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List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Buckinghamshire

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Title: List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Buckinghamshire  
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List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Buckinghamshire

Druids Oak, the oldest tree in Burnham Beeches

This is a list of the Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in Buckinghamshire, which is a county in South East England north west of Greater London. It has an area of 1874 km², and a population of 725,000.

In England, the body responsible for designating SSSIs is Natural England, which is responsible for protecting England's natural environment. Notification as an SSSI gives legal protection to the best sites for wildlife and geology.[1] As of 2011, there are 65 SSSIs in this Area of Search, 55 of which have been designated for biological interest, 10 for geological interest.[2]

For other counties, see List of SSSIs by Area of Search.

The data in the table is taken from Natural England's website in the form of citation sheets for each SSSI.[3]


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Site name Photograph Biological Interest[1] Geological Interest[1] Area (hectares)[2] Area (acres)[2] Location[3] Year notified[4] Map[5] District
Ashridge Commons and Woods Y 640.1 1581.7
1987  Map  Ashridge
Aston Clinton Ragpits Y 2.9 7.3
1984  Map  Aston Clinton
Aston Rowant Y 128.5 317.5
1988  Map  Aston Rowant
Aston Rowant Woods Y 209.7 518
1986  Map  Aston Rowant
Bacombe and Coombe Hills Y 76.4 188.9
1984  Map  Upper Bacombe
Bierton Clay Pit Y 0.07 0.2
1986  Map  Bierton
Black Park Y 15.3 37.8
1990  Map  Wexham
Bolter End Sand Pit Y 0.3 0.8
1988  Map  Bolter End
Bradenham Woods, Park Wood and The Coppice Y 129.1 318.9
1984  Map  Bradenham
Bugle Quarry Y 0.1 0.2
1986  Map  Hartwell
Burnham Beeches Y 374.6 925.7
1985  Map  Farnham Common
Buttler's Hangings Y 3.9 9.7
1984  Map  Bradenham
Dancersend Y 81.3 200.9
1986  Map  Wendover
Dancersend Waterworks Y 4.0 9.9
1989  Map  Hastoe
Ellesborough and Kimble Warrens Y 68.9 170.2
1984  Map  Ellesborough
Fayland Chalk Bank Y 0.6 1.5
1989  Map  Skirmett
Fern House Gravel Pit Y 1.3 3.2
1986  Map  Little Marlow
Finemere Wood Y 45.7 112.9
1990  Map  Quainton
Foxcote Reservoir and Wood Y 48.3 119.4
1984  Map  Akeley
Frieth Meadows Y 2.5 6.1
1986  Map  Frieth
Froghall Brickworks Y 0.7 0.3
1989  Map  Chalfont St Giles
Frogmore Meadows Y 4.6 11.4
1986  Map  Chenies
Gomm Valley Y 4.1 10.2
1984  Map  Micklefield
Grangelands and Pulpit Hill Y 25.5 63.0
1985  Map  Cadsden
Grendon and Doddershall Woods Y 67.1 165.8
1984  Map  Grendon Underwood
Ham Home-cum-hamgreen Woods Y 23.2 57.3
1984  Map  Grendon Underwood
Hodgemoor Wood Y 102.6 253.6
1992  Map  Chalfont St Giles
Hollowhill and Pullingshill Woods Y 23.0 56.8
1984  Map  Marlow
Homefield Wood Y 6.1 15.0
1984  Map  Hambleden
Howe Park Wood Y 21.4 60.0
1994  Map  Tattenhoe
Ivinghoe Hills Y 212.3 524.7
1984  Map  Ivinghoe
Kingcup Meadows and Oldhouse Wood Y 13.2 32.6
1992  Map  New Denham
Kings and Bakers Woods and Heaths Y 212.8 525.0
1984  Map  Great Brickhill
Littleworth Common Y 15.8 39.2
1986  Map  Farnham Common
Lodge Hill Y 31.8 78.5
1984  Map  Bledlow Ridge
Long Herdon Meadow Y 4.5 11.1
1985  Map  Grendon Underwood
Mid Colne Valley Y   132.0 326.1
1985  Map  Denham
Millfield Wood Y 9.5 23.5
1984  Map  High Wycombe
Moorend Common Y 28.0 69.2
1985  Map  Lane End
Muswell Hill Y 0.3 0.6
1992  Map  Brill
Naphill Common Y 71.7 175.7
1988  Map  Naphill
Old Rectory Meadows Y 7.9 19.6
1982  Map  Denham
Oxley Mead Y 3.7 9.2
1994  Map  Tattenhoe
Pilch Fields Y 11.1 27.3
1984  Map  Great Horwood
Pitstone Hill Y 22.9 56.7
1984  Map  Ivinghoe
Pitstone Quarry Y 10.3 25.4
1988  Map  Ivinghoe
Poker's Pond Meadow Y 1.9 4.7
1992  Map  Soulbury
Rodbed Wood Y 2.2 5.3
1984  Map  High Wycombe
Rushbeds Wood and Railway Cutting Y 80.2 198.2
1982  Map  Wotton Underwood
Shabbington Woods Complex Y 305.6 755.2
1987  Map  Long Crendon
Sheephouse Wood Y 56.9 140.7
1986  Map  Charndon
South Lodge Pit Y 0.5 1.3
1986  Map  Taplow
Stoke Common Y 83.2 205.4
1984  Map  Stoke Poges
Stone Y 0.1 0.3
1995  Map  Stone
Swain's Wood Y 16.2 40.1
1985  Map  Turville
Temple Island Meadows Y 14.1 31.8
1989  Map  Remenham
Tingewick Meadows Y 11.1 27.3
1984  Map  Tingewick
Tring Reservoirs Y 106.5 263.2

1987  Map  Tring
Turville Hill Y 22.4 54.1
1984  Map  High Wycombe
Warren Farm, Stewkley Y 1.5 3.6
1986  Map  Stewkley
Weston Turville Reservoir Y 18.4 45.4
1986  Map  Weston Turville
Widdenton Park Wood Y 23.5 59.9
1986  Map  High Wycombe
Windsor Hill Y 61.8 152.7
1984  Map  Princes Risborough
Wormsley Chalk Banks Y 14.1 38.9

1989  Map  High Wycombe
Yardley Chase Y 353.1 872.5

1984  Map  Yardley Hastings,

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  1. ^ a b Reason for designation; either for the site's biological or geological interest.
  2. ^ a b Data rounded to one decimal place.
  3. ^ Grid reference is based on the British national grid reference system, also known as OSGB36, and is the system used by the Ordnance Survey. Those SSSIs with more than one OS grid reference are composed of multiple sections, separated by non-SSSI land.[4]
  4. ^ Site notification consists of designating a site as an SSSI and consulting with the owner(s). This list uses the date notified under Section 28 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
  5. ^ Link to maps using the Magic Map service provided by Natural England.


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