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List of Roman amphitheatres

Map of Roman amphitheatres

The remains of at least 230 amphitheatres have been found widely scattered around the area of the Roman Empire. These are usually oval, and are not to be confused with the more common "ordinary" theatres, which are semicircular structures. There are, however, a number of buildings that have had a combined use as both theatre and amphitheatre, particularly in western Europe. Following is a list of Roman amphitheatre locations by country.

(Roman name)
(modern name)
Arena Length
Dyrrhachium Durrës Albania 61.4 meters[1] Durrës Amphitheatre
Lambaesis Lambèse Algeria 63.73 meters
Colonia Claudia Caesarea Cherchell Algeria 93 meters
Gemellae M'lili Algeria 36.62 meters [52]
Theveste Tébessa Algeria 45.36 meters Aerial Photograph[2]
Tipasa Tipaza Algeria Map of Tipasa
Carnuntum Petronell Austria

69 meters 2 amphitheatres [3]
Flavia Solva Leibnitz Austria [3]
Virunum Magdalensberg Austria [3]
Augusta Traiana Stara Zagora Bulgaria
Diocletianopolis Hisarya Bulgaria [3]
Marcianopolis Devnya Bulgaria
Trimontium Plovdiv Bulgaria Should be removed as only theatre & circus located in Plovdiv.[3]
Serdica Sofia Bulgaria In ground floor of Arena di Serdica Hotel. [53]

Amphitheatre of Serdica

Pietas Iulia Pola Pula Croatia 67.95 meters[4] Pula Arena

Pula amphitheatre

Salonae Solin Croatia 65 meters [54]
Burnum Croatia 45.71 meters Roman military camp near Šibenik, had a small amphitheatre, recently discovered [3]
Augusta Paphus Paphos Cyprus 64.97 [3]
Salamis Cyprus Amphitheatre almost vanished.[3]
Baginton England Lunt Roman Fort

Probably a horse training ground.

Calleva Atrebatum Silchester England [3] [55] [56]
Camulodunum Colchester England Located in 2005 (near Circular Road North)
Corinium Dobunnorum Cirencester England Cirencester Amphitheatre [3]
Deva Victrix Chester England Chester Roman Amphitheatre [57] [3]
Durnovaria Dorchester England Maumbury Rings [3]
Frilford England Debated [58] [3]
Iscalis (?) Charterhouse England [3]
Isurium Brigantum Aldborough England
Londinium London England Guildhall Art Gallery [3]
Noviomagus Reginorum Chichester England [3]
Rutupiae Richborough England [3]
Viroconium Cornoviorum Wroxeter England No confirmed amphitheatre found at Wroxeter. Speculation as to purpose of cropmark enclosure includes such.
Venta Icenorum Caistor St Edmund England [59] [3]
Verulamium St Albans England Theatre that had been used as an amphitheatre; note the almost oval shape.
Agedincum Sens France [3]
Aginnum Agen France
Alalia Aléria France Corsica [3]
Apta Julia Apt France No remains of Amphitheatre located. This is the theatre.[3]
Arelate Arles France Arles Amphitheatre.[3] Still in use today (for Bullfighting, plays, concerts & events).
Argentomagus Argenton-sur-Creuse France Theatre used also as amphitheatre.[3]
Augustodunum Autun France [3]
Augustomagus Senlis France Theatre used as amphitheatre. Photograph[3]
Augustoritum Limoges France [3]
Avaricum Bourges France [3]
Beaumont-sur-Oise France
Burdigala Bordeaux France [3]
Caesarodunum Tours France
Cassinomagus Chassenon France [3]
Cemenelum Nice France [3]
Derventum Drevant France Theatre that had been adapted for gladiatorial events[3]
Divodurum Metz France
Forum Iulium Fréjus France [3]
Geinum Gennes France [3]
Grannus Grand France [60]

A "half amphitheatre", distinguished from a normal theatre by its oval layout.[3]

Julia Baeterrae Septimanorum Béziers France [3]
Juliobona Lillebonne France A half-amphitheatre.[3]
Limonum Poitiers France [61] [3]
Lugdunum Lyon France Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls [3]
Lutetia Paris France Arènes de Lutèce [3]
Mediolanum Santonum Saintes France [62] [3]
Montbouy France
Narbo Martius Narbonne France No amphitheatre has ever been located at Narbonne[3]
Nemausus Nîmes France Arena of Nîmes.[3] Still in use today (for Bullfighting, plays, concerts & events).
Samarobriva Amiens France [63] Now underground and buried [3]
Sanxay France [64] [3]
Segodunum Rodez France [3]
Tolosa Toulouse France [3]
Vesontio Besançon France [3]
Vesuna Petrucorriorum Perigueux France [3]
Augusta Treverorum Trier Germany Trier Amphitheater
Castra Vetera Germany Near Xanten
Colonia Ulpia Traiana Xanten Germany
Corinth Corinth Greece [3]
Gortyn Gortyn Greece Map of Gortyn, showing amphitheatre This is incorrect. It is a great theatre, long mistaken for an amphitheatre, but clearly D shaped from aerial photos. The actual amphitheatre lies under the church in the village of Agioi Deka, built over the arena where the 10 saints were martyred. The shape of the arena can be made out in surrounding buildings.[3]
Aquincum Budapest Hungary

(2 amphitheatres: the Nagyszombat utcai, the Katona városi) [3]
Gorsium Tác Hungary [3]
Caesarea Maritima Caesarea Israel [3]
Eleutheropolis Beit Guvrin Israel [65] [3]
Scythopolis Bet She'an Israel [3]
Abella Avella Italy Photograph
Abellinum Avellino Italy [3]
Acelum Asolo Italy [3]
Alba Fucens Albe Italy Photograph[3]
Alba Longa (?) Albano Laziale Italy Photograph[3]
Albingaunum Albenga Italy [3]
Allifae Alife Italy
Altinum Altino Italy [66]
Amiternum L'Aquila Italy [67] [3]
Ancona Italy [3]
Antium Anzio Italy [3]
Aquileia Italy [3]
Aquinum Aquino Italy Now completely disappeared, buried beneath the Autostrada.[3]
Ariminum Rimini Italy [3]
Arretium Arezzo Italy [3]
Assisium Assisi Italy [68] [3]
Augusta Bagiennorum Bene Vagienna Italy [3]
Augusta Praetoria Salassorum Aosta Italy [3]
Beneventum Benevento Italy [69]
Caralis Cagliari Italy Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari
Cales Calvi Italy [3]
Canusium Canosa di Puglia Italy [3]
Capua Santa Maria Capua Vetere Italy

Just to the south, currently being excavated beneath the Piazza Adriano are the remains of another amphitheatre, believed to predate the standing one.Capua#Amphitheatre
Carsulae Italy [70] [3]
Casinum Cassino Italy Photograph [3]
Catăna  • Catĭna Catania Italy [5][3]
Civitas Camunnorum Cividate Camuno Italy Estimated capacity: 5500 people.[6] Civitas Camunnorum
Cumae Italy Photograph [3]
Egnatia Anazzo Italy Photograph [3]
Eporedia Ivrea Italy [3]
Fabrateria Nova San Giovanni Incarico Italy Photograph
Falerio Picenus Falerone Italy
Falerii Novi Italy [71] [3]
Fidenae Italy A wooden amphitheatre collapsed here in AD 27, killing at least 20,000.[7]
Firmum Picenum Fermo Italy [72]
Florentia Florence Italy [3]
Formiae Formia Italy [3]
Forum Novum Vescovio Italy [73]
Frusinum Frosinone Italy [3]
Grumentum Italy [3]
Herdoniae Ordona Italy ? [3]
Himera Termini Imerese Italy Photograph [3]
Hispellum Spello Italy [74] [3]
Histonium Vasto Italy [75] [3]
Interamna Nahars Terni Italy [76] [3]
Interamnia Praetutiana Teramo Italy Photograph [3]
Lanuvium Lanuvio Italy [77] Photograph [3]
Larinum Larino Italy Photograph [3]
Libarna Italy [78][79] [3]
Liternum Italy [3]
Lucca Italy [3]
Lucera Italy Lucera's amphitheatre [3]
Lucus Feroniae Italy [3]
Luna Luni Italy [3]
Lupiae Lecce Italy [3]
Marruvium San Benedetto dei Marsi Italy
Mediolanum Milan Italy Milan amphitheatre
Mevania Bevagna Italy [80]
Minturnae Minturno Italy [81]
Neapolis Naples Italy [82]
Nora Italy Unexcavated [3]
Nuvlana Nola Italy
Ocriculum Otricoli Italy [83] [84]
Ostia Ostia Antica Italy New discovery [85][86][87]
Paestum Italy [3]
Patavium Padua Italy The arena has been built upon, its site commemorated in the Arena Chapel [3]
Peltuinum Italy (?) [3]
Pollentia Pollenzo Italy [3]
Pompeii Italy Amphitheatre of Pompeii
Puteoli Pozzuoli Italy

Flavian Amphitheater; a 2nd minor amphitheater buried beneath the nearby subway line.[3]
Roma Rome Italy Colosseum
Roma Rome Italy Amphitheatrum Castrense[88]
Roma Rome Italy Ludus Magnus, a "training amphitheatre". No longer extant are the Amphitheater of Statilius Taurus or the Amphitheater of Nero.
Rudiae Italy ? [3]
Rusellae Roselle Italy [89] [3]
Scolacium Borgia Italy Photograph [3]
Segusium Susa Italy [3]
Spoletium Spoleto Italy [3]
Suasa Castelleone di Suasa Italy [3]
Sutrium Sutri Italy [3]
Syracusae Syracuse Italy [3]
Teate Marrucinorum Chieti Italy [3]
Telesia Telese Terme Italy [3]
Tibur Tivoli Italy [3]
Trebula Mutuesca Monteleone Sabino Italy
Tusculum Italy [3]
Tutere Todi Italy [3]
Urbs Salvia Urbisaglia Italy Picture (?) [3]
Veleia Italy [3]
Venafrum Venafro Italy [3]
Venusia Venosa Italy [3]
Verona Italy Verona Arena
Volsinii Bolsena Italy [3]
Zagarolo Italy
Botrus Batroun Lebanon [3]
Cyrene Libya [3]
Leptis Magna Libya [3]
Ptolemais Libya [90] [3]
Sabratha Libya [3]
Lixus Morocco [91] [3]
Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum Nijmegen The Netherlands No longer extant, but traced out in the street paving of the present-day Rembrandstraat with a few bits of its foundations still visible
Bobadela Portugal [3]
Conímbriga Portugal Conímbriga's amphitheatre [3]
Tavira Portugal [3]
Micia Veţel Romania [3]
Porolissum Moigrad-Porolissum Romania [3]
Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa Romania [3]
Inveresk Scotland [92]
Trimontium Newstead Scotland [93]
Viminacium Stari Kostolac Serbia Is this a theatre or amphitheatre? [8]
Carmona Spain [3]
Carthago Nova Cartagena Spain [3]
Corduba Córdoba Spain [94]
Emerita Augusta Mérida Spain Mérida amphitheatre [3]
Emporion Ampurias Spain ? [3]
Forum Municipii Flavii Caparensis Cáparra Spain [3]
Italica Spain [3]
Segobriga Saelices Spain [95] [3]
Sisapo Almodovar del Campo Spain Excavation began in 2009
Tarraco Tarragona Spain Tarragona Amphitheatre [3]
Augusta Raurica Augst Switzerland [3]
Aventicum Avenches Switzerland [3]
Brenodurum (?) Bern Switzerland Engehalbinsel [3][9]
Julia Equestris Nyon Switzerland [96]
Octodurum Martigny Switzerland [3]
Vindonissa Windisch Switzerland [3]
Dura Europos Syria 31 meters [3]
Nova Trajana Bostra Bosra Syria File:Bostra map of Roman city.jpg
Agbia Tunisia [2]
Acholla Tunisia [2]
Bararus Tunisia [2]
Belalis Maior Hr. el Faouar Tunisia [2]
Bulla Regia Tunisia [2]
Carpis Tunisia [2]
Carthago Carthage Tunisia
Colonia Julia Aurelia Commoda Thuburbo Majus Tunisia [97][2]
Hadrumentum Sousse Tunisia [2]
Jebel Moraba Tunisia [2]
Ksar Hellal Tunisia [2]
Ksar Lemsa Tunisia [98]
Leptis Minor Tunisia [2]
Mactaris Tunisia [2]
Municipium Aurelium Commodum Henchir Bou Cha Tunisia [99]
Pheradi Maius Bouficha Tunisia [2]
Pupput Hammamet, Tunisia Tunisia [2]
Seressi Oum El Abouab Tunisia [2]
Sicca Veneria El Kef Tunisia [2]
Simitthus Chemtou Tunisia Map of Simitthus Photograph [2]
Sufetula Sbeitla Tunisia Map of Sufetula [2]
Thaenae Tunisia
Thapsus Tunisia [2]
Thibaris Tunisia [2]
Thignica Ain Tounga Tunisia [3]
Thimisua Argoub Tunisia [2]
Thuburbo Minus Tebourba Tunisia The amphitheatre here was destroyed at the end of the 17th century during the construction of a bridge.[2] "Thuburbo Minus".  
Thugga Tunisia [3]
Thysdrus El Djem Tunisia

2 amphitheatres
Uchi Maius Tunisia [3]
Ulissipira Tunisia [2]
Upenna Enfida Tunisia Nothing now remains of Upenna amphitheatre.[3]
Uthina Oudna Tunisia [100]
Utica Tunisia

2 amphitheatres [2]
Anazarbus Turkey [101]
Ancyra Ankara Turkey Ankara Roman Theatre
Aizanoi Çavdarhisar Turkey [10]
Pergamon Bergama Turkey Map
Isca Augusta Caerleon Wales Caerleon amphitheatre [3]
Moridunum Carmarthen Wales [3]
Tomen y Mur Wales near Llan Ffestiniog [102] [3]
Venta Silurum Caerwent Wales [3]

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