List of Phi Kappa Psi brothers

Phi Kappa Psi (ΦΚΨ), also called "Phi Psi", is an American collegiate social fraternity founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1852.[1] There are over a hundred chapters and colonies at accredited four year colleges and universities throughout the United States.[2]

More than 112,000 men have been initiated into Phi Kappa Psi since its founding, and many have achieved recognition in their field.[2] Phi Psis in public service include U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Woodrow Wilson, over a hundred members of Congress (including 18 senators and Speaker of the House Warren Keifer), three-term New York City Mayor and Bloomberg L.P. founder Mike Bloomberg, over a dozen state governors, two directors of the Peace Corps, and "Wild Bill" Donovan, the founding director of the Office of Strategic Services (the Central Intelligence Agency's predecessor) and recipient of the Medal of Honor and of the Freedom Award.[3] Academian Phi Psis include over a dozen university presidents (among these are Priestley Medal recipient Edgar Fahs Smith, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Detlev Bronk), Rhodes scholars, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Frederick Jackson Turner. Amidst the Phi Psis who have served in the military are dozens of generals and admirals, including "Father of the U.S. Air Force" Billy Mitchell, World War I Army Chief of Staff Tasker Bliss, National Security Agency director Kenneth Minihan, and three Judge Advocate Generals.[4] In the arts, Phi Psis have received Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, and Tony Awards. Journalist Sy Hersh has won the Pulitzer Prize, Orwell Award and George Polk Award. Phi Psi businessmen include Bank of America founder Orra E. Monnette, Dow Chemical founder Herbert Dow, PIMCO founder Bill Gross, and Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang. Three Phi Psis have served as presidents of the American Bar Association. Sportsmen include Heisman Trophy winner Nile Kinnick, Olympic gold medalists, "Father of College Basketball Coaching" Phog Allen, and Commissioner of Baseball Ford Frick.[5]

An active member of the fraternity is a full-time enrolled student at his chapter's host institution at the undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate level; all others, including members who have graduated or transfer to a school without a Phi Psi chapter, are considered alumni.[6] Men may be initiated into Phi Kappa Psi either by an active chapter, or as part of a colony that is being installed as a chapter. Members typically join Phi Kappa Psi when a chapter extends an offer to enter into a probationary period known as pledgeship, which lasts for several weeks and concludes with initiation.

Membership is normally only granted to men who are enrolled as full-time students at a chapter's host institution.[6] There have been three exceptions to this:

1. Alumni of a colony which became a chapter after their graduation, and for two years after.
2. Men who have been of service to a chapter, but not students at the institution.
3. Honorary membership extended to men of prominence, a practice that was banned in 1885.[7]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Apple, Henry H.Henry H. Apple Pennsylvania Eta 1885 President of Franklin & Marshall College (1910–1935) [8]
E. Boggs, WilliamWilliam E. Boggs South Carolina Alpha 1857 President of the University of Georgia (1889–1898) [9]
Bovard, George F.George F. Bovard Indiana Alpha 1877 President of the University of Southern California (1903–1921) [10]
Bronk, DetlevDetlev Bronk Pennsylvania Kappa 1915 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient (1964), a founder (1960) and a past President of the World Academy of Art and Science, President of Rockefeller University (1953–1968), President of the National Academy of Sciences (1950–1962), President of Johns Hopkins University (1949–1953), credited with formulating the modern theory of the science of biophysics, allegedly a member of Majestic 12 [11]
Eisenhart, Luther P.Luther P. Eisenhart Pennsylvania Epsilon 1893 Dod Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University (1929–1945) [12]
Fetter, FrankFrank Fetter Indiana Beta 1879 Prominent economist of the Austrian School, President of the American Economic Association (1913) [13]
Hadley, Herbert S.Herbert S. Hadley Kansas Alpha 1888 Chancellor of Washington University (1923–1927), Governor of Missouri (1909–1913) [14]
Hamilton, Thomas H.Thomas H. Hamilton Indiana Alpha 1933 President of the University of Hawaii (1963–1967), President of the State University of New York (1959–1962) [15]
Hardesty, Jr., David C.David C. Hardesty, Jr. West Virginia Alpha 1964 President of West Virginia University (1995–2007), Rhodes Scholar (1967) [16]
Haskins, Charles HomerCharles Homer Haskins Pennsylvania Beta 1883 One of three advisors to President Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919, medieval historian at Harvard University (1912–1931) [17]
James, Edmund J.Edmund J. James Illinois Alpha 1879 President of the University of Illinois (1904–1920), founder and President of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1889–1895) [18]
Lannon, Timothy R.Timothy R. Lannon Nebraska Beta 1970 President of Creighton University (2011–present), President of Saint Joseph's University (2003–2011) [19]
McBryde, JohnJohn McBryde South Carolina Alpha 1859 President of Virginia Tech (1891–1907), President of the University of South Carolina (1883–1891) [9]
O'Leary, Paul M.Paul M. O'Leary Kansas Alpha 1919 Economist, first dean of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, member of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Brain Trust [20]
Oswald, John W. John W. Oswald Indiana Alpha 1935 President of Pennsylvania State University (1970–1983), Executive Vice President of the University of California (1968–1970), President of the University of Kentucky (1963–1968) [21]
Patterson, Boyd C.Boyd C. Patterson Pennsylvania Alpha 1921 President of Washington & Jefferson College (1950–1970) [22]
Pauley, Edwin W.Edwin W. Pauley California Gamma 1920 University of California Regent (1940–1972), Democratic National Committee Treasurer (1930s–1940s), namesake of the Pauley Pavilion (Sports Arena at UCLA) [23]
Schlegel, John P.John P. Schlegel Nebraska Beta 1979 President of Creighton University (2000–2011), President of the University of San Francisco (1991–2000) [24]
Smith, Edgar FahsEdgar Fahs Smith Pennsylvania Epsilon 1873 Priestley Medal recipient (1926), Provost of the University of Pennsylvania (1911–1920), President of the American Philosophical Society (1902–1908), President of the American Chemical Society (1895, 1921), first editor of The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi, founder of Phi Psi's University of Pennsylvania chapter (1877) [25]
Tulloss, Rees EdgarRees Edgar Tulloss Ohio Beta 1901 President of Wittenberg University (1920–1949) [26]
Truxal, AndrewAndrew Truxal Pennsylvania Eta 1916 President of Anne Arundel Community College (1961–1968), President of Hood College (1948–1961), 27th President of Phi Kappa Psi (1940–1942) [27]
Turner, Frederick JacksonFrederick Jackson Turner Wisconsin Alpha 1878 Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History (1933), professor of History at the University of Wisconsin (1890–1910) and Harvard University (1911–1924), President of the American Historical Association (1910) [28]
Vest, ChuckChuck Vest West Virginia Alpha 1960 President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1990–2004), member of the Iraq Intelligence Commission (2004) [29]

Arts, entertainment and journalism


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Astin, JohnJohn Astin Pennsylvania Alpha 1949 Actor famous for his role as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family television series; received an Academy Award nomination for Prelude, a short film that he wrote, produced, and directed [30]
Braff, ZachZach Braff Illinois Alpha 1994 Actor, director, screenwriter, producer. Plays Dr. John Dorian on the television series Scrubs. Won a Grammy Award for the Garden State soundtrack [31]
Essandoh, AtoAto Essandoh New York Alpha 1992 Actor and playwright, co-founder of The Defiant Ones writing and performance group [32]
Graves, PeterPeter Graves Minnesota Beta 1946 Actor who won a Golden Globe Award for portraying James Phelps on the Mission: Impossible television series, and an Emmy Award for hosting Biography [33]
Hampden, WalterWalter Hampden New York Zeta 1897 Actor and theater manager [34]
Herrmann, EdwardEdward Herrmann Pennsylvania Gamma 1962 Actor who earned an Emmy award for guest appearances on The Practice, and a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his portrayal of Frank Gardner in Mrs. Warren's Profession, Fulbright scholar [35]
Heslov, GrantGrant Heslov California Delta 1982 Academy Award-nominated producer and screenwriter for Good Night, and Good Luck [35]
Horton, Edward EverettEdward Everett Horton New York Zeta 1907 Stage, screen and television actor [36]
Houghton, BuckBuck Houghton California Epsilon 1935 Produced the first three seasons of The Twilight Zone [37]
Leeshock, RobertRobert Leeshock New York Alpha 1981 Actor who portrayed Liam Kincaid in Earth: Final Conflict [38]
Ludwig, AlexanderAlexander Ludwig California Delta 2010 Actor, played the role of Cato in The Hunger Games [39]
Morgan, FrankFrank Morgan New York Alpha 1908 Academy Award-nominated actor. He is best known for playing five separate characters, including the title character, in The Wizard of Oz (1939). [40]
Rogers, Charles "Buddy"Charles "Buddy" Rogers Kansas Alpha 1923 Actor and bandleader [41]
Scheider, RoyRoy Scheider Pennsylvania Eta 1954 Actor who portrayed Martin Brody in Jaws, and was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Joe Gideon in All That Jazz [42]
Walker, JustinJustin Walker Virginia Beta 1987 Actor, played the role of Christian in Clueless [39]

Journalism and media

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Aiello, TonyTony Aiello Indiana Beta 1982 Broadcast journalist at WCBS-TV [43]
Cadden, Thomas ScottThomas Scott Cadden Kansas Alpha 1942 Television commercial advertising executive. Wrote, produced and directed the original Mr. Clean television commercials and composed the "Mr. Clean" advertising jingle [44]
Hersh, SySy Hersh Illinois Beta 1956 Journalist and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, Orwell Award and George Polk Award [35]
Logan, Harlan D.Harlan D. Logan Indiana Beta 1923 Rhodes Scholar, New Hampshire State Representative (1969–1972, Majority Leader), directed Look Magazine (1939–1952), editor of Scribner's Magazine (1936–1939) [45]
Rea, John AndrewJohn Andrew Rea Ohio Alpha 1866 First Executive Director of the Port of Tacoma (1918–1921), University of Washington Board of Regents (1910–1922), editor-in-chief of The Olympian (1891–1892). Drafted the constitution adopted by North Dakota when it became a state in 1889. Correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and the New York Herald who covered the 1877 flight of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce to Montana and their final battle with the US Army, as well the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. Founder of Phi Psi's New York Alpha chapter at Cornell University [46][47]
Self, William EdwinWilliam Edwin Self Illinois Beta 1940 Feature film and television producer [48]
Tyrrell, EmmettEmmett Tyrrell Indiana Beta 1962 Founder and editor-in-chief of The American Spectator, New York Times bestselling author, and columnist [49]
Weaver, PatPat Weaver New Hampshire Alpha 1927 Pioneering television executive and Emmy Award winner [50]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Burdette, Robert JonesRobert Jones Burdette Indiana Gamma 1878 Humorist who first wrote for The Hawk Eye, and then for The Brooklyn Daily Eagle [51]
Riley, James WhitcombJames Whitcomb Riley Indiana Alpha 1883 Poet and writer known as the "Hoosier Poet" [52]
Tesich, SteveSteve Tesich Indiana Beta 1962 Screenwriter, playwright and novelist. Won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Breaking Away [53]
Thurber, JamesJames Thurber Ohio Delta 1918 Tony Award-winning author and humorist, namesake of the Thurber Prize for American Humor [54][55]
Weinberg, AndrewAndrew Weinberg New York Alpha 1995 Screenwriter who won an Emmy Award for his work with Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 2007 [56]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Crawford, Robert MacArthurRobert MacArthur Crawford Ohio Epsilon 1920 Music composer known for writing The U.S. Air Force song [57]
Hopkins, John DriskellJohn Driskell Hopkins Georgia Alpha 1990 Grammy Award-winning bass guitarist and vocalist for Zac Brown Band [58]
Recht, RickRick Recht California Delta 1989 Rock musician focused on Jewish culture [59]
Winter, PaulPaul Winter Illinois Alpha 1958 Six-time Grammy Award-nominated saxophonist [60]

Visual arts

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Beal, ReynoldsReynolds Beal New York Alpha 1887 Painter of the impressionist, and then modernist art movements [61]
Celaya, Enrique MartínezEnrique Martínez Celaya New York Alpha 1983 Painter, sculptor, photographer and poet [62]
Crane, RoyRoy Crane Texas Alpha 1922 Nationally-syndicated cartoonist and creator of the comic strip characters Wash Tubbs, Captain Easy, and Buz Sawyer [57]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Donnell, John R.John R. Donnell Ohio Epsilon 1931 Oilman, banker and philanthropist, served on the board of the World Scout Foundation, and was a 1958 recipient of the Silver Buffalo Award [63]
Dow, HerbertHerbert Dow Ohio Epsilon 1906 Dow Chemical Company founder [64]
Dudley, BobBob Dudley Illinois Delta 1974 CEO of BP (2010–present) [65]
Fites, Donald V.Donald V. Fites Indiana Epsilon 1953 Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar Inc. (1990–1999), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Trustee, Phi Kappa Psi Foundation Trustee [66][67]
Gross, BillBill Gross North Carolina Alpha 1963 Co-founded PIMCO, investment author, former professional blackjack player, noted philatelist [68][69]
Hellman, WarrenWarren Hellman California Gamma 1952 Co-founded Hellman & Friedman, founding partner at Matrix Partners, past President of Lehman Brothers [70]
Horton, TonyTony Horton Rhode Island Beta 1977 Prominent exercise instructor, spokesman for the P90X home fitness program [71]
Huck, LloydLloyd Huck Pennsylvania Lambda 1942 Former chairman of the board of Merck & Co. [72]
Miles, Michael A.Michael A. Miles Illinois Alpha 1958 Serves on the board of directors of Time Warner, Sears Holdings Corporation, Dell Inc., AMR Corporation, and Citadel Broadcasting Corporation. Former chief executive officer of Kraft Foods and Philip Morris Companies [73]
Monnette, Orra E.Orra E. Monnette Ohio Alpha 1891 Attorney, author and founder of the Bank of America. 13th President of Phi Kappa Psi (1912–1914) [74]
Sheperd, Howard C.Howard C. Sheperd Indiana Alpha 1913 Chairman of Citigroup (1952–1959) [75]
Stevens, MarkMark Stevens California Delta 1981 Partner and venture capitalist at Sequoia Capital [76][77]
Wynne, Jr., Angus G.Angus G. Wynne, Jr. Texas Alpha 1933 Six Flags founder [40]
Yang, JerryJerry Yang California Beta 1987 Yahoo! co-founder and former CEO [78]

Government, law, and public policy


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Wilson, WoodrowWoodrow Wilson Virginia Alpha 1879 President of the United States (1913–1921), Governor of New Jersey (1911–1913), President of Princeton University (1902–1910), Nobel Peace Prize recipient (1919) [79]

Cabinet and cabinet-level positions

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Barr, Joseph W.Joseph W. Barr Indiana Alpha 1936 United States Secretary of the Treasury (1968–1969), Undersecretary of the Treasury (1965–1968), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairman (1963–1965), U.S. Representative from Indiana (1959–1961) [80]
Connor, John T.John T. Connor New York Beta 1933 United States Secretary of Commerce (1965–1967) [81]
Day, J. EdwardJ. Edward Day Illinois Beta 1939 Postmaster General (1961–1963) [82]
Filip, MarkMark Filip Illinois Delta 1986 Acting United States Attorney General (2009), United States Deputy Attorney General (2008–2009) [83]
Hadley, StephenStephen Hadley New York Alpha 1966 U.S. National Security Advisor (2005–2009) [84]
Jenks, George A.George A. Jenks Pennsylvania Alpha 1854 U.S. Solicitor General (1886–1889), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1875–1877) [85]
Palmer, A. MitchellA. Mitchell Palmer Pennsylvania Kappa 1889 United States Attorney General (1919–1921), candidate for 1920 Democratic presidential nomination, U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1909–1915) [86]
Schurz, CarlCarl Schurz New York Alpha 1870 United States Secretary of the Interior (1877–1881), U.S. Senator from Missouri (1869–1875), U.S. Minister to Spain (1861) [87]

Members of the United States Congress

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Acheson, Ernest F.Ernest F. Acheson Pennsylvania Alpha 1873 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1895–1909) [88]
Adams, Wilbur L.Wilbur L. Adams Pennsylvania Zeta 1902 U.S. Representative from Delaware (1933–1935) [89]
Bannon, Henry T.Henry T. Bannon Ohio Delta 1885 U.S. Representative from Ohio (1905–1909) [90]
Barber, Laird HowardLaird Howard Barber Pennsylvania Theta 1869 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1899–1901) [91]
Bates, Arthur LabanArthur Laban Bates Pennsylvania Beta 1876 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1901–1913) [92]
Bayh, EvanEvan Bayh Indiana Beta 1975 U.S. Senator from Indiana (1999–2011), Governor of Indiana (1989–1997), Secretary of State of Indiana (1987–1989) [61]
Beatty, JohnJohn Beatty Ohio Alpha 1870 U.S. Representative from Ohio (1868–1873) [46]
Belford, Joseph M.Joseph M. Belford Pennsylvania Zeta 1868 U.S. Representative from New York (1897–1899) [93]
Beltzhoover, Frank EckelsFrank Eckels Beltzhoover Pennsylvania Epsilon 1858 U.S. Representative from Ohio (1879–1883, 1891–1895) [94]
Bingham, Henry H.Henry H. Bingham Pennsylvania Alpha 1858 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1879–1912), Medal of Honor Recipient [95]
Braley, BruceBruce Braley Iowa Beta 1976 U.S. Representative from Iowa (2007–present) [96]
Bromwell, James E.James E. Bromwell Iowa Alpha 1939 U.S. Representative from Iowa (1961–1965) [11]
Byrns, Jr., Joseph W.Joseph W. Byrns, Jr. Tennessee Delta 1924 U.S. Representative from Tennessee (1939–1941) [97]
Calkins, William H.William H. Calkins Indiana Alpha 1883 U.S. Representative from Indiana (1877–1883) [98]
Chamberlain, George EarleGeorge Earle Chamberlain Virginia Beta 1872 U.S. Senator from Oregon (1909–1921), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee (1913–1919), Governor of Oregon (1903–1909) [99]
Champion, Edwin V.Edwin V. Champion Illinois Delta 1908 U.S. Representative from Illinois (1937–1939) [100]
Church, Ralph E.Ralph E. Church Illinois Alpha 1908 U.S. Representative from Illinois (1935–1941, 1943–1950) [101]
Cooney, JamesJames Cooney Missouri Alpha 1869 U.S. Representative from Missouri (1897–1903) [98]
Coverdell, PaulPaul Coverdell Missouri Alpha 1959 U.S. Senator from Georgia (1993–2000), Director of the Peace Corps (1989–1991), Georgia State Senator (1970–1989) [102]
Crow, William J.William J. Crow Pennsylvania Zeta 1922 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1947–1949) [103]
Dale, Thomas HenryThomas Henry Dale Pennsylvania Theta 1892 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1905–1907) [104]
Daniel, RobertRobert Daniel Virginia Alpha 1955 U.S. Representative from Virginia (1973–1983) [105]
Dent, CharlieCharlie Dent Pennsylvania Lambda 1982 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (2005–present), Pennsylvania State Senate#Members (1999–2004), Pennsylvania State Representative (1991–1998) [63]
Denton, Winfield K.Winfield K. Denton Indiana Alpha 1915 U.S. Representative from Indiana (1949–1953, 1955–1966) [63]
Dill, ClarenceClarence Dill Ohio Alpha 1906 U.S. Senator from Washington (1923–1935), U.S. Representative from Washington (1915–1919) [106]
Dugro, P. HenryP. Henry Dugro New York Gamma 1874 U.S. Representative from New York (1881–1883) [107]
Durborow, Jr., Allan C.Allan C. Durborow, Jr. Indiana Beta 1877 U.S. Representative from Indiana (1891–1895) [13]
Ewart, Hamilton G.Hamilton G. Ewart South Carolina Alpha 1870 U.S. Representative from South Carolina (1889–1891) [9]
Faris, George W.George W. Faris Indiana Alpha 1870 U.S. Representative from Indiana (1895–1901) [108]
Finley, David E.David E. Finley South Carolina Alpha 1886 U.S. Representative from South Carolina (1899–1917) [109]
Foraker, Joseph B.Joseph B. Foraker Ohio Alpha 1866 U.S. Senator from Ohio (1897–1909), Governor of Ohio (1886–1890), candidate for 1908 Republican presidential nomination, first President of Phi Kappa Psi (1886–1888), founder of Phi Psi's New York Alpha chapter at Cornell University [46][47]
Gwinn, Ralph W.Ralph W. Gwinn Indiana Alpha 1901 U.S. Representative from New York (1945–1959) [84]
Hand, T. MilletT. Millet Hand Pennsylvania Zeta 1919 U.S. Representative from New Jersey (1945–1956), Mayor of Cape May (1937–1944) [110]
Harrison, Thomas W.Thomas W. Harrison Virginia Alpha 1867 U.S. Representative from Virginia (1916–1921) [111]
Hartman, Charles S.Charles S. Hartman Indiana Gamma 1879 U.S. Representative from Indiana (1893–1899) [51]
Heiner, Daniel BrodheadDaniel Brodhead Heiner Pennsylvania Zeta 1873 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1893–1897) [70]
Henderson, CharlesCharles Henderson California Beta 1892 U.S. Senator from Nevada (1918–1921) [112]
Henderson, Thomas J.Thomas J. Henderson Pennsylvania Alpha 1855 U.S. Representative from Illinois (1875–1895) [85]
Henry, Charles L.Charles L. Henry Indiana Alpha 1868 U.S. Representative from Indiana (1895–1899) [108]
Hicks, Frederick C.Frederick C. Hicks Pennsylvania Kappa 1890 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1915–1923) [86]
Hoblitzell, Jr., John D.John D. Hoblitzell, Jr. West Virginia Alpha 1931 U.S. Senator from West Virginia (1958) [113]
Hogg, Herschel M.Herschel M. Hogg Illinois Gamma 1873 U.S. Representative from Colorado (1903–1907) [114]
Hosmer, CraigCraig Hosmer California Gamma 1934 U.S. Representative from California (1953–1974) [115]
Hughes, Jr., Charles J.Charles J. Hughes, Jr. Missouri Alpha 1872 U.S. Senator from Colorado (1909–1911) [116]
Jones, John S.John S. Jones Ohio Alpha 1861 U.S. Representative from Ohio (1877–1879) [117]
Keifer, J. WarrenJ. Warren Keifer Ohio Beta 1868 U.S. Representative from Ohio (1877–1885), Speaker of the House (1881–1883) [118]
Kenyon, William S.William S. Kenyon Iowa Alpha 1886 U.S. Senator from Iowa, (1911–1922) [119]
Kuchel, ThomasThomas Kuchel California Delta 1929 U.S. Senator from California, (1953–1969; Senate Minority Whip) [120]
Legaré, George SwintonGeorge Swinton Legaré South Carolina Alpha 1889 U.S. Representative from South Carolina (1903–1913) [109]
Little, Edward C.Edward C. Little Kansas Alpha 1878 U.S. Representative from Kansas (1919–1924) [121]
Martin, Edward L.Edward L. Martin Virginia Alpha 1857 U.S. Representative from Delaware (1879–1883) [62]
Massingale, Sam C.Sam C. Massingale Mississippi Alpha 1889 U.S. Representative from Oklahoma (1935–1941) [122]
McClure, Addison S.Addison S. McClure Pennsylvania Alpha 1855 U.S. Representative from Ohio (1895–1897) [85]
McCollister, John Y.John Y. McCollister Iowa Alpha 1941 U.S. Representative from Nebraska (1971–1977) [123]
McCullogh, WeltyWelty McCullogh Pennsylvania Alpha 1868 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1887–1889) [88]
McKinney, JamesJames McKinney Illinois Gamma 1874 U.S. Representative from Illinois (1905–1913) [114]
Miller, Clarence B.Clarence B. Miller Minnesota Beta 1891 U.S. Representative from Minnesota (1909–1919) [124]
Mitchell, HughHugh Mitchell New Hampshire Alpha 1927 U.S. Representative from Washington (1949–1953), U.S. Senator from Washington (1945–1946) [125]
Mitchell, John I.John I. Mitchell Pennsylvania Gamma 1881 U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1881–1887), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1877–1881) [126]
Moss, Jr., Hunter HolmesHunter Holmes Moss, Jr. West Virginia Alpha 1895 U.S. Representative from West Virginia (1913–1916) [127]
Needham, James C.James C. Needham California Alpha 1884 U.S. Representative from California (1899–1913) [128]
Noland, James EllsworthJames Ellsworth Noland Indiana Beta 1939 U.S. Representative from Indiana (1949–1951) [129]
Page, HenryHenry Page Virginia Alpha 1859 U.S. Representative from Maryland (1891–1892) [130]
Perry, William H.William H. Perry South Carolina Alpha 1857 U.S. Representative from South Carolina (1885–1891) [9]
Peters, Samuel R.Samuel R. Peters Ohio Alpha 1861 U.S. Representative from Kansas (1883–1891) [117]
Peyser, Peter A.Peter A. Peyser New York Epsilon 1942 U.S. Representative from New York (1971–1977, 1979–1983) [131]
Pickler, JohnJohn Pickler Iowa Alpha 1867 U.S. Representative from South Dakota (1889–1897) [132]
Price, Hugh H.Hugh H. Price Wisconsin Alpha 1878 U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (1887) [133]
Randall, William J.William J. Randall Missouri Alpha 1932 U.S. Representative from Missouri (1959–1977) [134]
Rich, Robert F.Robert F. Rich Pennsylvania Zeta 1903 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1930–1943, 1945–1951) [135]
Rogers, William NathanielWilliam Nathaniel Rogers New Hampshire Alpha 1912 U.S. Representative from New Hampshire (1923–1925) [136]
Shallenberger, William S.William S. Shallenberger Pennsylvania Gamma 1859 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1877–1883) [137]
Short, Don L.Don L. Short Minnesota Beta 1924 U.S. Representative from North Dakota (1959–1965) [138]
Smith, Ellison D.Ellison D. Smith South Carolina Alpha 1885 U.S. Senator from South Carolina (1909–1944), South Carolina State Representative (1896–1900) [109]
Smyser, Martin L.Martin L. Smyser Ohio Beta 1867 U.S. Representative from Ohio (1889–1891, 1905–1907) [118]
Stephens, Hubert D.Hubert D. Stephens Mississippi Alpha 1894 U.S. Senator from Mississippi (1923–1935), U.S. Representative from Mississippi (1911–1921) [112]
Sumner, CharlesCharles Sumner Indiana Alpha 1867 U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (1851–1874) [139]
Sundstrom, FrankFrank Sundstrom New York Alpha 1920 U.S. Representative from New Jersey (1943–1949), inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1978 [140]
Taylor, Dean P.Dean P. Taylor New York Epsilon 1922 U.S. Representative from New York (1943–1961) [141]
Tyler, David GardinerDavid Gardiner Tyler Virginia Beta 1867 U.S. Representative from Virginia (1893–1897), Virginia State Senator (1891–1892, 1900–1904) son of U.S. President John Tyler [142]
Walker, James A.James A. Walker Virginia Alpha 1854 U.S. Representative from Virginia (1895–1899), Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (1878–1882), Commander of the Stonewall Brigade, (May 14, 1863 – May 12, 1864) [143]
Watson, James EliJames Eli Watson Indiana Alpha 1881 U.S. Senator from Indiana (1916–1933), Majority Leader (1929–1933), U.S. Representative from Indiana (1895–1897, 1899–1909), and Republican Party Whip (1905–1909) [144]
Willey, Earle D.Earle D. Willey Pennsylvania Zeta 1907 U.S. Representative from Delaware (1943–1945) [145]
Williams, George S.George S. Williams Pennsylvania Zeta 1897 U.S. Representative from Delaware (1939–1941) [145]
Williams, James R.James R. Williams Indiana Beta 1874 U.S. Representative from Illinois (1889–1895, 1899–1905) [89]
Winchester, BoydBoyd Winchester Virginia Alpha 1855 U.S. Representative from Kentucky (1869–1873) [130]
Winn, LarryLarry Winn Kansas Alpha 1938 U.S. Representative from Kansas (1967–1985) [146]
Wolverton, Simon PeterSimon Peter Wolverton Pennsylvania Gamma 1857 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1891–1895) [137]
Wooten, Dudley G.Dudley G. Wooten Virginia Alpha 1877 U.S. Representative from Texas (1901–1903) [111]
Yocum, Seth H.Seth H. Yocum Pennsylvania Zeta 1859 U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1879–1881) [147]

United States Supreme Court

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Butler, PiercePierce Butler Minnesota Alpha 1885 Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1922–1939), President of the Minnesota State Bar Association (1908) [148]

U.S. governors and lieutenant governors

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Gilbert, Newton W.Newton W. Gilbert Ohio Delta 1882 Governor-General of the Philippines (1907–1908), U.S. Representative from Indiana (1905–1906), Lieutenant Governor of Indiana (1901–1905) [90]
Goodrich, James P.James P. Goodrich Indiana Alpha 1885 Governor of Indiana (1917–1921), candidate for 1920 Republican presidential nomination [149]
Holt, Homer A.Homer A. Holt Virginia Beta 1916 Governor of West Virginia (1937–1941), Attorney General of West Virginia (1933–1937) [150]
Judd, Lawrence M.Lawrence M. Judd Pennsylvania Iota 1907 Territorial Governor of Hawaii (1929–1934), Governor of American Samoa (1953) [151]
Lane, Jr., William PrestonWilliam Preston Lane, Jr. Virginia Alpha 1910 Governor of Maryland (1947–1951), Attorney General of Maryland (1930—1934) [152]
Lowndes, Jr., LloydLloyd Lowndes, Jr. Pennsylvania Beta 1864 Governor of Maryland (1895–1899), U.S. Representative from Maryland (1873–1875) [116]
Shafer, Raymond P.Raymond P. Shafer Pennsylvania Beta 1935 Governor of Pennsylvania (1967–1971), Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania (1963–1967), Pennsylvania State Senate#Members (1959–1962) [153]
Sproul, William CameronWilliam Cameron Sproul Pennsylvania Kappa 1889 Governor of Pennsylvania (1919–1923), candidate for 1920 Republican presidential nomination, namesake of Sproul State Forest [86]
Sweet, William ElleryWilliam Ellery Sweet Pennsylvania Kappa 1889 Governor of Colorado (1923–1925) [86]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Bloomberg, MichaelMichael Bloomberg Maryland Alpha 1961 Mayor of New York City (2002–present), founder of Bloomberg L.P. [154] [155]
Burke, Frank W.Frank W. Burke California Delta 1939 Mayor of Louisville (1969–1973), U.S. Representative from Kentucky (1959–1963) [156]
Helmke, PaulPaul Helmke Indiana Beta 1970 President of Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (2006–present), Mayor of Fort Wayne (1987–1999) [157]
Meyer, Daniel P.Daniel P. Meyer New York Alpha 1984 Director of Whistleblowing & Transparency, Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Defense, Mayor of Burkittsville, Maryland (2000–2004) [158]

State and local legislators

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Ehrhart, EarlEarl Ehrhart Georgia Alpha 1978 Georgia State Representative (1988–present) [159]
Garagiola, Robert J.Robert J. Garagiola New Jersey Gamma 1991 Maryland State Senator (2002–present, Majority Leader) [160]
Pratt, BryanBryan Pratt Missouri Alpha 1992 Missouri State Representative (2003–2011, Speaker Pro Tem) [161]
Pyle, JeffJeff Pyle West Virginia Alpha 1983 Pennsylvania State Representative (2005–present) [161]
Rupp, Scott T.Scott T. Rupp Missouri Alpha 1994 Missouri State Senator (2006–present), Missouri State Representative (2003–2006) [162]
Shafer, DavidDavid Shafer Georgia Alpha 1983 Georgia State Senator (2002–present) [153]
Stafford, TracyTracy Stafford Florida Beta 1967 Florida State Representative (1990–2000) [163]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Berry, Burton Y.Burton Y. Berry Indiana Beta 1920 United States Ambassador to Iraq (1952–1954) [164]
Lewis, Edward P. C.Edward P. C. Lewis Virginia Alpha 1854 United States Ambassador to Portugal (1885–1889) [165]
Powell, Herbert B.Herbert B. Powell Oregon Alpha 1923 United States Ambassador to New Zealand (1963–1967), Commanding General of the Third United States Army (1960) [166]
Winchester, BoydBoyd Winchester Virginia Alpha 1855 United States Ambassador to Switzerland (1885–1889), U.S. Representative from Kentucky (1869–1873), Kentucky State Senator (1867–1868) [130]

Judges and lawyers

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Davis, John W.John W. Davis Virginia Beta 1889 Democratic presidential nominee (1924), President of the American Bar Association (1922–1923), United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1918–1921), U.S. Solicitor General (1913–1918), U.S. Representative from West Virginia (1911–1913) [99]
Fellers, James D.James D. Fellers Oklahoma Alpha 1932 President of the American Bar Association (1974–1975) [167]
Garfield, Theodore G.Theodore G. Garfield Iowa Alpha 1912 Justice on the Iowa Supreme Court (1941–1969), Chief Justice (1961–1969) [168]
Harris, Whitney R.Whitney R. Harris Washington Alpha 1930 Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, namesake of the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute at the Washington University School of Law [169]
Henderson, Joseph WellesJoseph Welles Henderson Pennsylvania Gamma 1905 President of the American Bar Association (1943–1944) [170]
Moore, Charles Page Thomas Charles Page Thomas Moore Pennsylvania Alpha 1852 Founder of Phi Kappa Psi, Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia (1871–1881) [85]
Taft, Kingsley A.Kingsley A. Taft Massachusetts Alpha 1921 Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court (1963–1970), U.S. Senator from Ohio (1946–1947) [171]

Other U.S. political and legal figures

Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Blatchford, JosephJoseph Blatchford California Epsilon 1953 Director of the Peace Corps (1969–1971) [172]
Donovan, William J.William J. Donovan New York Gamma 1903 Freedom Award recipient (1959), founder and Director of the Office of Strategic Services (precursor of the CIA) during World War II, World War I Medal of Honor recipient [173]
Thompson, Ernest O.Ernest O. Thompson Texas Alpha 1913 Texas Railroad Commission's longest-serving member (1933–1965), Mayor of Amarillo, Texas (1929–1932) [174]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Ailes, StephenStephen Ailes West Virginia Alpha 1934 United States Secretary of the Army (1964–1965) [175]
Black, Scott C.Scott C. Black California Eta 1974 37th Judge Advocate General of the United States Army (2005–2009) [176]
Bliss, Tasker H.Tasker H. Bliss Pennsylvania Gamma 1870 Chief of Staff of the United States Army during World War I [177]
Huffman, Walter B.Walter B. Huffman Texas Beta 1964 Dean of Texas Tech University School of Law (2002–2010), 35th Judge Advocate General of the United States Army (1997–2001) [178]
Hull, John A.John A. Hull Iowa Alpha 1890 15th Judge Advocate General of the United States Army (1924–1928) [119]
Langfitt, William CampbellWilliam Campbell Langfitt Ohio Delta 1880 Namesake of the USS General W. C. Langfitt (AP-151) [179]
Marsh, Jr., John OthoJohn Otho Marsh, Jr. Virginia Beta 1948 United States Secretary of the Army (1981–1989), U.S. Representative from Virginia (1963–1971) [180]
Minihan, KennethKenneth Minihan Florida Alpha 1963 Director of the National Security Agency (1996–1999), Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (1995–1996) [125]
Mitchell, BillyBilly Mitchell District of Columbia Alpha 1896 "Father of the U.S. Air Force", Congressional Gold Medal recipient [179]
Owens, Jr., James C.James C. Owens, Jr. California Delta 1930 Posthumous recipient of the Navy Cross and the Presidential Unit Citation, namesake of the USS James C. Owens (DD-776) [181]
Parker, FrankFrank Parker South Carolina Alpha 1888 Commander of the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division during World War I [182]
Sennewald, Robert W.Robert W. Sennewald Iowa Beta 1950 Commanding General of the U.S. Army Forces Command (1984–1986), Commander in Chief of the United Nations Command and Combined Forces ROK/US (1982–1984) [48]
Taylor, David W.David W. Taylor Virginia Epsilon 1877 Chief Constructor of the Navy (WWI), recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Honour, and John Fritz Medal (1931) [183]
Compton, LynnLynn Compton California Ep 1940 Famously portrayed in HBO miniseries Band of Brothers by Neal McDonough and recipient of the Silver Star [184]
Terrell, Jr., HenryHenry Terrell, Jr. Texas Alpha 1908 Commander of the U.S. Army's 90th Infantry Division during World War II [185]
Van Voorhis, DanielDaniel Van Voorhis Ohio Alpha 1897 Commander of V Corps (1938–1942) [186]
Young, Walter X.Walter X. Young Illinois Beta 1937 Posthumous recipient of the Navy Cross, namesake of the USS Walter X. Young (APD-131) [147]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Denny, CollinsCollins Denny Pennsylvania Theta 1875 Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (1910–1932) [91]
Gotwald, Luther AlexanderLuther Alexander Gotwald Pennsylvania Epsilon 1856 Professor of Theology in the Wittenberg Theological Seminary [187]
Greer, David H.David H. Greer Pennsylvania Alpha 1861 Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York (1908–1919) [188]
Lowry, RobertRobert Lowry Pennsylvania Gamma 1856 Professor, prominent Baptist minister, and famed 19th-Century hymn writer, second President of Phi Kappa Psi (1888–1890) [116]
Machen, John GreshamJohn Gresham Machen Maryland Alpha 1898 Professor of New Testament at Princeton Seminary (1915–1929) [189]
Stearns, RichardRichard Stearns New York Alpha 1970 President of World Vision International, a Christian relief charity (1998–present) [190]
Stires, Ernest M.Ernest M. Stires Virginia Alpha 1885 Third Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island (1925–1942), seventh President of Phi Kappa Psi (1900–1902) [191]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Backer, Donald C. Donald C. Backer New York Alpha 1963 Astrophysicist known for his research of pulsars [192]
Clarke, Frank WigglesworthFrank Wigglesworth Clarke New York Alpha 1869 Sometimes known as the "Father of Geochemistry," credited with determining the composition of the Earth's crust [193]
Dolbear, AmosAmos Dolbear Ohio Alpha 1864 Physicist and inventor [194]
Garriott, OwenOwen Garriott Oklahoma Alpha 1949 Skylab astronaut [195]
Hunt, J. McVickerJ. McVicker Hunt Nebraska Alpha 1926 Prominent educational psychologist, whose works were cited in the creation of Head Start. Past President of the American Psychological Association [196]
Lazear, Jesse WilliamJesse William Lazear Pennsylvania Alpha 1885 Physician who studied malaria and yellow fever [197]
Letterman, William HenryWilliam Henry Letterman Pennsylvania Alpha 1852 Founder of Phi Kappa Psi, surgeon [85]
Merritt, H. HoustonH. Houston Merritt Tennessee Delta 1921 Prominent neurologist, Dean of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (1958 to 1969), chairman of the Neurological Institute of New York (1948–1967) [198]
Rous, PeytonPeyton Rous Maryland Alpha 1899 Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1966) [189]
See, ElliotElliot See Texas Alpha 1945 Gemini astronaut [199]


Name Original chapter Initiation
Notability Ref(s)
Allen, PhogPhog Allen Kansas Alpha 1905 Basketball Hall of Fame member, "Father of Basketball Coaching" [200]
Anderson, Jon P.Jon P. Anderson New York Alpha 1968 Honolulu Marathon winner (1981), Boston Marathon winner (1973), member of the U.S. Olympic team (1972) [201]
Archer, David J.David J. Archer New York Alpha 2002 Named the Head coach of the Cornell Football Team, Youngest Coach of a Division I football program in the NCAA [202]
Baker, Ralph "Moon"Ralph "Moon" Baker Illinois Alpha 1924 Halfback on the 1926 College Football All-America Team, Captain of the 1926 Big Ten football champions, inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame [202]
Bavasi, BuzzieBuzzie Bavasi Indiana Alpha 1935 California Angels General Manager (1977–1984), first President of the San Diego Padres (1968–1977), Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager (1950–1968) [61]
Berry, KevinKevin Berry Indiana Beta 1965 Gold and bronze medalist swimmer at the 1964 Summer Olympics [164]
Bontemps, RonRon Bontemps Illinois Delta 1944 Captain of the 1952 U.S. Olympic men's basketball team that won the gold medal [203]
Bowden, TerryTerry Bowden West Virginia Alpha 1975 Head football coach University of North Alabama (2009–present), ABC Sports football analyst and color commentator (1999–2008), head football coach Auburn University (1993–1998), head football coach Samford University (1987–1992), assistant head football coach University of Akron (1986), head football coach Salem International University (1983–1985) [204]
Byers, WalterWalter Byers Iowa Alpha 1941 First Executive Director of the NCAA (1951–1988) [97]
Cameron, EddieEddie Cameron Virginia Beta 1921 Duke University basketball coach (1942–1945), namesake of Cameron Indoor Stadium [205]
Cirillo, JeffJeff Cirillo California Delta 1989 Former Major League Baseball player, All-Star 1997 and 2000 [206]
Clark, David R.David R. Clark New York Alpha 1979 Won a silver medal in the coxless four as part of the 1984 U.S. Olympic team rowing team [207]
Colangelo, JerryJerry Colangelo Illinois Delta 1959 Basketball Hall of Fame member, former Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks majority owner [208]
Dakich, DanDan Dakich Indiana Beta 1982 Former college basketball player and coach, played under Bob Knight from 1981 to 1985, coached at Bowling Green, radio host in Indianapolis on 1070 The Fan [105]
Dale, Francis L.Francis L. Dale North Carolina Alpha 1942 Principal owner of the Cincinnati Reds (1967–1973) [105]
Feeney, ChubChub Feeney New Hampshire Alpha 1940 President of the National League (1970–1986) [209]
Frick, FordFord Frick Indiana Alpha 1913 Commissioner of Baseball (1951–1965), National Baseball Hall of Fame member [210]
Gibson, TajTaj Gibson California Delta 2007 National Basketball Association current player, Chicago Bulls [211]
Kelley, AlvaAlva Kelley New York Alpha 1939 Head football coach of Brown University (1951–1958) and Colgate University (1959–1961) [212]
Kerr, Johnny "Red"Johnny "Red" Kerr Illinois Delta 1953 Former NBA player and coach, former broadcaster for the Chicago Bulls [213]
Kinnick, NileNile Kinnick Iowa Alpha 1938 Heisman Trophy winner (1939) [213]
Metzger, SolSol Metzger Pennsylvania Iota 1899 Football and basketball coach, sportswriter [214]
Miller, RalphRalph Miller Kansas Alpha 1938 Basketball Hall of Fame member and former college coach [215]
Schramm, TexTex Schramm Texas Alpha 1940 Pro Football Hall of Fame member, former Dallas Cowboys General Manager [216]
Spitz, MarkMark Spitz Indiana Beta 1969 Olympic swimming legend, won seven gold medals in 1972 [217]
Tomey, DickDick Tomey Indiana Alpha 1957 Retired football coach; San Jose State (2005–2009), University of Arizona (1987–2000), University of Hawaii (1977–1986) [218]
Troy, MichaelMichael Troy Indiana Beta 1959 Gold medalist in the 200m butterfly and 800m freestyle at the 1960 Summer Olympics [27]
Yardley, GeorgeGeorge Yardley California Beta 1947 Basketball Hall of Fame member [40]
Yary, RonRon Yary California Delta 1966 Pro Football Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame inductee, Outland Trophy winner (1967), NFL first overall draft choice (1968) [40]

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