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List of The Daily Show guests (2002)

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Title: List of The Daily Show guests (2002)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of The Daily Show guests
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of The Daily Show guests (2002)

This is a list of The Daily Show guests for 2002.


Date Guest Promotion
January 8 Anjelica Huston
January 9 Luke Wilson
January 10 Jack Black
January 14 Leslie Stahl
January 15 Ian McKellen
January 16 Colin Hanks
January 17 Jeremy Northam
January 21 Al Sharpton
January 22 Anthony LaPaglia
January 23 Harold Ramis
January 24 Sebastian Junger
January 28 Ron Insana
January 29 Elmore Leonard
January 30 John King
January 31 Jason Schwartzman


Date Guest Promotion
February 4 Ron Howard
February 5 Greta Van Susteren
February 6 LL Cool J
February 7 Barry Manilow None
February 11 Scott Bakula
February 12 John Stossel
February 13 Ralph Nader
February 14 Rebecca Romijn Femme Fatale
February 19 Jeri Ryan
February 20 Bethany McLean
February 21 Michael Moore


Date Guest Promotion
March 4 David Remnick
March 5 Richard Lewis
March 6 Milla Jovovich Resident Evil
March 7 Tom Arnold
March 12 Denis Leary
March 13 Joe Klein
March 14 Bill O'Reilly
March 18 Andy Richter
March 19 John McCain
March 20 John Leguizamo
March 21 Aidan Quinn


Date Guest Promotion
April 1 Paula Zahn
April 2 David Brock
April 3 Jon Favreau
April 4 Ashley Judd
April 8 Tony Danza
April 9 Judy Woodruff
April 10 Patricia Arquette
April 11 The Goo Goo Dolls
April 15 Samuel L. Jackson
April 16 Lisa Beyer
April 17 Tara Reid
April 18 Richard Dreyfuss
April 22 Michael Clarke Duncan
April 23 Beau Bridges
April 24 Elvis Costello
April 25 H.W. Crocker III
April 29 Susan Caskie


Date Guest Promotion
May 2 Willem Dafoe
May 6 Simon Baker
May 7 Mark Bowden
May 8 Diane Lane
May 9 David Boreanaz
May 13 Moby
May 14 Liev Schreiber
May 15 Rupert Everett
May 16 Allison Janney
May 23 Matt Walsh Goes To Hawaii (special episode)


Date Guest Promotion
June 3 Colin Firth N/A
June 4 Ashleigh Banfield
June 5 Adam Carolla
Jimmy Kimmel
June 6 Christopher Whitcomb
June 11 Val Kilmer
June 12 Michael Bloomberg
June 13 Joseph Cirincione
June 17 Freddie Prinze Jr.
June 18 Christian Slater
June 19 Cynthia McFadden
June 20 David Cross
Bob Odenkirk
The first two seasons of Mr. Show on DVD
June 24 Colin Farrell
June 25 David Scheffer
June 26 Paul Sorvino
June 27 Clint Mathis


Date Guest Promotion
July 8 Adam Sandler
July 9 John King
July 10 Busta Rhymes
July 11 Steve Irwin
July 15 John Ritter
July 16 Michelle Williams
July 17 Ann Coulter
July 18 Natasha Henstridge
July 22 Regis Philbin
July 23 Tim Blake Nelson
July 24 Steven Weber
July 25 Seth Green
July 29 Cynthia Nixon
July 30 Robert Wagner
July 31 Martin Lawrence


Date Guest Promotion
August 1 Mike Myers Austin Powers in Goldmember
August 5 Charles Schumer
August 6 Antonio Banderas
August 8 Paul Rudd
August 12 Michael C. Hall
August 13 Scott Ritter
August 14 Kevin Nealon
August 15 Rich Eisen
August 19 Denis Leary
August 20 Jim Lehrer
August 21 Robin Williams One Hour Photo
August 22 Matthew Perry


Date Guest Promotion
September 9 Lorraine Bracco
September 10 Zach Braff
September 12 Sarah Vowell
September 16 John Miller
September 17 Jason Lee
September 18 Damon Wayans
September 19 Djimon Hounsou
September 24 Kate Hudson The Four Feathers
September 25 George Stephanopoulos
September 26 Goldie Hawn
September 30 Bonnie Hunt


Date Guest Promotion
October 1 Patrick Dempsey
October 2 David Schwimmer
October 3 Rita Wilson
October 7 Jake Gyllenhaal The Good Girl
October 8 Jill Hennessy
October 9 Peter Jennings
October 10 Oliver North
October 14 Road to Washington Special
October 15 Judy Woodruff
October 16 Richard Lewis
October 17 Greg Kinnear
October 28 John Edwards
October 29 Victoria Clarke
October 30 Pat Buchanan
October 31 Ted Koppel


Date Guest Promotion
November 4 Christina Aguilera Stripped
November 5 John McCain
November 6 Candy Crowley
November 7 Jakob Dylan
November 12 Alexandra Pelosi
November 13 Kiefer Sutherland
November 14 Tom Arnold
November 18 Ja Rule
November 19 Harold Ford
November 20 Catherine Crier
November 21 Kevin James


Date Guest Promotion
December 2 Andy Richter
December 3 Katrina vanden Heuvel The Nation
December 4 Colin Quinn
December 5 Rob Schneider
December 9 Al Gore
December 10 Tom Brokaw
December 11 Sandra Bullock
December 12 Anna Paquin
December 16 Charles Schumer
December 17 Charles Barkley
December 18 Edward Norton
December 19 John Cusack
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