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List of St. Louis Rams first-round draft picks

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Title: List of St. Louis Rams first-round draft picks  
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Subject: 2010 St. Louis Rams season, Bull Elephant backfield, 2014 St. Louis Rams season, 1950 Los Angeles Rams season, 1994 Los Angeles Rams season
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List of St. Louis Rams first-round draft picks

Jack Youngblood, drafted in 1971, played 201 consecutive games for the Rams.
The St. Louis Rams, a professional American football team based in St. Louis, Missouri, joined the National Football League (NFL) as Cleveland Rams in 1937.[1] The Rams began playing in 1936 as a charter member of the second American Football League.[1] Although the NFL granted membership to the same owner, the NFL considers it a separate entity.[1] In 1946, Rams' owner Dan Reeves, fed up with poor attendance at Cleveland Stadium moved the Rams to Los Angeles, and the team played there from 19461994.[1] The Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995 and renamed the team St. Louis Rams.[1]

The Rams first participated in the 1938 NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting, more commonly known as the NFL Draft.[2] The Rams did have a 1937 pick, but it was picked by the NFL for an expansion team and later the Rams were later admitted into the league before the 1937 season.[3] Every year during April, each NFL franchise seeks to add new players to its roster through the NFL Draft.[2] Teams are ranked in inverse order based on the previous season's record, with the worst record picking first, and the second–worst picking second and so on. The two exceptions to this order are made for teams that appeared in the previous Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion always picks 32nd, and the Super Bowl loser always picks 31st. Teams have the option of trading away their picks to other teams for different picks, players, cash, or a combination thereof. Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.[4]

The Rams' first selection as an NFL team was Johnny Drake, a fullback from Purdue in 1937.[5] The Rams have selected the number one overall five times, drafting Corbett Davis in 1938, Billy Cannon in 1960, Terry Baker in 1963, Orlando Pace in 1997, and Sam Bradford in 2010 The Rams have drafted second overall seven times and the third overall two times.[5] Five eventual Hall of Famers were selected by the Rams: Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch, Merlin Olsen, Tom Mack, Jack Youngblood, and Eric Dickerson.[6] The team's most recent first round selections are Greg Robinson, an offensive tackle from Auburn,[5] and Aaron Donald, a defensive tackle from Pittsburgh.


RB Running back FB Fullback
HB Halfback QB Quarterback
DE Defensive end C Center
LB Linebacker T Offensive tackle
TE Tight end DB Defensive back
WR Wide receiver DT Defensive tackle
S Safety CB Cornerback
Admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
* Selected number one overall

Player selection

Rams' 1993 1st round draft pick Jerome Bettis
Year Pick Player Position College Notes
1937 10 Johnny Drake FB Purdue
1938 1 Corbett Davis * FB Indiana
1939 3 Parker Hall QB Mississippi
1940 5 Olie Cordill HB Rice
1941 4 Rudy Mucha G Washington
1942 2 Jack Wilson HB Baylor
1943 5 Mike Holovak FB Boston College
1944 11 Tony Butkovich B Illinois
1945 5 Crazy Legs Hirsch OE Michigan
1946 10 Emil Sitko HB Notre Dame
1947 9 Herman Wedemeyer B Saint Mary's (California)
1948 No pick [a]
1949 7 Bobby Thomason QB Virginia Military Institute
1950 9 Ralph Pasquariello FB Villanova [b]
1950 12 Stan West G Oklahoma
1951 11 Bud McFadin DT Texas
1952 13 Bob Carey DE Michigan State
1953 9 Donn Moomaw C UCLA [c]
1953 12 Ed Barker DE Washington State
1954 10 Ed Beatty C Mississippi
1955 7 Larry Morris C Georgia Tech
1956 6 Joe Marconi HB West Virginia [d]
1956 11 Charlie Horton HB Vanderbilt
1957 2 Jon Arnett HB USC
11 Del Shofner HB Baylor [e]
1958 4 Lou Michaels DT Kentucky [f]
5 Jim Phillips DE Auburn
1959 2 Dick Bass HB Pacific [g]
9 Paul Dickson DT Baylor
1960 1 Billy Cannon * RB LSU
1961 4 Marlin McKeever LB USC
1962 2 Roman Gabriel QB North Carolina State [h]
3 Merlin Olsen DT Utah State
1963 1 Terry Baker * RB Oregon State
10 Rufus Guthrie G Georgia Tech [i]
1964 7 Bill Munson QB Utah State
1965 9 Clancy Williams HB Washington State
1966 2 Tom Mack OT Michigan
1967 No pick [j]
1968 No pick [k]
1969 8 Larry Smith RB Florida [l]
10 Jim Seymour SE Notre Dame [m]
21 Bob Klein TE USC
1970 22 Jack Reynolds LB Tennessee
1971 10 Isiah Robertson LB Southern [n]
20 Jack Youngblood DE Florida
1972 No pick [o]
1973 No pick [p]
1974 11 John Cappelletti RB Penn State [q]
1975 9 Mike Fanning DT Notre Dame [r]
11 Dennis Harrah G Miami (Florida) [q]
20 Doug France T Ohio State
1976 26 Kevin McLain LB Colorado State
1977 23 Bob Brudzinski LB Ohio State
1978 20 Elvis Peacock RB Oklahoma
1979 19 George Andrews LB Nebraska
26 Kent Hill T Georgia Tech
1980 17 Johnnie Johnson S Texas
1981 9 Mel Owens LB Michigan
1982 14 Barry Redden RB Richmond
1983 2 Eric Dickerson RB Southern Methodist
1984 No pick [s]
1985 21 Jerry Gray S Texas
1986 23 Mike Schad T Queen's (Canada)
1987 No pick [t]
1988 14 Gaston Green RB UCLA [u]
20 Aaron Cox WR Arizona State [u]
1989 21 Bill Hawkins DE Miami (Florida)
26 Cleveland Gary RB Miami {Florida} [u]
1990 23 Bern Brostek D Washington
1991 5 Todd Lyght CB Notre Dame
1992 3 Sean Gilbert DL Pittsburgh
1993 10 Jerome Bettis RB Notre Dame
1994 15 Wayne Gandy T Auburn
1995 6 Kevin Carter DE Florida
1996 6 Lawrence Phillips RB Nebraska [v]
18 Eddie Kennison WR Louisiana State
1997 1 Orlando Pace* T Ohio State
1998 6 Grant Wistrom DE Nebraska
1999 6 Torry Holt WR North Carolina State
2000 31 Trung Canidate RB Arizona
2001 12 Damione Lewis DT Miami (Florida) [w]
20 Adam Archuleta DB Arizona State
29 Ryan Pickett DT Ohio State [x]
2002 31 Robert Thomas LB UCLA
2003 12 Jimmy Kennedy DT Penn State
2004 24 Steven Jackson RB Oregon State
2005 19 Alex Barron OT Florida State
2006 15 Tye Hill CB Clemson
2007 13 Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
2008 2 Chris Long DE Virginia
2009 2 Jason Smith OT Baylor
2010 1 Sam Bradford* QB Oklahoma
2011 14 Robert Quinn DE UNC
2012 14 Michael Brockers DT LSU
2013 8 Tavon Austin WR West Virginia
30 Alec Ogletree LB Georgia
2014 2 Greg Robinson OT Auburn
13 Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
2015 10 Todd Gurley RB Georgia


  • a The Rams traded their 1948 pick to Detroit Lions.[7]
  • b The Rams received the 1950 pick (9th overall) from Chicago Cardinals.[8]
  • c The Rams received the 1953 pick (9th overall) from Philadelphia Eagles.[9]
  • d The Rams received the 1956 pick (6th overall) from New York Giants.[10]
  • e The Rams received the 1957 pick (11th overall) from New York Giants.[11]
  • f The Rams received the 1958 pick (4th overall) from Washington Redskins.[12]
  • g The Rams received the 1959 pick (2nd overall) from Philadelphia Eagles.[13]
  • h The Rams received the 1962 pick (2nd overall) from Minnesota Vikings.[14]
  • i The Rams received the 1963 pick (10th overall) from Chicago Bears.[15]
  • j The Rams traded their 1967 pick to Minnesota Vikings.[16]
  • k The Rams traded their 1968 pick to Detroit Lions.[17]
  • l The Rams received the 1969 pick (8th overall) from Detroit Lions.[18]
  • m The Rams received the 1969 pick (10th overall) from Washington Redskins.[18]
  • n The Rams received the 1971 pick (10th overall) Washington Redskins.[19]
  • o The Rams traded their 1972 pick to New England Patriots.[20]
  • p The Rams traded Rick Cash and the 1973 first round pick (11th overall) to New England Patriots for Fred Dryer.[21]
  • q The Rams traded Roman Gabriel to Philadelphia Eagles for Eagles' 1974 first round pick and 1975 first and third round picks.[22] The Rams traded their own 1974 pick to Baltimore Colts.[23]
  • r The Rams received the 1975 pick (9th overall) from Green Bay Packers.[24]
  • s The Rams traded their 1984 pick to Kansas City Chiefs.[25]
  • t The Rams traded their 1987 pick (20th overall) to the Houston Oilers.[26]
  • u The Rams traded the 1988 first round pick (14th overall) to Detroit Lions, and received the 1988 pick (3rd overall) from Indianapolis Colts.[27]
  • v The Rams received the 1996 pick (6th overall) to Washington Redskins.[28]
  • w The Rams traded Trent Green, and 2001 fourth round pick (150th overall) to Kansas City Chiefs for the Chiefs' 2001 first round pick (12th overall) on April 20, 2001.[29]
  • x The Rams traded Kevin Carter to Tennessee Titans for the Titans' 2001 first round pick (29th overall) on March 29, 2001.[30]


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