridge and Hascombe into South West Surrey
  • Move the entire Waverley ward of Alford, Cranleigh Rural and Ellens Green into Guildford.

The net effect is to reduce the size of the Guildford seat.

Reigate and Epsom & Ewell

This increases the size of the Reigate seat. Overall the disparity across the county is reduced from 11,000 to 8,000.

Consultation and final recommendations

The main objections focused upon the moving of Bramley, Busbridge and Hascombe into South West Surrey and a public review meeting was called which was dominated by this. The objections centred on the argument that the area had stronger links, including transport services, to Guildford than to Farnham and Godalming. Some noted that the previous Boundary Commission rejected a proposal to move Bramley after public objection. However this would have been to Mole Valley and the petitioners, including Bramley Parish Council, had stated that whilst they preferred to stay in Guildford, if they had to move they would prefer to be moved to South West Surrey. Also Bramley was not the entirety of the ward and the Commission was deeply reluctant to divide wards. The review upheld the proposals.

Objections were also made to the names of Guildford, Surrey Heath and Reigate. In general the objections were limited by a desire to avoid name changes unless majority boundary changes were made.

The objection to Guildford was lodged by a non resident who proposed "Guildford and Cranleigh" to take into account the large village in the seat. This was rejected, with the citation that there was no local support.

Reigate was objected to by those who proposed "Reigate and Banstead", the name of the district. Amongst those objecting were both Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and Crispin Blunt, the local MP. However the seat covers only 70% of the district, with Reigate at its centre, whilst Banstead (in the north east corner) has a history of being moved between seats. The present name was retained.

Surrey Heath received objections, in part because of the 20% of the constituency that is outside the Surrey Heath district. Alternative suggested included "North West Surrey" (the pre 1997 name), "Camberley and Ash" and "West Surrey". However this proposal was opposed by many, including the Surrey Heath borough council. The objection was rejection as the identity was clear and the alternatives were divided and even more imprecise.

The proposed changes to Reigate, Epsom & Ewell and Mole Valley did not meet objections.

Name Current boundaries Proposed revision
  1. East Surrey CC
  2. Epsom and Ewell BC
  3. Esher and Walton BC
  4. Guildford CC
  5. Mole Valley CC
  6. Reigate BC
  7. Runnymede and Weybridge CC
  8. South West Surrey CC
  9. Spelthorne BC
  10. Surrey Heath CC
  11. Woking CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Surrey
Proposed Revision

Historic List of Constituencies in Surrey

Used from 1983 to 1997

Used from 1974 to 1983

Used from 1955 to 1974


2005 2010


  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.


  • The Boundary Commission proposals for Surrey
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